20 Most Visited Countries in the World | 2021


For a travel bug, discovering new places constantly is a dream. Some travelers tend to visit offbeat places and the others stick to the ones which are popular in a tourist’s diaries.  However, there some countries every traveler wants to visits as it the ideal priorities in their bucket list.

The popular verdict of the world makes these countries the most desirable destination for travel bugs and nomads. These countries have touristy ghettos and also offbeat trails. Some are just known for their natural scenes and the others for their delicious cuisines.  Some of these countries are economically funded by tourism.

Nevertheless, visiting these countries is a must. Here is a curated list of most visited countries in the world.

Most Visited Countries in the World

The top 10 countries in this list are listed as per the world tourism ranking of 2019 and other countries listed here are as per the surveys and data available online. Due to Covid-19, many countries banned tourism in their countries after 2019. This is good for health security.


All of these are the most visited destinations by international tourists. You can plan your next trip accordingly.

1. France (86.9 Million)

most visited countries in the world

The country which gave the world the idea of freedom through its Revolution is one of the most visited countries for many travellers. Every year millions of backpackers come to this country and imbibe themselves on their culture. France is known for its city of love, lights, and fashion, aka, Paris. Visit the architectural wonders of Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame and even see the Mona Lisa at Louvre Museum.

The most romantic thing to do in Paris is to see the city with the Eiffel Tower glowing at night. Paris is known for its fashion and food. Take a bite at Cafe De Fleur and visit the Pierre De Royal for retail therapy. But France is more than Paris, if you want to stay away from the touristy ghetto visit Strasbourg and Dijon in southern France. These southern French towns are quaint and delight to the eyes during Christmas celebrations.

France is favourable to visit throughout the year as each season shows a different colour, but French summers are to die for. To visit France you need to have a Schengen visa and the cities are accessible by bus and trains.


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2. Spain (83.5 Million)

spain most visited destination in the world

The movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” added Spain to the bucket list of every Indian traveller. Spain is a beautiful country in the Mediterranean and comes in 2nd position in the list of most visited countries in the world. It has culture and art embedded in the Sagrada Familia cathedral which is a classic depiction of gaudy style of architecture,  the style is also found in park Guel. Head to Alhambra to see a Moorish and fortified city on a hilltop.

La Rambla in Barcelona is the hub where you want to dance to flamenco or eat. It is a grand commercial hub. If you are in Spain during August,  then head to the Valencian town of Bunol for the La Tomatina festival. It is a celebration of grandeur. And if you have the heart of steel, Spain dares you to run with the bulls. Lastly, for those who crave solitude with their beloved, Ibiza is the destination with its serene beaches and resorts.

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3. USA (79.3 Million)

Well, most people travel to the USA for jobs but it is also a great tourist hub. New York is best to see in fall with its orange hues. It is a city that never sleeps. Even borough is different The Upper East Side is more of elites and exquisite decadence while Brooklyn will remind of soulfulness with its Jazz Bars.  Go for a picnic at Central Park or visit the statue of liberty, or eat a hotdog New York is beautiful.

To find a more cultural melt pot, one should never forget New Orleans and the French Quarter. It is full of good food and spooky folktales. If you just want to party, the sin city of Las Vegas awaits you and to see the beautiful northern lights, head to Alaska.

The USA is best to travel during the fall season, although one should see New York at Christmas. The entire country has excellent bus service and railways for internal.

4. China (65.7 Million )

China has become the 4rth most visited countries and one of the world’s most-watched and hottest inbound and outbound tourist markets. It owns a large number of astonishing attractions including imposing imperial palaces, delicate water towns, antique sites and relics, amazing natural wonders, diversified folk customs, and splendid cultural heritage. It will take years to visit all of these tourist attractions, but you can tour the top tourist attractions in China.

The best times to visit China are spring (April–May) and autumn (SeptemberOctober). You can book tour packages if you want to visit China.

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5. Italy (64.5 Million)

The country that gave birth to the Renaissance is one of the most visited countries for travellers who are lovers of history and art. Stroll down in the architectural wonders of Rome in your scooty at the cobbled streets. The Colosseum is riveting architectural wonder to see. Take a ride in Gondolas in Venice with your beloved or reading a book if you are solo. To see the sun and the sea, head to Tuscany with its quaint hamlets and delicious pizzas and wine.

For all the art lovers, Florence is the destination to see the art museums. Italy is most favourable to visit in Spring and summer. Being a country in the European Union, you just one Schengen visa to travel to Italy. Italy is connected to the rest of the Europe by rail and to travel internally, it’s safer to do in private transports.

6. Turkey (51.2 Million)

turkey the most visited country

The tourism in turkey is basically based on a variety of historical sites, and on seaside resorts. These two things make turkey awesome place to visit and one of the top 10 most visited countries in the world.

Turkey has also become a popular destination for culture, spa, and health care. Istanbul is one of the most important tourism spots in Turkey. You can get awesome sea view hotels here.

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7. Mexico (45.0 Million)

Mexico is the 6th most visited countries in the world and 2nd most visited tourist destination in America after the United States. Mexico has many UNESCO World Heritage sites like ancient ruins, colonial cities, and natural reserves that are the main tourist attraction there. There are also a number of works of modern public and private architecture.

Mexico has attracted millions of foreign visitors by its cultural festivals, colonial cities, nature reserves, and the beach resorts.

The best time to visit Mexico is December and the mid-Summer. These are the peak Mexico tourism seasons.

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8. Thailand (39.8 Million)

Thailand is an economical destination for party lovers. Thailand has diverse features with natural scenes and urban decadence, Head to Phuket and Bangkok for good food and amazing nightlife and cheap retail therapy. The beaches of Thailand are excellent.

Visit Thailand during November for the Lantern festival at the Full Moon festival at Koh Samui. It is an experience of a lifetime. There are beautiful Buddhist temples and monasteries one can visit to gain their inner peace. Thailand is best to visit from the start of October till April.  To travel internally you can take public transport or hire a car.

9. Germany (39.6 Million)

Germany moost visited destination

Germany is the ninth most visited country in the world with total visitors 37.5 million. The country has many historical places and a number of outdoor activities.

Germany is best to visit during winters as it has many winter regions mainly the Bavarian Alps and the Northern Limestone Alps, Ore Mountains, Harz Mountains, Fichtel Mountains, and Bavarian Forest.

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10. The United Kingdom (39.4 Million)

The small island country that ruled the so many countries once upon a time. The sun never set in the British Empire. Even with its crumbling economy, the UK is a hub for travelers. London is the prime destination. The Buckingham Palace and the Tower Bridge and seeing the entire city from the London Eye. It is the hotspot of culture.

The Windsor Castle and the fish and chips are the must in every traveller’s bucket list when they visit the UK. Outside Bath, you can see the famous historical Stonehenge. The Cottages of Lake District is a beautiful destination for poetry lovers. The Pandemonium musical in Fall and the famous boat race between Oxford and Cambridge are something not to miss.

United Kingdom is expensive and it is best to travel by trains or public transport. The summers are the best time to visit the UK, but who knows, it always rains there.

11. Croatia

This country is now famous for shooting the “Game of Thrones” series. The country has beautiful scenic locations. This European country is filled with traditions and cultures. Croatia has closed knit communities. The most famous destination is Dubrovnik. Eat some perogies and stroll in the cafes.

Croatia is accessible by train from London, all you need is a Schengen visa. The winters are really harsh, so the summertime is best to visit Croatia.

12. Greece

Greece most visited country

One of the beautiful countries in the Mediterranean. Greece is all about cultures. Visit Athens and Sparta to dive into the history of the ancient states the world has seen. The Pantheon and the temple of Athena is one of the beautiful architectures of the country. The statue of Colossus is another historic wonder present in Greece.

Head to Macedonia to know more about Alexander the great. For ideally enjoying the sea and olives and beautiful blue and white hamlets, Santorini is the ideal destination.  

Greece has a favorable climate throughout the year and is easily accessible by trains and flights. To travel internally it is best to hire a car.

13. Egypt

The country being one of the ancient river valley civilization is still a hot spot for history lovers. Take a boat ride in the middle of the Nile or just stroll down the spice and fabric souks in Cairo. The Pyramid of Giza and the Step Pyramid are the ideal tourist spots. And of course, when you visit the Sphinx, you will know more about the folklore.

The National Museum is also great to know more about Egypt’s cultures and see the artifacts discovered. Do not forget to include the ancient city of Alexandra and see one of the seven wonders of the world- the lighthouse in Alexandria. End your trip with the camel ride in the Sahara Desert.

Egypt is great to visit during the winters.  To travel internally, hiring a car is the best option

14. Canada

For natural scenes and fishing, Canada surely features in the list. It is really acceptable to tourists and visitors. Canada has beautiful lighthouses near its coastal towns. You can enjoy ice-fishing and ice-hockey and take a tour of the street arts.

Canada is cold throughout the year but the best time to visit is during the summers. To travel internally in Canada, railways and buses are the best options

15. Netherlands

One of the most progressive countries in Europe. Most people head to Netherland to party on marijuana as it is legal. Amsterdam is beautiful with its cobbled streets. Take a boat ride and visit the Anne Frank’s museum while you stay in Amsterdam.

The southern part of Netherlands have beautiful Tulip meadows and are totally Instagram worthy. Fall and summer are the best time to visit the Netherlands.

To reach the Netherlands, you need a Schengen Visa and cable cars and cycling are the best options to travel in the Netherlands internally.

16. Japan

The hub of technology also has a great culture. Japan is a perfect blend of culture and commerce. While Tokyo is a urban hub of anime and tea, the rest of Japan is quaint. Head to Japan for some delicious sushi. Places like Sendai and Ibaraki have beautiful monasteries where you can find your zen. The whole country blossoms in pink during springtime in April with the Cherry Blossom festival. The ideal time to visit Japan is during the spring and the entire island country is connected by superfast trains.

17. India

indian the most visited country in the world

Once upon a time, India was the jewel of the East. Even today it is flocked by tourists from different parts of the world. India is dynamic and full of colours. Every direction has something to offer to the travellers. You can see the heaven on Earth as you ride in the Dal lake in Kashmir.

You can see love embedded in concrete at Agra’s Taj Mahal. The havelis and the forts of Rajasthan will tell you a different folklore of the Rajputs and their patronage, while will fall in love with literature and the tribal culture of Bengal and North East.  

The southern part of India has a dynamic heritage of Portuguese and French as we see in Kerala and Pondicherry. The northern parts of India are the best to visit during the summer months in April and May. The monsoon is offseasons.

The winters are the best time to see the whole of India. The entire country is accessible by roads and trains and they are the most economical ways to travel. Airports are there in every major city in the country.

18. Malaysia

Malaysia Most Visited Countries in the World

Malaysia ranked in the list of the world’s most visited countries with 26.1 million tourist arrivals in the year 2019. Malesia is very popular all over the world but medical tourism is most popular in Malaysia.

19. Hong Kong

Hongkong International Airport

The tourism industry is an important part of the economy of Hong Kong. It has been involved in the tourism industry since the late 1980s and early 90s. Hong Kong became a colony of the British Empire after the Qing Empire gave way to Hong Kong Island at the end of the First Opium War in 1842.

20.  Austria

Austria or the Republic of Austria is a landlocked East Alpine country in the southern part of Central Europe. Tourism in Austria contributes a major role in the economy of Austria. In 2019, 31.9 million international tourists came here.

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These are the most visited countries in the world that one must see if they are planning for a world tour. You can also plan your next travel destination as per this list of most visited destination in the world.