12 Things to do in Mystic, Connecticut


Mystic is one of the most charming and beautiful historic towns along the coasts of Mystic River. With its vintage beauty and most photographed spaces, the town is home to many tourists and families for vacations. The best part about this place is its historical ambiance and charm that never fails to mesmerize you. 

To enhance your experience to travel to Mystic, here we made this list of best things to do in Mystic. These famous mystic attractions will take your heart away.

Top Mystic Attractions

From grabbing some exclusive seafood to witnessing the extraordinary historical depths, here’s a list of top 10 things to do in Mystic.

1. Visit the Mystic Aquarium

Exploring water creatures is one of the best things to do here. It’s a home for vast marine creatures including New England’s only captive whales. It is a rescue facility and multifaceted attraction over a few years. There’s a lot to explore and enjoy in Mystic Aquarium. You can walk along with the tanks and witness some mesmerizing creatures, there’s a 4D theatre to enjoy and the best of all, sea lion shows in the Foxwoods Marine Theater.


The mystic aquarium has one of the experiencing activities for is visitors. They allow visitors to have an up-close and meet a  beluga whale or an African penguin. It is truly an amazing place to explore, learn and discover in-depth.

2. Explore around the Mystic Seaport Museum

Mystic Seaport Museum is a 17-acre village on the banks of the Mystic River. The museum has some exquisite pieces of historical treasures and antiques from the history of the place. There are also some classical pieces of historic vessels, collections of maritime art and artifacts, or chat with coopers, ship smiths, other village artisans and much more.

Another amazing thing here is the Mayflower II, a replica of the Pilgrims’ famous ship in Plymouth. You’ll not only enjoy it here but also learn a lot about the historical facts and stories of the place.

3. Visit the Mystic Bascule Bridge

There’s something quite interesting about the Mystic Bascule Bridge. It was patented by Thomas E Brown who also happened to be the designer of Eiffel Tower’s Elevator in 1918. The bridge is quite like a seesaw with the mechanical lowerings of immense counterbalancing weights. It looks really beautiful on the openings when it lifts to let the big tall boats pass by.


4. Sail Abroad

Sail Abroad

A cruise ride from Connecticut’s historic shipbuilding port is a must to experience. You can witness some mesmerizing views and water wave sounds while you relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset and island views. Don’t forget to grab some dry snacks and beverages on the go.

5. Walk along the old fashioned way of some sweet and hard cider eatables

Mystic is the only spot in America where you’ll probably find steamed powdered cider mill that produces some apple cider donuts, fresh-pressed cider, and some tasty apple wine tastings. Choose your visit between October and November to see the old mill operate and produce in the same way that it has been working ever since 1881.

6. Dine out in a treehouse

Food comes first! if you happen to step out on warm pleasant spring weather in Mystic, do visit the treehouse for some warm fresh ambiance and chill out time. It’s a great place to hang out and chills around with friends and family. Their menu list is quite exquisite to try and taste. Quahog chowder, steamed mussels, the decadent lobster bisque, and a local craft brew are some of the great things to try around here. 

7. Visit the Mystic downtown

Mystic crossroads have a beautiful vintage ambiance and set up. The historical lively coastal neighborhood has more than 80 shops across the lanes. You can enjoy some fresh brews, ice creams and also some shopping by the other souvenir stores of the place. The downtowns also have some grand celebration events during the art festival and St. Patricks celebrations.

8. Bird Watching in the Mystics

Bird Watching in the Mystics

Mystic Connecticut also has some amazing spots for nature and wildlife lovers. The Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center in Mystic is an ideal spot to enjoy nature’s reserves and adventurous sport.

Visitors can go hiking, birding or simply enjoy some peaceful time between the woods. There’s a lot to stop by and enjoy this 350-acre land. You can wander around the wetlands and meadows by enjoying in some turtles views, crispy flowing waters and other nature’s hidden blessing across the banks of the river. The place is an ultimate escape location in the Mystics.

9. The old Mystic Village

Shopping around these mega malls and high technological spaces isn’t always a good idea. Stepping back into time and living the traditional vintage vibe is something to add to your experience list. Mystic Village is a loving place to poke around and enjoy cute shops and stores. The place looks like the 1700’s Early England and has some vintage vibes to it. You can find here shops selling good gift items for different occasions and festivals as well. 

Besides, this old age Mystic village also has some old fashioned coffee shops, restaurants and homemade ice cream corners for you to stop by and enjoy.

10. Oyster Club, Mystic, Connecticut

Oyster Club is a seaside restaurant with some old chic interiors and rustic board to give you the early 1880’s vibes. The place is amazing with designed zinc bars and charming trees around which promises to refresh your mind and mood. They have a wide selection of fresh cocktails, bread and amazing menu which probably is like the best in town.

The fun part is that their menu keeps changing regularly and they add new ideas and innovations to their food.  It’s more of like a surprise that what the chef is going to treat you with.

11. Extra Virgin Oil Store

We all know about the thousands of varieties of oil that exist in Greek and Italian markets. You either toss them into pickles or enjoy them with some fruits and veggies. But, The Extra Virgin Oil Store is a place that turns this profession into art.  The store has a large variety of oils and vinegar which they toss into different fruits and spices. They are rich and pure. They have samples and jars as well for sale. So if you ever happen to be in Mystic, do visit this place at least once.

12. Fearless Flyer Academy

Fearless Flyer Academy is a perfect place to be if you ever wanted to try or learn acrobatics. They have different age categories to join and different activities to learn as well. From gymnastics to tightwire walking and ballet dance, there is everything here. Apart from the learning platform, you can also enjoy free shows where you can watch experienced gymnasts working with their art. From strength to flexibility, you can enjoy and learn a lot more here.

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We hope you loved these best things to do in Mystic Connecticut. Do let us know what you think about it and share with us your thoughts.