Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in the World


There are plenty of cities (and countries) currently in turmoil over wars and political upheavals, particularly in the Middle East and parts of Africa. Yet, there are some other parts of the world where the war is internal, resulting in several homicides per week, and (not) surprisingly all of these cities are from South America. Drug trafficking, political uprising, and economic downturns have made these cities a center for crimes of all sorts.

Here, we are listing the most dangerous cities in the world so that you have knowledge about them. If you are planning to go there, be aware of the issues. These cities are dangerous to travel.

Most Dangerous Cities in the World

We curated this list of dangerous cities in the world so that you aware of the risk while going there. The list is sorted by the criteria of murder rates per capita for the year 2017. This makes the statistics current and still relevant.

1. Los Cabos, Mexico

With a homicide rate of 111.33 per every one lakh people, the murder rate has shot up exponentially in this resort city. This makes this city the most dangerous cities in the world. The beaches, clubs, and resorts are no longer an attraction to get any tourist to visit Los Cabos, whose beaches have earned the nickname of murder beaches.


It is the drug cartels and the violence among the gangs that have played an important role in the bloodshed all over the city. From targeted murders, assassinations in broad daylight and other heinous crimes committed publicly to induce terror and fear, Los Cabos is a live nightmare and something out of a gangster movie.

2. Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

The second most dangerous city in the world belongs Mexico’s South American neighbor, Venezuela. The populous city of Caracas is located near the coast and the Avila mountain, making its climate pleasant, yet the atmosphere remains of danger in the most dangerous city in Venezuela. The political instability and hyperinflation of Venezuela are well-known, which has been the main cause of the rise in crime.

The murder date is at 111.19 per 100,000 people, in addition to regular thievery, pickpocketing, and mugging that follows a killing. The military in-charge has ordered to avoid going out in the night. While political leadership is the main motivation behind crimes, corruption and drug smuggling are other major factors behind the violence.

3. Acapulco, Mexico

Image by Xavier Espinosa from Pixabay

Image by Xavier Espinosa from Pixabay

The bay city of Mexico, Acapulco is a major seaport city of the Pacific coast of the country. Along with beautiful weather, ocean, mountains, and landscape, the city has a murder rate of 106.63 per lakh of people. Once a glorious city of the bay, the city is now engulfed in drug wars, gang fights, frequent homicides, and ruthless robberies. It is not advisable to go out at night (or at all) if you would dare to visit the city at all.


4. Natal, Brazil

Natal means Christmas in Portuguese and indeed sunny seaside city if Brazil is full of wonderful beaches, historically significant places and malls. But these attractive places are a regular place of robbery and mugging at gunpoint. The travelers are advised to walk in a group with a local guide to avoid such incidents that usually happen with foreign visitors, who are unfamiliar with the area.

Even the law can’t come to rescue always since the corruption has seeped into local levels where officers ask for bribes to do their duty. The homicide rate in the city is 102.56 per one lakh people which includes the killings by the hands of police officers as well.

5. Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana is the most visited border city and one of the fastest growing in Mexico due to a number of people regularly crossing the border to experience the culture and the nightlife.
But the imperative fact about the city is the murder rate of 100.77 per one lakh people, despite active action from the US state department against violent crime. Additionally, pickpocketing tourists and mugging are everyday crimes compared to the city being a spot for human trafficking, brutal drug killings and drug trade of numerous types of drugs including cocaine.

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6. La Paz, Mexico

La Paz is one of the major cities in Mexico, being a major spot for tourism, and also one of the US department’s advised ‘do not travel’ cities. These contradictory actions come as the coastal city reports increasing crimes with every year. Valuables in cars or hotel rooms and cars themselves are vulnerable to robbery while the drug-related killings are usual for the city.

The murder rate of people in the town is 84.79 per one lakh people. It might not be safe for humans, but biodiversity continues to thrive here, although it is not a good choice to visit the city for it.

7. Fortaleza, Brazil

Fortaleza entices travelers with its exotic beaches, culture, and history, but they are bound to be scared off by the crime statistics of this Brazilian city. The homicide rate is 83.48 out of one lakh people, in addition to thefts on public transport and especially people waiting on stations are vulnerable to mugging and robbery.

It is wise to stay out of the northern neighborhood of Fortaleza, which is allegedly more dangerous than most of the city. The authorities continue their failing efforts to control these problems.

8. Ciudad Victoria, Mexico

Ciudad Victoria is located in the northeastern part of Mexico. Reporting a large number of violent incidents every day, the city is alike to others on this list for the reasons; drug smuggling and corruption.

The homicide rate of Ciudad Victoria is 83.32 per 100,000. The city discourages travelers from visiting for safety concerns since gangs attack visitors in different parts of the city.

9. Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela

Ciudad Guayana is a Venezuelan port city in the state of Bolivar and is a major city with national parks and pleasant waterfalls. The economic instability in the country has shot up the rates of theft, robbery, trafficking and drug trade in cities like Ciudad Guayana. Most common attacks are on people and visitors who are unfamiliar to the region and clearly do not take safety precautions. Not using electronic devices in public is a basic safety norm people need to follow here to avoid mugging or theft, which has not helped the tourism of the city.

The murder rate of 80.28 per 100,000 people has not been controlled by the police because of the clear corruption among the ranks.

10. Belem, Brazil

Belem is a port city in Brazil and a gateway to the lower region of the Amazon river. Belem remains famous for its Portuguese colonial features and the great river too. Out of the total population, the murder rate is 71.38 per 100,000 people and the number of violent crimes has increased in recent years.

The city shares its borders with Peru, Columbia, and Bolivia, which has only made it the gateway for smuggling drugs in and out of the region. Despite strong attraction from the tourists, the city remains cruel for travelers, who must keep their valuables away to avoid any heinous crime.

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In the top 50 list of the most dangerous cities in the world, not including the warzones, most of the list is occupied by South American cities with redundant reasons such as drug trafficking, economic instability, and corruption. St. Louis, Missouri (US) and Cape Town, South Africa are two of the first non-Latino cities on the list at 13th and 15th position respectively. The list is sorted by the criteria of murder rates per capita for the year 2017. This makes the statistics current and still relevant.