15 Best Christmas Markets in Europe


The Christmas season in Europe is one of the most beautiful things to witness and enjoy. There’s nothing like the holiday season is here with the vibrant chilled festive cheers and crowds. From November onwards, Europe starts dressing itself in with snow caps and fairy lights all glittering and ready to welcome winter Christmas and the New Year Plans.

Special treats are one thing that nobody can ever miss out on. From the warm fresh wine to butter cookies and varieties of candies, there’s so much to enjoy, shop, and try here.

You can also buy Christmas decor from these markets and decorate your home. You can also try these indoor and outdoor Christmas decor ideas to make your home more festive.

Here’s a list of the best Christmas spots in Europe where people enjoy and celebrate the festival in the grandest and vibrant ways.


Best Christmas Markets in Europe

Here is the list of Best Christmas Markets in Europe to celebrate Christmas with fun.

1. Christmas Markets, Prague

Christmas Markets, Prague

Christmas markets in the Prague’s old town and Wenceslas square is one of the best places to stop by on this Christmas. The place is extremely beautiful and lively with mulled wine stalls and the architectural design of the place. You can shop and treat yourself with exclusive winter cuisines and snacks. The cinnamon rolled sugar pastry is a must-try here. The market is a special winter festival and it opens from November 30 to January 6.

2. Tallinn Christmas Market, Estonia

Tallinn Christmas Market, Estonia

Tallinn’s Christmas market is an amazing stop among the other Estonian markets of the place. Every year, a special Santa arrives here by reindeer-pulled sleigh. There are various markets and shops to shop and enjoy the mesmerizing ambiance and vibe of the place. The most famous thing about this market is the Christmas tree which the city has been displaying in its town hall every Christmas since 1441. The market starts from November 15 to January 7.

3. Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg in Germany is one of the best and picturesque market corners in Europe. The Christmas market is exactly next to the City hall and displays some very exclusive regional specialties of the season. From amazing handcrafted winter pieces of stuff to fresh gingerbreads and other winter deserts, there’s a lot to enjoy all together under one roof. The Santa clause fly’s over the market once around 4 pm to 8 pm. Sounds exciting right?


4. Tuomaan Markkinat, Helsinki

Tuomaan Markkinat, Helsinki
Christmas Markets in Europe

Located in Senate Square,  the market is a mix of the contemporary and traditional cultural influence of the place. There is a number of things that you can do here such as play bingo, enjoy some warm wine or even watch holiday outfit contests for dogs. There’s also a hot unisex sauna for all those who wish to stop and warm up. The stalls are super cute and are for sure gonna impress you for their products and sales.

5. Christmas in Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark

Christmas in Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark

This Christmas market is a real-time inspiration from the Disney land that will give you the Disney vibes in Denmark. The place is all decorated with fairy lights along with some sparkling fireworks and live shows in the evening. The place is an absolute treat to all the visitors in winters. From entertainment to shopping and food, everything is simply perfect with the Christmas vibes. The dense moist honey cake with jam and buttercream frosting is a famous treat of this place. Located in the Tivoli Gardens, the gates of this wonderland open from November 16 to January 5.

6. Christmas Market at Skansen, Stockholm, Sweden

Christmas Market at Skansen, Stockholm, Sweden
Christmas Markets in Europe

The island of Djurgarden in the center of Stockholm is home to some historic traditions and Christmas celebrations every year in Europe. There are numerous dance shows and festive tree decors at the Bolinas Square, where the tree decorative workshops are held. It’s quite interesting to see different varieties of smoked turkey and sugar-coated candies too here. The market is located near the Skansen open-air museum and opens its the gate from November 30 to December 22.

7. Edinburgh’s Christmas, Scotland

Edinburgh's Christmas, Scotland
Christmas Markets in Europe

Edinburgh has a perfect festive vibe and some fresh rejuvenating spirit throughout the season. Located in the adjacent of Scottish national gallery, the Edinburg’s Christmas market across the East Prince Street garden is truly amazing. The Santa land is filled with many amazing kinds of stuff and food treats along with the train ride for the little ones. There is also a Ferris wheel to enjoy the visuals from a 108-foot tall ride. The place opens on November 16 and remains until January 4.

8. Cologne, Germany

Cologne, Germany Christmas Markets in Europe

The Cologne Christmas market is one of the best Christmas celebrations in Europe. There are a lot of other markets here to enjoy but the grandest and famous among all is the biggest one near Cologne Cathedral. You’ll find everything in here that portraits the german tradition.  From classic German spread to handcrafted stuff and twinkling lights, everything is extremely beautiful here. The festival also has some dance performances and shows to keep you entertained all the time. There are also two well-known shopping areas around the Christmas market, Hohe Strasse and Schildergasse for you to shop and enjoy. This festive market begins on November 25 and ends around December 23.

9. Viennese Dream Christmas Market, Austria

Viennese Dream Christmas Market, Austria
Christmas Markets in Europe
flickr – Alfred Lex

Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with perfect chilly winters and gorgeous snow-covered corners. Just like the city, the Viennese Dream Market is a great place to go and enjoy ice skating and curling. You might find many other markets around this beautiful city, but the Rathaus is one of the best to enjoy some live music, festive celebrations and many other stalls around the space.  They have a unique classic way of welcoming winters and celebrating Christmas. The markets are open from November 15 to December 26.

10. Advent in Zagreb, Croatia

Advent in Zagreb, Croatia
Christmas Markets in Europe

From the past 3 years, (2016, 2017 and 2018) Advent in Zagreb has been voted up as the best spots for hosting the Christmas market and festivals. It seems like almost the entire city turns into a market and celebrates together. You’ll find ice skating, a large number of stalls, religious prayers, music concerts and much more all around the city, mainly in the main city square. The celebrations begin on November 30 and end in and around January 7.

11. Sibiu Christmas Market, Romania

Romania celebrates Christmas as special as they celebrate Halloween. At the Sibiu center, Romania comes to live the Christmas celebrations and the holiday season in the most sparkling and lighting way. The glittery market has more than 100 merchants and many workshops and ice rinks to enjoy the festival. There’s also a new 72 feet Ferris wheel which one of the new addition to this market. The festive market starts from November 15 to January 3.

12. Magic Christmas in Colmar, France

Magic Christmas in Colmar, France
Christmas Markets in Europe

France has its own style of celebrating Christmas by bringing the real-life nativity scene.  Every year, the country displays more than 300 Christmas Markets in Europe and Colmar is one of the best among them. The festival is no less than a fairyland that you’ve always wished to see. Twinkling lights, an ice skating rink, and lots of vintage houses lined up in the canal like streets, all of these look so magical when you see them in the winter lights. Basically, there are 6 markets close to each other in the old town. You can check all of them for some shopping visual treats. The markets remain open from November 22 to December 29.

13. Advent Feast at the Basilica, Budapest


The Christmas Market and Advent Feast by the Budapest Basilica are one of the most popular holiday-welcoming festivals in the city. This event starts on 20 November and ends on 1 January every year.

Christmas Market by Budapest Basilica has an open-air market where there are around 160 stalls sell a mix of Hungarian handcrafted items and snacks

14. Christmas markets in Salzburg, Austria

 Christmas markets in Salzburg, Austria

Christmas markets in Salzburg is a centuries-old Christmas market in Europe that has around 100 stalls spreads across two neighboring squares, Domplatz and Residenzplatz. A daily program of events held here that includes musical performances from quintet choirs, a capella ensembles, gospel singers, and folk groups, plus afternoon readings of Christmas stories for children.

15. Strasbourg Christmas Market, France


Strasbourg Christmas Market is the biggest Christmas market in the North of France. It held annually in Strasbourg, France on the Grande Île near Strasbourg Cathedral and Place Kléber since 1570. There are arts and craft workshops, musical events, and an ice skating rink in Place Kléber for fun.

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Here is the list of best Christmas Markets in Europe. There’s so much to enjoy, shop, and try here. Share your views on these markets.