Smartphone Essentials You Should Carry While Traveling


The Smartphone is now an important part of daily life. It helps a lot during work, studies, travel and more. During trips, you can use it to check maps, see the shortest ways and capture photos. That means your smartphone can help you a lot. To make the best use of your phone during travel, you need some essential phone accessories. In this article, I will talk about those essential smartphone essential accessories that can make your trips better.

Essential Smartphone Accessories

1. Phone Lanyard

Smartphones don’t come with Lanyard hole, but it is worth to get a Phone Lanyard to keep the phone safe. In the past, phones used to come with a Lanyard hole. Even if modern smartphones do not come with Lanyard hole, you can buy a Phone Lanyard cable that fits your phone. Thee Lanyard cables are basically universal Lanyard case that can be used in any of the smartphones. You can easily detach your phone if you want.

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2. Shockproof  Case

Shockproof cases are available for almost all smartphones. You just need to find a good Shockproof case for the phone you use. Shockproof cases protect your phone from accidental drops. You never know when your phone slips from your hand, so it is better to have the proper protection in advance.

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3. Waterproof case

The Waterproof case is necessary if your trip involves water sports or you are traveling to a place where you may encounter rain. you can keep your phone in a waterproof case to keep it safe from water damage.

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4. Screen protectors

Screen protectors

I already recommended buying a shockproof case, but you should also get a screen protector to keep your phone’s display safe. Depending on your phone’s model, you need to buy a good screen guard for your phone.

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5. Power bank

Power bank

Power Bank is an important smartphone accessory while traveling. The Smartphone is primarily used as a camera when you are traveling. If you are capturing lots of photos and recording videos, you need to carry a power bank to charge your phone on the go. If your trip is long, you can carry more than one power bank. I personally carry 2 power banks in all my trips to keep my phone alive for photos and videos.

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6. Selfie flashlight

Selfie flashlight is not necessary but important if you are really crazy for a selfie. It helps when you want to capture selfies in low light. Many phones come with selfie flash or an option of using the screen as a flash. If that option is fine for you, you can skip this. But for better selfies in low-light, carrying a selfie flashlight is a better option.

Selfie flashLight

Selfie flashlight doesn’t cost much. It connects to your phone using the headphone jack. There are also some better options that come with a rechargeable battery. If your phone lacks headphone kcal, get the one with a rechargeable battery.

Here are two recommended options.

7. Selfie Stick

The Selfie stick is also an important smartphone accessory during trips. You cannot always ask strangers to capture your photos. Sometimes, you may also face issue in finding people around to request for capturing your photos. Selfie stock is helpful in this case. You can put your phone in that and capture a selfie.

Here are some Recommended Selfie Sticks. I am listing those that can also be used as phone stand. So, you don’t need to buy a separate phone stand.

8. Phone Stand

Phone Stand

The Phone stand is similar to selfie stick but it works better because you can put it at a distance to capture your photos using the rear camera of the phone. Phone Stand helps you in capturing better photos of you during trips when you have none around to capture your photos. Phone stands also come with a wireless remote, so you don’t need to use the camera timer and run to pose. Whenever you are comfortable, use the wireless remote for capturing a photo.

If you have a selfie stick that can be used as a tripod, you don’t need to carry a separate phone stand.

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