12 Best Flower Festivals in the World

Every year the world sees many new and fresh blossoms during the spring. Spring is the best time to peek out of your house and walk across the streets to witness some colorful flowers and the fresh breeze that plays in the air.

Each year in different parts of the world, many countries welcome spring by celebrating different kinds of flower festivals where you can witness some spectacular views of the flora and fauna. From marching parades to sculpting flowers in different shapes and designs, these festivals cover it all in the most amazing way possible.

Here we curated the list of the best and most popular flower festivals in the world to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Best Flower and Garden Festival 2022

Check this list of the best flower and garden festivals in the world.

1. Floriade (Canberra, Australia)

From mid-September to Mid October, Canberra celebrates Floriade every year in spring with some of the amazing events and beautiful sight of spring blossoms with mesmerizing colors and patterns. It is one of the biggest festivals in Australia and one of the best ones around the world.

Hosted in Canberra’s Commonwealth Park, the event is a 30-day celebration with lots of food, entertainment, music, and of course, some fresh spring blossoms. The festival exhibits around 1 million flowers with some of the best and most lively arrangements around the spot.

2. Chelsea Flower Show ( London, United Kingdom)

Running the legacy since 1862, London celebrates the world’s most prestigious flower festival for five days in May with mind-blowing flower arrangements every year. There are innovations and creativity both of which make the event one of the most happening festivals in the UK. The festival is hosted by the Royal Horticultural Society, held at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. Every year, London gathers the best garden designers, plant specialists, florists, and nurseries to sculpt the flowers and plants making them the most beautiful flower exhibit around the world.

3. Bloemencorso (Netherlands and Belgium)

Bloemencorso (Netherlands and Belgium) flower festivals
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Bloemencorso is an annual flower fest celebrated in the country of Netherlands and Belgium in April. Zundert has the biggest parade of flowers in the world. The fest exhibits large parades of flowers and plants arranged and sculpted in the most mesmerizing manner. Mostly the list includes infamous tulips, daffodils, dahlias, hyacinths, and thousands of other flowers. The parade walks across different regions and towns of the Netherlands and Belgium, welcoming the fresh spring of the year.

4. Batalla de Flores (Spain)

Batalla de Flores (Spain)
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Batalla de Flores is the annual flower fest marking the long festive month of Valencia, Spain. The festival marks by parades of ornately dressed women with floral dresses and flower decors followed by beautiful floats of flowers pulled by horses according to the theme.

Once the float has taken several rounds, the crew and audience pelt flowers at each other. The girls in the parade defend themselves with tennis rackets. This festival is the end marking of the month-long festivals in Spain that is the Feria de Julio.

5. Genzano Infiorata Flower Festival (Italy, Genzano di Rome)

Genzano Infiorata Flower Festival (Italy, Genzano di Rome)
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Following the tradition of the XVI century, Italy celebrates Genzano Infiorata Flower Festival every year with beautiful layouts of flower carpets along with some earth, beans, and wooden cuttings to create mesmerizing flower carpets. The preparation of this festival begins months before the actual festival and is done by a special team of experts, botanic science, and florists who pick up a major theme and work on it. The festival is usually celebrated in June in the town called Genzano di Rome.

6. Chiang Mai Flower Festivals (Thailand, Chiang Mai)

Thailand is well known for its large plant biodiversity. Chiang Mai is one of the best flower festivals in the world celebrated in the country’s northern city, Chiang Mai. The festival is celebrated for 3 days and the city sparkles with parades of flowers, decorations, and marching bands from schools and colleges. They also have various competitions with flower arrangements, tree sculpting, etc where one winner is chosen from each. The parade of flowers represents the Damasak rose which is a native flower of the place for ages.

7. Festa da Flor (Portugal, Funchal)

One of the best things to witness in Portugal during the spring is the Festa da Flor festival. It is one of the most beautiful festivals where floral parades along with amazing dancers majestically walk across the street. The dancers wear floral pieces and showcase their art and talent throughout their walk.

The best part that not to miss about this festival is the Wall of hope. This wall is usually filled with different types of beautiful blossoms representing the people’s hope and prayers for peace and harmony around the world.

8. Brussels Flower Carpet (Belgium, Brussels)

Every two years, Brussels celebrates one of the world-renowned flower festivals where people come in huge gatherings to witness this beautiful sight. It is an event where a huge carpet of flowers is laid down with mind-blowing floral arrangements and designs in the main square in Brussels in front of the City Hall.

It has been a tradition since 1986 and is being followed up to date. They use more than half a million flowers to create unusual beautiful layouts. The display is free for everyone but if you still wish to see it more closely then you need to buy a ticket. And trust us, it’s worth every penny you spend.

9. Pasadena Rose Parade (United States, California)

Every new year, the streets of Pasadena, California rejoices in the scent of different flowers and happiness of the New Year’s Eve. Pasadena Rose Parade is celebrated on 1 January as an American New Year Tradition with some extremely marvelous floral parades and celebrations in full swing. You can either witness this personally or even see the live broadcast which takes place throughout the local channels across the country.

10. Jersey Battle of Flowers (United States, Jersey)

The jersey battle of flowers is celebrated in the islands of Jersey on the second Thursday of August. There are different flowers displayed along with some music, food, and dancers celebrating alongside the floral parade. It’s a day’s festival and the moonlight parade ends with some eye-catching fireworks lighting up the whole sky.

11. Medellin Feria de las Flores(Colombia, Medellin)

Feria de las Flores is celebrated in Colombia in the city of Medellin. The festival extends for around one week where different events and festivities take place around the corner. The reason behind the flower parade is the marking of the end of slavery as Virgin Mary Day. There are also other events such as an international pageant, the cavalcade and automobile parade, etc that take place during this festival.

12. Epcot International Flower Festival (United States, Florida)

The Epcot International flower festival in the Walt Disney World Resort is to be added to everyone’s wish list for sure. Being in the land of Disney and everything around sculpted with the magical florals is extremely beautiful to witness here. The flower festival usually takes place in early summer-like around march-may. If you ever happen to be in Florida around these months, then do visit here at least once. It’s a perfect visual spring treat for the adults as well as the kids.

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Flower festivals are celebrated almost every year around the world and we have curated a few best of them. If you are planning to enjoy a flower festival this list would be helpful for sure.