12 Best Christmas Light Projectors to Buy

Holidays and festivals are those necessary breaks that help us to feel better. It breaks our normal, boring life and gives it a twist. Holidays are meant to be celebrated and not to be wasted.

Technology is increasing day by day. This has led us to create new things and use different products. A light projector plays a major role in making our holidays more fun and exciting. And when Christmas and New Year are around the corner, having a light projector becomes more like a necessity.

The Christmas lights projector has indoor and outdoor decorations, such as Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Easter Day, Christmas, and evening parties, etc. 

Therefore, here we present to you the best holiday light projectors that you can buy online and make your holidays even more alive.

But before that, we request you buy an artificial Christmas tree this year to save real trees. If you are already using artificial trees then kudos to you. God bless you. 🙂

Holiday Light Projectors

Here are the best Christmas light projectors that you can buy this year to decorate your indoor and outdoor home. You can pair these Christmas light projectors with your Christmas decorations ideas and make your home more festive.

1. LedMall Motion Eight-Pattern Outdoor Laser Christmas Lights

This is an RGB All Color Laser Christmas Light projector with 8 continuous moving patterns which is great for any occasion. It has a vivid color display with good durability.

It has good brightness and huge coverage. It is available with remote control and has speed control options. It is one of the best Christmas light projectors that can project different patterns.

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2. Minetom Christmas Projector Lights

Minetom Christmas Projector Lights has 2 motor drivers with 10 colors switchable and 16 patterns changeable. The range of this projector is 13.1 ft and the maximum projecting coverage is 2137 sq. ft. The projector has an RF wireless remote control to turn on or off the projector light

This projector light for Christmas is weather resistant and has an operating temperature of -31F°- 100F° with 1 built-in ventilation fan. It is an IP65 Waterproof Christmas projector that can face winters very efficiently.

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3. TANGKULA LED Snowflake Projector Light

TANGKULA LED Snowflake Projector Light displays the combination of “white dots” and “snowflakes” which creates a real snowfall effect. It uses a high-quality LED chip with good high brightness. The projector has 360° Rotation, Wide Coverage, and a projecting distance of up to 30 ft which makes it more wantable.

It is an IP44 Waterproof projector that can be used indoors or outdoors with a temperature range is -4℉-104℉.

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4. ARGIGU Christmas LED projector lights

christmas light projectors

This product has a 2-in-1 mode. The modes are ocean wave and night light patterns. The projections are quite commendable. 16 different colorful pattern slides with 10 different color ocean wave effects lit up even a boring party. The color combinations assert a magical effect in the place. The product is safety certified with certifications of CE, RoHS, and other prominent certifications.

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5. Yinuo Christmas Laser Lights

christmas light projectors

It is yet another great product and is easy to install. This Christmas light projector comes with 5 Patterns, like Snowflake, Jingling Bell, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, and Starry. It can work between temperatures -4℉ to 104℉ with a High-temperature sensing system. It has Ip65, Professional grade aluminum alloy housing that makes it weather resistant.

The projector is supported by a remote-controlled system. The projection angle for the projector is 120 degrees. The projector comes with a built-in timer so you can select the time interval.

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6. Ocean 2-in-1 Christmas Projector Lights

This LED Projector Light is made of a high-brightness LED chip that offers all-year-round lights and entertainment and is great both as a Halloween ghost projector, as well as a Christmas snowflakes projector. The product is suitable for outdoors as well as indoors.

The Projector Lights come with 10 switchable and bright LED picture pattern slides like pumpkins, ghosts, and eyeballs to snowflakes, Santa, Christmas trees, balloons, birthday cakes, cupid, clowns, and the Elk. It creates a beautiful atmosphere all around.

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7. HeKation Christmas projector

This projector visualizes a 3d wave effect. It creates an ultimate perception of 15 colors of water wave lights. There is a variation of different color lights. As per your choice, you could enter the single-color mode or multicolor mode. The product can be controlled by remote control. The moving speed is also adjustable and there are 4 timer settings available for the product. The product is IP65 waterproof certified. The product is an ideal choice for parties, bedrooms, theatres, gardens, etc.

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8. ECOHDT Laser Christmas Decorations Lights Projector

This Christmas laser light has eight different patterns. Each pattern has three colors – red, green, and blue – and you can mix them in any way you like. It keeps playing in a loop to make your Christmas decorations extra special. This laser light is better than regular ones because its patterns are brighter and clearer, creating a more beautiful combination of lights. You can use it all around your house or in the yard to make everything feel festive for Christmas.

The laser light also has cool temperature protection, so it lights up quickly even when it’s cold. It can project lights from 9.8 feet to 65 feet away, enough to cover your whole yard or the outside of your house. Plus, you can control it with a remote – turn it on/off, change colors, adjust the speed, and switch between modes. You can even set it to turn off by itself after 1 to 6 hours, and it’ll repeat every 24 hours! It’s a fantastic way to make your Christmas decorations shine with ease.

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9. Auxiwa Laser Projector

The product comes with three different light modes. These laser lights can cover a surface of up to 1500 sq.ft. The laser projects stars of 3 different combinations. The projector comes with a timer. You can adjust almost everything with the remote control. It’s very easy to install and is basically a plug-and-play solution. It also has an IP 65 waterproof design.

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10. UPODA Christmas LED projector

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This projector, unlike other projectors, is kind of unique. The thing that makes it unique is that it comes with a built-in music player. The animation used is of snowfall. The projector is ideal for Christmas, Halloween, marriages, etc. The projector has TF card support and so you can play your favorite songs. The product comes with a remote control. The product is IP65 waterproof.

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11. Strawberry String Solar Christmas Lights

These are the 50 LED multicolor Christmas lights in the shape of strawberries. The total length of this Christmas light is 21ft of which 3.2ft is lead wire length. The space between every strawberry light is 4 inches.

It is a waterproof outdoor garden light that is suitable for indoor and outdoor, Christmas parties, night parties, birthday parties, and stages. The light has 8 Modes: combination, in wave, sequential, slow glow, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on.

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12. Dalanpa Outdoor Christmas Light

This is also a laser projector. The product is available in 4 different themes: the American Flag, the celebration theme, the Christmas theme, and a combination of red, blue, and green lights. It comes with a built-in automatic timer. The images are crisp and clear. Each projector is safety-certified and IP65 waterproof.

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13. Auxiwa Store Christmas light projector

This projector has 2 in 1 dynamic green and red laser lights to create a romantic sparkling effect and bring the festive spirit to the home in minutes. The projector laser lights can cover 600 sq. ft.

The laser lights have a built-in 1h-6h timer that will auto-shutdown after the preset time. You can switch all lighting patterns and four-speed models with your mood.

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14. Greatlizard Christmas projector

This projector has a very beautiful water wave effect, like a ripple, and brings you to an ocean-atmosphere. You can also change the effect as it has many effects.

It comes with a remote controller to conveniently turn on/off the light, to switch lights color, moving speed, and flashing speed. 

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15. Yocuby Star Christmas Treetop Projector

This unique projector is installed on the top of your tree. It uses a snowflake animation. The frame of the star is covered with silver bling glitter which makes the projector more beautiful. When the projector is turned off, it acts as a nice additional accessory to the tree. The star is made with premium PVC material. It comes in a universal size. You can adjust the direction of light according to your choice.

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The above-mentioned are some of the best and most unique Christmas light projectors that you can buy online. Most of the projectors can be used indoors as well as outdoors. 

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