17 Unforgettable Life Lessons That You Can Learn From Travelling


Traveling teaches you more lessons than a classroom, job, or relationship ever will. You can learn many unforgettable lessons from traveling that you can never learn if you don’t explore the world. You will never learn any lesson if you don’t do any mistakes or don’t come out of your comfort level.

Travel and communicate with people around you can give you a solution to many of your problems. Even you know the value of what you have when you are away from it. Also, traveling gives you some me-time that helps you to think about yourself and help you in finding the purpose of life.

Here is the list of unforgettable life lessons that you can learn from traveling and exploring the world.

Lessons to Learn From Traveling

Learn these life lessons from travelling:


1. Simplicity is the truth of life

Well, this is the first thing any true traveler would learn during their travel. Simplicity is the key to successful traveling in a budget. Trust me, you can sustain with very little things with you and get by just fine. No need to carry everything with you. Well, you can spend more if you want a high-class trip or when you travel once a year but if you are a frequent traveler then you need to spend less, carry less and enjoy fullest.

This gives the first lesson of the life that live simple and live happily. No need to carry every mistake or every burden along with you in your life. You need to drop that extra weight and enjoy life in simplicity.

2. Leave your comfort zone and try something new

Life Lessons by travelling

Sometimes, we have to leave our comfort zone for achieving our goals. You have to leave your comfortable bed, home, your cat, and everything to travel and see the beauty of nature. Never travel as a tourist else you will miss the unexplored beauty of nature.

Always travel as an explorer to explore the natural beauty. But for that maybe you need to walk a lot, maybe you will face water crises, maybe you will spend your night on rocks but trust me those sacrifices will be worth it.


3. Take risk but do not take the thoughtless risk

Life Lessons by travelling alone

As it said we have to take the risk in order to get success but these trekking trips teach us not to take a thoughtless risk. If you know that your body would not allow you to do a definite task then drop it. Maybe there will a heaven on the other side but life is more important.

There are many stories where people lost their lives in doing thoughtless adventure. Those stories can prove my point. So, remember to think twice before doing such things.

4. Patience:

There is a famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” Always have patience in dealing with everything. “Wait” is the main examiner of your “Patience”. During traveling, there are many moments while you have to wait in a queue for toilets or famous restaurant food. Many times your trains or bus got delayed and you have to wait for that.

These all moments test your patience level and test how you deal with these. It’s up to you how you react to these moments but remember don’t react or make a decision when you are angry or when you are low in life.

5. Importance of water

lessons you an learn from traveling

This is one of the biggest lessons that you can learn from traveling. Water may be available in many areas of the world easily but not at all places. There are so many places where you cannot even get a chance to buy a water bottle. In mountains, people rely on natural water sources as there is no water supply service. For that natural source, they have to walk a considerable distance. The same example is with desert areas. I remember those occasions when I was very thirsty with no water source around. When you are in a similar condition, you will realize the importance of water.

The water crisis is one of the biggest issues that our world is facing in 21st centuries. We all have to take action regarding this otherwise that day is not so far when water will become costlier than diamond.

6. Be willing to seek help from others

During travels many people think that we have Google Maps, I don’t need to ask the route from some strangers. But trust me, an experienced stranger is way better than your Google Maps for many locations. Especially for hilly areas where landslide occasionally changes the route to places. In those kinds of places, a stranger may have better ideas of routes.

We humans always faces the ego, anger and fear problem now and then. The travel teaches us that you can not solve all the problems of life by yourselves. You can take help from others and asking help you will not make you small. You can learn from others and others can learn from you. That’s how you can evolve in your life.

7. Money is not everything but it’s necessary

Well as we discussed earlier, simplicity is the key to live a happy life, but you can’t deny the importance of money. You need money to survive in this world. Always divide your salary into 4 parts one part for daily spends, one part for health, one part for future and the last part for your happiness.

Life is too short and tomorrow is no guarantee. So, do what makes you happy.

8. You don’t have to be rich to travel

Many people think that traveling is for rich people. You need lots of money for traveling. But this is a complete myth. To achieve your passion for traveling, you just need courage and a plan, and of course a little bit of money for survival. You can take trains or buses for conveyance, eat in small restaurants, and sleep in tents or hostels. No need to expand more on these. This will make your travel less expensive. This will also show you the real picture of those places.

9. Accept life as it is:

If you want to be happy then accept life as it is and let go of what you cannot control. We want to control the unruly parts of our life in order to believe that this will give us happiness. But it’s not. If you compare your life with people richer than you and get sad, you are only hurting yourself.

When you are traveling, you will meet new people and see how people of different parts are living their life. There are so many areas where life is really tough and people don’t have many resources. Many people are happily living in conditions that we may find it hard to survive. After returning from those areas, you will realize that you have more than enough in your life and there is no end to desires.

10. Find your purpose and do something about it

Travel can help us in finding the purpose of our life. During travel, we get some me time which gives us time to recalculate our life and help us to polish our dreams. But finding the purpose of life is not enough you have to do something about it. You have to make strategies to achieve your purpose in life.

11. Your beliefs are your behavior

Your beliefs are the reflection of how you act. If you litter here and there during your travel then no one thinks that you are a great human being or you have good habits. These habits show that what person you are. So, always keep in mind to act right and behave properly.

12. Richness is not in wasting food

I saw many people in the restaurant or at parties who ordered or take lots of food and ate less. They thought this is a sign of richness but believe me, pal, you only make your image down while doing this. Wasting food never makes you look rich.

When you travel the world, you encounter many poor people who don’t have clothes to wear and food to eat. After watching their condition, no one will ever waste food in the future.

13. There are infinite possibilities to learn

Traveling gives you infinite possibilities to learn. You can gain knowledge from experienced people you met during travel or situation you faced during travel.

I remember the day when I was going on a trip and I had this conversation about life with my cab driver. He told me about how you can achieve your goals and enjoy life simultaneously. Trust me, that lesson is still with me and I never got it if I was sitting on my sofa in front of the TV that weekend.

14. Fight with your fear

life lessons to fight fear

Traveling helps you to fight with your fear. If you fear talking to new people or you afraid of taking a decision in your life, do travel. Traveling can teach you how to cope up with your fear and that is by facing them. You have to deal with your fear in order to move forward in your life and achieve something.

I had this fear of traveling alone until I took my first solo trip. I learned a lot from that trip and now I travel a lot that too alone.

15. Find beauty and Happiness in small things

No doubt diamond, big house, costly cars, premium smartphones, and fancy life can make feel you big and rich but happiness always comes from small things. Remember the moment when the first time you won chocolate in a game? that is happiness.

Traveling teaches you ways to find happiness in small things. You can find happiness when you achieve the target by climbing to the top of a mountain or by enjoying an evening at the beaches.

16. Find the Life value in getting lost

You find the value in getting lost

Everyone travel with a plan but having no plan and lost in the new city is also an unplanned plan. This is also a lifetime experience that can add positive values to your life.

17. You develop confidence

You develop confidence

Travelling makes you smart and confident. Traveling, booking hotels, wondering about foods, dealing with new people gives you confidence. You can deal with any kind of life situation confidently after frequent traveling..

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These are small things but can teach you very valuable lessons. You can learn many more things from traveling. So, never stop exploring and keep learning Life Lessons. Always find the passage from your busy life to explore the world. You would definitely love yourself by giving these small treats to yourself.