Areas and Suburbs in Beijing: Best Neighborhoods for Expats

Nobody would ever deny that Beijing is an epitome of beauty. From the class of lifestyle to the overwhelming vibes across the place, this energetic city has always been in limelight since ages. While the city has multiple places to explore and wander, it can be quite difficult to see on an overall note where to live.

Though Beijing is a very budget-friendly city, it still needs a little depth to know which place might suit one well. If you are looking for an area to buy or rent a house you should consider many aspects like proximity to children’s school and places of work, communal facilities, individual lifestyle, and housing budget.

Here’s a quick neighborhood guide to Beijing which will brief you up with its Areas and Suburbs.

The Best Neighborhoods in Beijing for Expats

Check this list of Areas and Suburbs in Beijing and select the best Suburbs in Beijing for living.

1. Chaoyang District

Covering a large area of Beijing’s west, Chaoyang district has its charm and importance. It is one of the most prominent and diplomatic districts where most of the foreign embassies are located across. Expats usually choose to stay here with the top choice of international companies and schools residing in this district. 

2. Central Business District (city centre)

The city center of Beijing accommodates some renowned five-star hotels, international malls, and other high end places attracting a lot of people to it. The high-end apartments here are another reason which brings a lot of people together to come and stay here. An ideal choice to live with all the high-end facilities around you.

3. Chaoyang Park

Chaoyang has a lot of open and green space with some unique high-quality properties. Some amazing visual park views around the area offer its residents a fresh green vibe. One of the easiest places to choose for ex-pats to live with a quality lifestyle and low cost of living.

4. Sanlitun

Sanlitun is more likely like a famous energetic neighborhood of Beijing. This is one of the best destinations so far for the best pubs in Beijing. Right from trendy restaurants to high lifestyle complexes and night clubs, the place has everything that a bachelor looks for entertainment and recreation. The place is best for singles to enjoy the colorful side of the city.

5. Lido and Wangjing

Lido has been an age-old favorite spot for expat families to settle down as it is very near to many parks, entertainment areas, art galleries, and some of the best schools. Wangjing is another neighboring area where people can easily find a low cost living lifestyle with Lido being super easily accessible. People say that this particular area of Beijing sees a huge population of South Korean residents and hence is also known as Koreatown. 

6. 798 Art District Neighborhood

Beijing is a city of art and so is the dedicated 798 district.  This 798 Art District is particularly for tourists and is also known as the art capital of the city. Most of the residential spaces here are all with the same rental costs as in Dongcheng District. The place portraits a blend of the artistic culture of Beijing along with the modern lifestyle. The place is super energetic and funky with all its colorful vibes.

7. Dongcheng District

For all the ancient vibes lover and history admirers, Dongcheng is a place that wraps up Beijing’s true historic essence. Thought the place sees many historic sites and museums, they have developed with time, and today, it’s more of like a business developed area with malls, shopping markets, parks, and some new modern architects around the place.

8. Dongzhimen

Dongzhimen is another vibrant bright place in Beijing where many opportunities await the people. The place is a central location in Beijing and it still has a lot of greenery and trees surrounded in its place. A place for young people with big dreams and high salaries.

Moreover, Dongzhimen is also known for its romantic spots and evening strolls under the willows. Recently, they have altered their canal system for more betterment of the place and its people. The place usually has storefronts and skyscrapers. 

9. Wangfujing/Dongdan

Wangfujing/Dongdan is a limited resident’s place and does not see much of people or expats here. Yet, the place has some beautiful historic sites to visit. This place is a small closure hence most of the places are close to each other. People mostly walk here to their offices, shops, and schools. 

10. Shunyi District

Shunyi District is just about 18 miles (30km) out of downtown. This particular district has been one of the most highly valued residential areas with villas and exclusive compounds around the place.  It covers Beijing Airport Expressway in the west along with Jingshun Road and Wenyu River. 

Shunyi district has a pleasant atmosphere with all the leisure and pollution-free environment that one usually looks for.  The place is nestled with a variety of restaurants, supermarkets, coffee shops, banks, grocery stores, pet shops, beauty salons, and flower markets. Just like the other districts of Beijing, this place too is extremely beautiful to live and explore.

11. Xicheng District

The Westside of Beijing has some extremely exquisite offbeat places of historic importance and uniqueness to explore and dive in. Most of the expats living here work in the financial street. The place doesn’t see any high-end rental space which makes the expense a little more here. Some people say that this district is closely related to the development of the main side of Beijing city.

Today, Xicheng District has its historic importance and stands as a modern urban space that still sees development in many aspects. It’s more of like a modern world in ancient style.

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This is the guide to The Best Neighborhoods in Beijing for Expats. Select the best suburbs in Beijing to live.

Q. How many districts are there in Beijing?

A. Beijing is one of the four direct-controlled municipalities of the People’s Republic of China. Beijing is divided into 16 districts.

Q. Which county in China is Beijing?

A. There are 2 counties located in the suburbs of Beijing named Miyun County and Yanqing County.

Q. What is Beijing’s most populated district?

A. Beijing’s most populated district Chaoyang. Chaoyang has a population of over 3.5 million. The district is almost 200 square miles in size.

Q. Is Beijing cheap to live?

A. Compared to many capital cities in the world, Beijing is cheaper. The cost of living index in Beijing is 56.23% which is lower than in New York. If you spend your money wisely you can get by in Beijing on a shoestring.

Q. Is Beijing foreigner friendly?

A. Shanghai would be the most foreigner-friendly city in China. This is because of the usage of English here is greater. Locals in Beijing and China generally are very polite, but you may face difficulty in understanding languages.