Bucharest, Romania: A Complete Travel Guide

Famously known as the Paris of the east, Bucharest is the capital and largest city of Romania. Apart from this, Bucharest is also Romania’s cultural, industrial as well as financial center.

According to history, Bucharest was founded by a shepherd named Bucur. It is said that he had built a church along the Dambovita River and the city was settled by Geto-Dacians in 70 BC hang on till the end of the article and you will get to know other mind-blowing things about Bucharest.

Bucharest: Travel Guide

Some lesser-known facts about Bucharest

  • They have a section dedicated to cigarettes on the restaurant menu. Yup, Romanians love smoking.
  • Coffee is the first love in Bucharest. There’s not a single place where you won’t find coffee.
  • Bucharest’s Parliament building is just enormous. The building weighs around 4.1 billion kilos. Weird, but true.
  • Even after being part of the EU, you can’t use the Euro here. The currency here is Romanian Lei
  • Nightlife in Bucharest is amazing. There is quite a good number of bars and pubs in the city.
  • You won’t believe it but people from all over the world visit Bucharest for its cheap and top-notch dental care.

A city with the nickname “Paris of the East” should surely have interesting things to do and places to visit. Although Bucharest has undergone many earthquakes and after-effects of war, the place continues to amaze tourists with its beauty. Here are the top things that you can do in Bucharest.

Top things to do in Bucharest

Here is the list of best things to do in Bucharest, Romania:

1. Romanian Peasant Museum

Bucharest: Romanian Peasant Museum

Opened in 1906, this celebrated folk museum faced resistance and got closed in the 20th century. It again opened in 1990. In the basement, visitors can witness a small exhibition on collectivization. The museum is dedicated to the 400-year-old culture and history of Romania. The museum presents a jaw-dropping variety of costumes, furniture, religious objects, and ceramics.

2. Herastrau Park

Bucharest: Herastrau Park

This is Bucharest’s largest park. With most of its area dedicated to the large 74 hectares of Herăstrău Lake, the park also borders the city. The Herăstrău Lake is partly man-made with a six-kilometer perimeter for joggers. You can also rent a bike or take a boat ride to explore the lake. Further down, you can also stop by Rose Island and the Japanese Garden.

3. National Museum of Art

Since the end of the Second World War, the Neoclassical Royal Palace has been the headquarters of Romania’s National Museum of Art. Though some part of its priceless collections were destroyed during the revolution in 1989, the museum still has to offer a lot. Art lovers can admire European Art along with Romanian Medieval Art and Modern Romanian Art. These works have been created by famous artists like Lucas Cranach the Elder, Jan ban Euck, El Greco, and more.

4. Palace of the Parliament

Bucharest: Palace of the Parliament

this is the world’s largest parliament in terms of area. This place was intended to be a residential area. The palace was built at an enormous cost in terms of both money and men. It is claimed that thousands of men died during the construction of the building. The building consists of reception halls, museums of various things, etc. It is also said that during the time of Ceaușescu, the palace also had a nuclear bunker.

5. Stavropoleos Church

It’s one of the finest religious buildings in Bucharest. Dating back to the 1720s, the church’s architecture is a perfect mix of Romania’s Brâncovenesc style, with a hint of Byzantine, Ottoman, and containing Renaissance and Baroque elements. The building is just gorgeous. Multifoil arches are painted with arabesque foliate on the front of the building.

6. Palatul Primaverii

Located in the proximity of the Herăstrău Park, Palatul Primăverii is an 80 room place that was the lurid residence of the dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu. This great mansion features a winter garden, silk wallpaper, expensive furniture, a huge swimming pool, a wine cellar, a cinema, and several other majestic furnishings.

7. Botanical Gardens

With over 5000 plant species spread over 17 hectares of land, the botanical gardens are a must-visit place for anyone. It is maintained by the University of Bucharest. You can explore the enormous amount of vegetation the gardens have to offer. There’s a nominal entry fee and if you are willing to pay a little extra, you can explore their special greenhouses. There are around 1000 varieties of exotic flowers that you can see here.

8. Arcul de Triumf

To commemorate the Romanian War of Independence and the First World War, Arcul de Triumf was constructed in 1936. on some special occasions, you can explore the platform on the roof, which is otherwise closed on regular days. This important monument was the replacement to the wooden arch that was constructed hastily to celebrate the Romanian War of Independence.

How to Reach Bucharest

Bucharest: Travel Guide

One can visit Bucharest via 3 methods: Air, Road, and Rail. Otopeni Airport is the largest international airport that is the epicenter for most domestic and international flights. If you want to travel by road, Bucharest is connected excellently with other Romanian cities. Bus services are also worth it. Train services are also quite good. The rapid line from Gara de Nord connects international cities like Vienna, etc.

Best Time to visit Bucharest

Bucharest Travel Guide

The best time to visit Bucharest is from April to June and then the months of September and October.

Tips before leaving for Bucharest:

  1. Pack both cool and warm clothes. Temperature can drop and rise real quick. The weather is unpredictable.
  2. You can experience high traffic on Fridays and Sundays. So avoid going to certain attractions on these days.
  3. Always tip in the restaurants. It is a basic must-do thing in Bucharest while eating out.
  4. Bucharest is quite a safe city but beware of pickpockets.

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Bucharest is an interesting and entertaining city that you should visit. With so much to explore and experience, Bucharest is the hottest summer destination that you can visit. Rural Bucharest is a pleasant disconnect from the bustling life of the cities.