12 Best Places to Visit in Canada


From the past few years, Canada has topped the list as one of the best holiday destinations in the world. From the cosmopolitan glam of Toronto to rocky mountains of Banff, Canada is a wonderland to explore and discover in every season and time of the year.

Deciding one spot to miss here is quite difficult and confusing. Depending upon your interest, activities, and budget, there are different places that you can explore and enjoy in Canada. 

Therefore, we are here, with the amazing compilation of the top 12 places to visit in Canada. 

Best places to visit in Canada

Explore these beautiful places in Canada:


1. Jasper National Park

Places To Visit In Canada: Jasper National Park
Image by Monika Neumann from Pixabay 

Jasper National Park is one of the wildest beautiful places to visit and witness the kaleidoscopic panorama of nature. It is a UNESCO identified World Heritage Site that covers more than 2,7 million acres of land. The park is afoot for some amazing adventure sports and the Canadian Rockies where travelers can spot animals like wolverine, moose and much more along with trekking at different spots. Jasper has everything that you’d love in nature’s wonder park. From high lovely mountains to melting glaciers, the place is a perfect spot to base your camp as well tour around in the beautiful wonders of nature.  In winter, travelers can also enjoy Marmot Basin, snowshoeing or skiing here. Jasper is a place that nobody can ever afford to miss in Canada.

2. Niagra Falls

Places To Visit In Canada: Niagra Falls
Image by Rick Bella from Pixabay 

Niagra falls is one of the best and most majestic spots in Canada that one should never miss out. It has been attracting viewers ever since it was discovered. The place has an iron railing on the edges for the visitors to see the great falls pour down and disappear in the mist. You can also take a ride down the boats or observation deck to feel the roar of this beauty. The place is a good spot for honeymoon couples as well as family vacations to enjoy the moisture and peaceful vibes of the place.

3. Vancouver

Places To Visit In Canada: Vancouver
Image by Luke Lawreszuk from Pixabay 

Vancouver is one of the most hyped and loved places in Canada. From food fests to entertainment trials and shopping spree, the place has a lot of exciting things for its visitors to enjoy. Vancouver is an active city located on the shores of the pacific ocean and backed up by beautiful mountains. Apart from its fame for various things, the city is also loved for the numerous adventures that one can try here.

Hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, and skiing are some of the things you can enjoy here. Vancouver has also been a favorite spot for many movie shoots and launches. The chic lifestyle here and amazing fashion boutiques around make it completely high in fashion and glam to live by. You can enjoy shopping, dining and nightlife scenes a lot in this energetic city.


4. Quebec City

Places To Visit In Canada: Quebec City
Image by Aurore Duwez from Pixabay 

For all the history lovers and vintage admirers, Quebec City is a spot that has history speaking in every corner of the city. The historic building and curved cobbled street make it one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. The place has some ancient 17th – 18th-century architectural buildings which are still preserved and maintained.

The streets of Quebec city still hold the old age tradition of baking the best bread, buttery croissants and expresso shots that fill in the visitors with fresh warm vibes. The winter carnival is the best thing to witness when in Quebec City. It is known as Carnaval de Québec and attracts a lot of visitors every year.

5. Montreal

Places To Visit In Canada:
Image by Beenerm from Pixabay 

Montreal is the multifaceted city of Canada that has perfect building structures and skyline with an amazing blend of modern and historic architecture. You’ll see Montreal being so sophisticated with old buildings and funky new cafes across the city. The city has its own story to discover and explore along with the traditional old age bagels and French pastries that are to die for. The city has museums and plenty of shops to stop by along with mesmerizing historic cathedrals at corners. You can explore the ancient cobblestone streets of Vieux- Montreal and enjoy some natural sunset views in the evening. We love every corner that Montreal has to offer us.

6. Whistler

Places To Visit In Canada: Whistler
Image by Mart Touch from Pixabay 

Whistler is one of the top destinations of the world very well known for skiing. It is also one of the major spots in Canda for activities like hiking, biking, golfing, etc.  from a vibrant energetic town to World-class resorts, this place has developed a lot with time. Therefore, this city is worth adding to this list of best places to visit in Canada.

The whistler black comb mountains are an absolute stunner and attract many climbers across the world. Whistler has some spectacular views to photograph and go on a pictorial fest on your next vacations.

7. Ottawa

Places To Visit In Canada: Ottawa
Image by Albert Dezetter from Pixabay 

Ottawa is the beautiful capital of Canada. It is one of the most lively cities to visit in Canada. Apart from being the cultural and political hub of Canada, Ottawa has some amazing museums and historic sites to explore. It is a smaller city compared to the others In Canada but one of the best and fun to navigate and discover. Apart from nature’s treat, carnivals and festive celebrations such as Tulip Festival, Canada Day Celebrations and other special days are a must to enjoy in Ottawa. In winter the annual Winterlude celebrations attract a large number of people to the Christmas and holiday celebrations here.

8. Toronto

Places To Visit In Canada: Toronto
Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay 

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and one of the best places to visit in Canada. It is one of the most renowned spots for attractive spots, restaurants, opera, ballet, Broadway show and much more. You can enjoy an extraordinary shopping and dining experience along with an energetic vibe of the nightlife of this city. 

Toronto’s waterfront is one thing not to be missed at all. The beautiful walking areas to the cultural programs, everything is extremely beautiful here. you can also enjoy some public skating and nearby ski resort stay if you are visiting in winter to add the thrill and amazing experience to your stay.

9. Banff

Places To Visit In Canada: Banff
Image by WikiImages from Pixabay 

Just beneath the foothills of Canadian Rockies, this mountain town is an absolute treat for everyone to visit and enjoy. The place has a lot to entertain and explore for both, nature enthusiasts as well as luxury space seekers. Every year, this place sees a lot of tourist travelers on its peak.

Near to this town, is the two most famous Canada ski resorts,  Lake Louise Ski Resort and Sunshine Village Ski Resort. The crystal turquoise water lakes and glacier topped mountains are extremely beautiful to spend some quality time enjoying the view.there are few things that you should try out here, a gondola ride to the top of a mountain, enjoying the hot spring-fed pool and amazing shopping stops. Don’t miss these activities when in Banff. 

10. White horse

For all the northern light lovers, Canada’s white horse is an ideal spot to witness some beautiful sights. Alaska and the beautiful Nahanni National Park are the main attractions not to miss here. The night sky comes to life here with beautiful displays and winds. Despite being small, it is one of the most fascinating cities in Canada.

11. Tofino

Places To Visit In Canada: Tofino
Image by Robert Nathan Garlington from Pixabay 

Well not so famous and the unofficial spot for surfing in Canada, Tofino is a unique place that sees the mixed crowd who come here to surf and hike. From the beaches of Pacific Rim National Park to the oceanfront lodges, this place is one of the best affordable spots to stop by and enjoy some quality time.

There are just a handful of galleries, shops, and restaurants here but the natural beauty that surrounds it will make you compromise other aspects at any cost. It is simply for those who want to spend time on adventures and outdoor activities.

12. Kelowna

Places To Visit In Canada: Kelowna
Image by 3282700 from Pixabay 

In the interior of BRITISH Columbia is situated the beautiful Kelowna. The city is not famous internationally but Canadians love to hang out here. The picturesque corner on every set and side makes it beautiful and charming to visit here.The shore of Lake Okanagan and the mountains that surround it are no less than a treat to your eyes.

When you visit Kelowna during summers, rent a houseboat to feel the bright blue water and explore the hidden beauty of it. There are also orchids around the lake that make it more fresh and energetic to be in this place.

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We hope you liked our recommendations and it turns out helpful for you in planning your next vacation stop in Canada. Enjoy your trip to these Places to Visit in Canada and share your experiences with us.