Traveling Alone? Read These 35 Tips Before Your Solo Travel Trip

With traveling become a way of life, solo travel has gained more popularity than ever before. It has become a very affordable option for travelers, who want to step out of their limits, and explore their world and somewhere along the way, discover yourselves.

Solo travel makes you in charge of yourself so that you can do whatever you wish and not go somewhere just because someone else wanted to. It makes you more in touch with yourself and gives you an opportunity to see whatever you haven’t.

As traveling alone is becoming increasingly popular, we bring you a guide to solo travel, and what are you should be doing so that you can enjoy as much as you want to.

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First things first, a solo trip isn’t all that easy and amazing as it seems to be. Sometimes, it becomes hard to be on your own in areas you know nothing about, as not all travel is as awesome as it looks on Instagram. You may be scammed, or be down with some sickness, or maybe even pickpocketed, but one thing is for sure, you will learn a lot.

Solo travel may sometimes also make you feel lonely, as there is nobody to share things and moments with, but if you are about to embark on a solo trip anytime soon, this guide is for you.

Solo Travel Tips

Follow these solo travel tips for better travel experience:

1. Save up

As you do for any other trip, you need to save up before you plan to travel alone. It’s good to know that you don’t need to take any tension while you’re traveling!

2. Know your budget

Making a budget before the trip is especially important as you get an idea of how much it’s going to take. To make a trip that fits your budget, you could spend time in cheaper destinations, stay at hostels, eat food at the local stalls and maybe try to travel using public transport.

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3. Decide the destinations

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You can look up various travel blogs for solo travel destinations, and make a list of the ones you really want to go to. Stay at places where there are a comfortable stay, and things to do that excited you.

4. Get yourself insured

Travel insurance is the first thing to do after you have planned out your trip. This makes sure you are prepared in case of something unexpected. ‘Travel Nomads’ offers insurance for almost all the places on this planet.

5. Read solo travel guides

After you have chosen the destinations, check out travel blogs for solo travel in that country. You will find a lot of help and will also come to know if it’s safe to go.

6. Stay at comfortable accommodations

You could book a hostel, a B&B, or even stay at a small inn according to your comfort. Remember that it should be solo-friendly. Hostels are good places to stay because you get to meet other solo travelers!

7. Don’t pack too much

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Remember that whether you’re hiking in the Himalayas, or traveling to various countries, you need to carry your bags yourself. You can always pick up clothes on the way, and discard the unrequited ones.

Here is the list of travel essentials that you can carry if you are going for a solo trekking trip.

8. Stay in touch

Options, which allow you to call anywhere in the world, are available. Else, you can also buy cheap SIM cards in whichever country after you’ve landed. This makes it easier to stay in touch as well as contact someone when there’s a problem.

9. Use public WiFi cautiously

Don’t use it for online banking or credit card transactions as it can cause your days to be leaked. You can also set up a VPN if you wish to.

10. Be patient

It can be frustrating to be on your own sometimes, but it’s good to take time and settle in a place.

11. Ask for help

Whenever you’re in a new place, go ask locals or guides for help. You don’t have to be a know-it-all or too shy to approach people. This also helps you in knowing local people and initiate a conversation.

12. Know your way

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It’s always good to study a map before you leave for anywhere. A good way is to see the directions from a landmark.

13. Stay low-key

Don’t flash expense items as this would get you unwanted attention and could make you a potential target of pickpocketers.

14. Smile

Smiling makes you approachable, and gives people an impression that you are happy, friendly, and kind.

15. Learn basic words of a local language

This will help you in asking locals for help and directions, also some natives really appreciate travelers trying to learn a new language, and often, they will go all out to help you.

16. Take day tours

You will surely meet some amazing people who will become great friends.

17. Go to the same shops/café every day

This makes the owners know you and watch out for you.

18. Be curious

Asking questions will often lead to wonderful conversations and you’ll be able to make more out of your trip.

19. Take off-beaten paths

Do this and you’re sure to find travelers who have the same interests as you, whether it is going on hikes or visiting museums.

20. Dine at the same place

This makes eating alone enjoyable as the staff is friendly with you. This doesn’t mean that you can’t go to other places!

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21. Take a book

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It makes waiting easy and tells other solos that you’re traveling alone.

22. Enjoy Your Hobby

If you love playing any musical instrument, enjoy doing painting or love to click landscapes then this is the right time. The solo-travel gives you lots of time for yourself.

23. Walk around

You can never discover as much of a place as you will if you choose to walk to nearby places.

24. Interaction with localite

You can learn a lot more about the place if you interact with localites. This will also give you benefits when you need help in emergencies.

25. Take public transport

It’s cheap and affordable. Be sure to check out how the system works before you arrive, and lol out for deals and passes. It’s safer than traveling alone in taxis.

26. Make plane travel easy

Board our flight early. Confirm of your flight is on the schedule before leaving for the airport. Check if the flight is ‘light’ so you can change your seat. Pack a few light snacks. Get all the information about the connecting flight.

27. Confirm that it’s safe

When going out at night, ask the desk clerk if it’s safe.

28. Stay sober

Don’t drink too much at a bar so that you aren’t taken advantage of.

29. Don’t give out too much

Even if you have become really good friends with someone overnight on a club, it’s good to only give your first name and not reveal where you’re staying at.

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30. Use taxis for going to bars or clubs at night

It’s advisable to come by taxi when it’s dark.

31. Keep your valuables safe

Keep your purse safely, and don’t take it if you don’t really need it.

32. Enjoy Local food

You can eat burger, pizza or pasta anywhere in the world. But local food has its own charm. The local food in any place has perfect nutrition plus they are economical.

33. Always carry your own water bottle

Carrying a water bottle and refill it when needed makes your travel environmental friendly. It saves lots of money that you invest in buying mineral water bottles.

34. Keep cash at multiple places

Don’t keep all your cash or credit cards in one place, as you may lose everything in case of theft or robbery. Also, don’t carry too much cash while traveling, along with keeping your passports and documents safe.

35. Be prepared

You can never plan to travel to the deepest details, so don’t fret if things don’t always go your way.

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These tips are sure to make your trip more enjoyable and you’re sure to love traveling alone after your first trip. If there are any tips you don’t particularly love, it’s okay as travel is different for you and solo travel is after all your own way to see the world.