15 Best Places Near Delhi To Witness Snowfall In 2022-23

Snowfall is the main attraction of the winter trips. Everyone want to plan their winter vacation to the places where they can enjoy snowfall and the snow sports. There are many places in North India and North-East India where you can enjoy snowfall.

If you are living in Delhi NCR or near this place and planning to enjoy your winter vacation then this list is for your. Here we mentioned about the places near Delhi where you can enjoy snowfall and snow activities.

Snowfall Places Near Delhi

Check these Places To Visit Near Delhi To Witness Snowfall In 2022-23:

1. Nainital:

Distance: 310km

Nainital is one of the famous travel destinations among Delhi NCR people. This is the nearest place to Delhi where you can find snow in winter but not every year. This place shares subtropical highland weather that’s why you can get snowfall here once every 2-3 years. You can witness snowfall in Nainital in January and it makes this place even more gorgeous.

There are many places near Nainital to explore like Bhimtal, Nakuchiatal, Pangoot, and more. Don’t forget to go to the snow view point in Nainital to witness the beautiful view of snow-covered Nanda Devi peak, Nanda Kot peak, and Trishul peak. The temperature here varies between 0 degrees to 15 degrees.

2. Mussoorie:

Distance: 314.7km

Mussorie becomes a cool and pleasant place in winter with moderate snowfall. You can experience the snow in Mussorie from the start of January to mid-February.

The best way to reach Mussoorie is by road. You can take a bus from Kashmiri Gate, New Delhi to Dehradoon from where you can take a private taxi to Mussoorie. You can also go to Mussoorie from your car but be careful while driving in hilly areas during snowfall.

The temperature goes down to 2 degrees celsius during snowfall in Mussoorie. This is the nearest place to witness snowfall from Delhi.

3. Dhanaulti:

Distance: 317.5km

Dhanaulti is the perfect place to enjoy your weekend. This hilly town has velvety rhododendrons, deodar, and tall oak forests that look even more beautiful during snowfall. Dhanaulti faces heavy snowfall during January. The temperature here goes down to 1 degree celsius at this time of the year.

You can reach Dhanaulti from Delhi by road. The best route to reach Dhanaulti is Delhi -> Meerut -> Muzaffarnagar -> Roorkee -> Chhutmalpur -> Dehradun -> Mussoorie -> Dhanaulti.

4. Kanatal:

Distance: 338.6 km

Kanatal is a small village in Garhwal Himalayas in Uttrakhand. It is a three days trip from Delhi where you can witness snowfall during the months of December, January, and February.

If you want to enjoy snow near Delhi away from the rush, this is one of the best places. This place is 78km away from Dehradun and 12km from Chamba.

You can book this beautiful camping place name Camp Carnival in Kantal and enjoy adventure activities here.

5. Chakrata:

Distance 353km

Chakrata is a small hilly town in Uttrakhand which is 98km away from Dehradun. This place is less crowded than Nainital and Mussoorie. So, if you want to enjoy snowfall peacefully, then go to Chakrata.

You can witness the highest snowfall in Chakrata during the month of January. The temperature goes down to -5 degree celsius during this time of the year.

6. Mukteshwar:

Distance: 358.1km

Mukhteshwar is a tourist destination in Uttrakhand near Nainital. This place is 51 km from Nainital and 350 km from Delhi. You can enjoy snowfall in Mukhteshwar in the months of December and January.

The minimum temperature of Mukhteshwar during snowfall goes to 3 degrees celsius which is pretty cool for experiencing snowfall here.

7. Shimla:

Distance: 405km

Shimla is the most popular destination among tourists to witness snowfall. You can enjoy the snowfall in Shimla from late December to February. The mall road in Shimla and Kufri are both the best places to enjoy snow in Shimla. You can enjoy skiing and ice skating here during snowfall.

The average temperature of Shimla during the snow season is around 8 degrees Celsius which goes down to -2 degree celsius.

The total distance from Delhi to Shimla is 405km. The best way to reach Shimla is to take the toy train from Kalka Railway station and enjoy the beauty of this hill station and the toy train journey together. You can also reach Shimla easily via Road.

8. Kufri:

Distance: 419km

Kufri is just 14.4km from Shimla. So, if you are going to Shimla then I suggest you go to Kufri for the best snowfall experience. You can book a stay here and enjoy the beautiful snowy view in Kufri. You can also enjoy snow sports like skiing, yak riding, and tobogganing here in Kufri.

You can enjoy snow in Kufri between December and February. The lowest temperature in Kufri is -3 degree celsius.

9. Chopta:

Distance: 422.7km

Chopta is also known as “Mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand” with picturesque view. This place is known for its birding paradise. There are almost 240 species of birds like Himalayan monal, Himalayan swiftlet, Himalayan griffon, scarlet finch, and hill partridge.

The snow season in Chopta is from January to Mid March. The Snow in Chotpa lasts till March. You can enjoy snow sports and snow trekking here. The temperature drops to -5 degree celsius.

10. Narkanda:

Distance: 466km

Narkanda is a town in Himachal Pradesh at the elevation of 2708 meters and 60km away from Shimla. This place is blessed with a beautiful view and peaceful ambience. You can witness snow here from November till March and temperature here goes down to -10 degree celsius sometimes.

11. Auli:

Distance: 519.3

One can’t explain the beauty of Auli during winter in words. The view here is picture-perfect like a scenery located at an elevation of 2,800 metres above sea level. This place is India’s premier ski resort destination. You can enjoy various snow activities here.

You can enjoy snow here from the starting of the December and lasts up to March. The temperature in Auli dips to -13°C during winter which is very low.

You can book a cab from Delhi to reach Auli. If you don’t want to book a taxi then reach to Rishikesh from Delhi and take a shared taxi or Bus to the nearest place Joshimath. Auli is just 11km from Joshimath and it will take only 30min to reach here. There is a ropeway to Auli from Joshimath or you can book a local taxi from Jhoshimath to Auli.

12. Mcleodganj:

Distance: 532.4 km

The Mcleodganj is a beautiful place near Dharmshala in Himachal Pradesh. This place is very popular among trekkers. You can experience snow in Mcleodganj in the month of December, Januarhy and February. The temperature drops here to -1 degree celsius. The weather is very chilli after sunset during snowfall but you can experience beautiful view here.

13. Jalori Pass:

Distance: 561.9km

The Jalori Pass trek is about 12 km from Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh. This trek is of 8km that takes you to the beautiful places like Sereolsar Lake, Sakiran, Lambri, Bashleo, and the Great Himalayan National Park. We recommend you to go to Jalori Pass if you have some trekking experience.

You can experience snowfall in Jalori Pass in the month of January and February. The temperature drop down to -8 degree celsius during snowfall.

14. Manali:


Distance: 589.8km

The Manali is one of the most popular destination from Delhi to experience snowfall. Manali is the favorite place among the honeymooners in India. You can enjoy snow activities like skiing here and

Manali has snowfall during end of December end to January. The temperature goes down to -8 degree celsius during snowfall.

15. Dalhousie:

Distance: 619.2km

The Dalhousie is hill station in Himachal Pradesh which is famous for its Victorian architecture, picturesque landscapes, and adventurous activities. Dalhousie looks very beautiful during snowfall.

Dalhousie temperature drops to -3 degree celsius during winter. You can enjoy snow in January here.

You can book a car from Delhi or you can also drive to this place. The best and economical way to reach Dalhousie is by taking train to Pathankot and then book a taxi from there. Dalhousie is just 82 km away from Pathankot and it will take 2.5 hours to 3 hours to reach here from Pathankot railway station.

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These are the best places near Delhi to witness snowfall in winter. If you love white beauty of nature and want to enjoy some snow activities, do go to these beautiful places once in a lifetime.

If you have any queries regarding Snowfall Places Near Delhi and how to reach there, you can ask us in comments. We will be happy to help you.