12 Things To Do In Romania


The country known for Carpathian mountains, Dancia cars, dense forests, Dracula and stuffed cabbage leaves named Romania, is a country located at the crossroads of Central-Eastern, and Southeastern Europe. With a vast expanse of 238397 square kilometers, Romania is the 12th largest country in the world and the 7th most populous member state of the European Union. The population count of the palace is 20 million.

The country derives its name from the Latin word” Romanus” meaning “citizen of Rome”. Although not much is heard about Romania being a tourist destination, it is a very good holiday spot.

If you are planning to go to Romania for your next holidays, you do know the thing to do in Romania before going there. We curated this list of best things to do in Romania. You will definitely be going to enjoy these popular things in Romania.

Things that you can do in Romania

1. Visiting the famous Dracula’s home

One of the most distinguishable features of Romania which attracts visitors from all over the globe is Bran’s castle also known as Dracula’s home. You can also visit the open-air museum park to see traditional Romanian structures like barns and cottages.


2. Seeing the living fire at Buzau

Seeing the living fire at Buzau
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There is a place named Buzau in Romania near the right bank of river Buzau, where there’s a weird phenomenon of emerging flames that emerges from the ground itself. These flames rise up to a height of 50 cm. The amazing thing is that these flames have been rising from thousands of years. It is basically an emission of gas through a cracked surface of the ground.

3. Click a selfie at the Rock Sculpture of Decebalus

Click a selfie at the Rock Sculpture of Decebalus
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Decebalus was the last ruler of Dacia. He is known for his amazing success at three wars against the Roman Empire under two different emperors. The statue is a 141 ft long and 104 ft wide carving in a rock of the face of the ruler constructed between 1994 and 2004. The carving is located on the river Danube.

4. Take a long drive along the Transfagarasan highway

Take a long drive along the Transfagarasan highway
best things to do in Romania
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Beautiful, curvy and a long stretch which is one of the most beautiful roads of Europe. Considered as the best road in the world by some travel enthusiasts, the highway is a 92 km long path crossing the southern section of the Carpathian mountains. The scenic beauty is beyond description.

5. Try your luck at Sinaia casino

Try your luck at Sinaia casino
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An amazing heritage left by the Romanian Royal Family, it is built by some of the most brilliant architects that built some of the most prestigious casinos in Monaco. It is still functional and is well equipped with all possible comfort and luxury of that time.


6. Chilling at the Scarisoara Ice Cave

Chilling at the Scarisoara Ice Cave
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Fashioned as the world’s second-largest glacier, this ice cave is located in Western Romanian Carpathian Mountains. It’s a 22 meters long and 700 meters wide natural wonder. Inside the cave, there’s a grand hall and a church. It also contains an ice chamber inside it. The atmosphere inside gives one a natural rush. The beauty of the cave is spectacular.

7. Adopting a bear at Liberty Bear Sanctuary

Adopting a bear at Liberty Bear Sanctuary
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This sanctuary houses over 60 bears which were saves from various zoos and circuses. These bears are far from ordinary as they can climb a tree, swim and what’s the loveliest among all the activities is to see them hunt down their food and eat it. The sanctuary is located in Zarnesti. You can go to the zoo by yourself or hire a guide. The only thing you must take care of is that if you go by yourself please look out for the parking.

8. Painting an egg in Bukovina

Painting an egg in Bukovina
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There’s a creative treat for you if you love creativity. There’s a museum for decorated eggs in Bukovina. It hosts a collection of 3000 eggs gathered from throughout Romania and abroad. The best thing is that you don’t need to have prior experience of this art. You would be guided by expert craftsmen during the whole process. There’s also a popular belief in Bukoniva that if a particular egg doesn’t break the entire year, the family will be protected the whole year.

9. Trying the local delicacies

The Romanian dishes, unlike any other cuisine, is a mixture of trends of Turkish, Hungarian, and German. The most widely known drink coupled along with dinner. It is basically a fiery liquid made from plum and other fruits. Some of the most common dishes in Romania are:

Zacusca – Vegetable Dip.
Salată de icre – Fish Roe Dip.
Salată de Vinete – Smokey Eggplant Salad Dip.
Jumări – Pork Rinds – Greaves with Onions.
Ciorbă de burtă – Tripe Soup.
Caşcaval Pane – Deep Fried, Breaded Yellow Cheese.
Meatball Sour Soup (Ciorba de Perisoare)
Tripe Soup (Ciorba de Burta)
Stuffed Squash/Bell Pepper (Dovlecei/Ardei Umpluti)
Grilled Mutton Pastrami with Polenta (Pastrama de Oaie cu Mamaliguta)
Stiffed Cabbage Rolls with Polenta (Sarmale cu Mamaliguta)
Roasted Pork Knuckles (Ciolan de Porc la Captor)
Some drinks to go along with the supper are Tuica, Afinata, Zmeurata, Visinata.

10. Night stay at the Balea Ice Hotel

Night stay at the Balea Ice Hotel
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Think that the ice cave is not enough? Don’t worry, Romania has another surprise for you. It has a dedicated ice hotel for ice lovers. It is situated near the Bâlea glacier lake at an altitude of 2000 meters from the mean sea level. The specialty of the hotel apart from its beautiful and unique theme is the attention to details. The food is served in ice plates and the furniture from chairs to tables is made out of ice. The ice chairs are covered with fur to provide you a cozy feeling.

11. Explore the Turda salt mine

Explore the Turda salt mine best things to do in Romania
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Not every day you get to dig into a mine. So if you can get to feel what the interior of a mine feels like, then why not? The Turda salt mine is one of the oldest salt mines in the world. Today it serves more like an amusement park than a mine. Inside the big mine, you will find a Ferris wheel, a boating lake, and a museum. Extra activities range from bowling, playing mini-golf and a spa treatment session. It is considered as the deepest underground attraction in the world.

12. Stroll in the natural beauty of Strambu-Baiut’s virgin forest

Stroll in the natural beauty of Strambu-Baiut’s virgin forest

Romania is the home to 65% virgin forests in Europe. This place is one of the best-preserved natural areas and stretches over 200 acres. It has trees which are more than 450 years old. It doesn’t matter if you love greenery or not, you must go to this place in your trip and experience the positive aura that is inhibited in the place.

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Romania is a good vacation destination. You can bring your friends or your family here. The perfect time to visit Romania and experience its beauty to the fullest is from March to June or from September to October. The place provides many fun activities to do.