10 Best Female Travel Bloggers who are Living Their dreams

If someone would have told you a few years ago, that you can make money while traveling, you wouldn’t have believed him. But now, travelers are not only doing what they love but also using their travel experiences to reach out to millions using blogs. Travel blogs have now become the go-to sites for all things travel, from travel guides to the best travel products’ reviews. Even though travel websites have become popular, all those who want an in-depth look at how the trip is going to be, go to travel blogs.

Years ago, traveling alone was hardly an option for women, but as times have passed, women have increasingly quit their corporate careers, and taken up traveling. These women have not only broken Dom many barriers, but they are also a source of inspiration for those who haven’t started traveling yet.

Best Female Travel Bloggers

We bring to you, a list of travel blogs, all run by women so that you can get inspired from their journey as well and maybe find the courage to take up traveling full-time.

1. The Blonde Abroad

Having traveled to about 70 countries, Kiersten Rich started the blog in April 2012 when she had just started traveling. And now, the blog has travel tips for visiting about seventy countries, and thousands of destinations. Not only this, but you can also see expert reviews about travel gear, and find some tips on what to pack, and how to do it, once you’re on the blog. The Blonde Abroad has more than a million readers, and it continues to impress its audiences with detailed articles and funny anecdotes.

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2. Young Adventures

Liz Carlson’s ‘Young Adventures’ is another interesting travel blog. She began her blog in 2010, and her journey much earlier by spending three years in Spain. Her blog is where she has recorded all her travails, and she continues to do even today. Her blog features various interesting posts, including her embarrassing travel experiences and an annual article on all the hate comments she gets. Presently, Liz is in a mountain town of New Zealand, from where she writes about the place and culture. Young Adventures focuses on the culture and people of a place, which is why it makes for a very engaging read. If you’re heading to the Young Adventures, don’t forget to check out the articles on ‘How to swear like Spaniards’.

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3. Adventurous Kate

Kate is another beautiful soul who loves to travel, and her blog contains some of the funniest travel tales you’ll come across online. Originally from Boston, Kate now lives in New York after traveling to 77 countries on seven continents. She also does monthly recaps on her blog, which give her blog an edge over the others. On Adventurous Kate, you’re sure to come across articles on travel tips, lessons learned and the best and most comfortable stays in a totally different part of the world. The blog also features ‘female solo travel’ articles for various countries, which has inspired many people to take up solo traveling.

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4. The Travelista

Authored by the Leeds-based travel junkie Jess Gibson, The Travelista has come very far since it began in 2013. It has been included in various lists of best and luxury travel blogs of the UK and the world. The Travelista is any traveler’s go-to blog for city guides, hotel reviews and travel shortlists. Not only this, Jess has been very honest in all her blogs that make her blogs very relatable. Jess, now calls herself, the travel blogger who has stopped traveling, because she has recently given birth to her son Theo. Even then, she has already lined up various trips for herself and family this upcoming year.

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5. Globetrotter Girls

Started as a combined initiative by Jess and Dani, the authors of the Globetrotter Girls separated in 2014, and since then, Dani has become the sole author. She had traveled the world, and made beautiful memories and penned down all she could about her travels in her blogs. She writes about a variety of things that all relate to travel, and the menu on the blog make sit easier to navigate. Dani loves to make spontaneous travel plans, and hop onto local buses wherever she can so that she knows which is the last stop and the best place to enjoy local food. Not only this, Dani writes that ‘she makes mistakes so that her readers can learn from them’.

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6. Be My Travel Muse

A Southern Californian Girl, Kristin began he journey about six years ago, with her blog called ‘Be My Travel Muse’. Inspired by Nomadic Matt, Kristin also started writing a travel blog. What began as a travel diary has now become her place to share her experiences and tips on travel. Her blogs are unique in content and talk about everything, including topics that various travel blogger hardly talk about. Her journey has been a series of ups and downs- all of which she shares with her audiences.

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7. Wild About Travel

Simon Falvo, the soul behind Wild About Travel, has been traveling solo for about twenty years now and started her blog to share her experiences. She spent a decade in investment banking, and then some more time in PR before quitting the corporate world to travel. She loves to travel and hike solo, which is why she has come across many off-beaten paths and unknown places, all of which writes about in her posts. Even though she is more than fifty years old, she says she is still ‘young at heart’ with a ‘wild spirit’ when it comes to traveling.

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8. Solitary Wanderer

The travel blog ‘Solitary Wanderer’ is run by Aleah Taboclan, a Filipino solo traveler who loves exploring. A large section of the posts on the blog are deducted to Solo Travel and are written wonderfully. The blog updates are very much in-depth because Aleah loves to travel slow and soak up all a place has to offer. The blog has a lot to offer anyone wanting to travel, and try something new.

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9. Women on the road

Women on the road look to inspire women to make journeys alone and enjoy. Tha author Leyla believes in smart, safe solo travel for women. It has various sections, dedicated to planning, packing, destinations, and resources. The planning section contains various guides on how to choose the right place and the best option to get there. The packing section has descriptions of various backpacks and gear that any woman will require when traveling.

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10. Just One Way Ticket

Sabrina wrote this blog for anyone who wants a travel guide, and this blog is your go-to place if you’re looking for a conversational style of writing. Not only this, they are very helpful listicles on traveling and all the options you have. Sabrina has also written itineraries and reviews for various trips so that anyone who wants to travel but is confused gets to know where to start.

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These blogs are all very inspiring, and who knows, if you’ll be the next one to go solo, to travel.