My Experience of Trekking in Mount Abu


Situated in the Aravali Hills, Mount Abu is the only hill station in the desert state of Rajasthan. Some of you people must have been there and those who are planning to visit Mount Abu, a free tip for you guys “Don’t go there as a tourist, go as an Explorer”. Believe me, you will enjoy it more. Trekking in Mount Abu was the best experience for us over there.

So the story of our trekking in Mount Abu starts like this 😉 . After a lot of discussions, We (me and my friends) finalized Mount Abu as our New Year destination. “Trekking in Mount Abu” was the prior reason to convince ourselves to go for it. Rashmi ‘the google Devi of our group’ googled anything and everything about Mount Abu, after all, Mount Abu was calling us.

As we were three girls on this trip, we had to manage everything from traveling to security. So, for security reasons we already booked the whole trekking package from a government authorized trekking group “Rana Eco Tours“. And yes this was the best part of our Mount Abu trip and also one of the best New Year we celebrated. We are happy that we found Rana Eco Tours.

We started our trekking from Aadhar Devi Temple for Shanti Shikhar.


If you are not a sport loving person it might be a little difficult for you to trek. As it is said, “No Pain No Gain”. Once you reach the top of Shanti Shikar, you will know all the pain was worth it.

trekking in mount abu

I’ll be there for you. 😀 Well, hill climbing is a difficult task. Sun at the top, thirsty and tired We.

trekking in mount abu rajasthan

 The view from the top of the Shanti Shikar is amazing. We were away from city noises, crowd and pollution. Our souls felt free there.

shanti shikar trek mount abu

This is the view of Nakki Lake from the top.


trekking in mount abu

Now, it’s time to return.

trekking in Mount Abu

On the way back we also did Caving. And trust me, it seems easy but it’s not.

We don’t have any photograph of inside the cave. As the cave was narrow so we left our camera and mobile outside the cave only. I still think, How the hell did I cross that teeny-tiny portion of cave??? But it was adventurous.

Below is the exit of the cave. 😉

caving in mount abu

After that, we had fun in rock climbing and rappelling sessions. It was my first rock climbing. OMG..! I Loved it. :*

rock climbing and rappelling in mount abu

Fun was not ended there. After all the adventure and tiredness, we were exhausted like anything. We took a ride to the Achalghar forest for camping and celebrating New Year Night. As to our surprise, there was bonfire and dinner waiting for us. This was totally the ‘cherry on top’ kind of thing.

trekking in Mount Abu

Look we made some new friends there as well. Sharing laughter and joys under the open sky, there we were a bunch of people eagerly waiting for midnight.

camping in mount abu

Welcome, 2017. The first morning of the year, We three and this scene, couldn’t ask for anything better to make this day more remembering.

sun rise in mount abu trekking
sunrise in mount abu trekking

First sunrise of the year 2017. We captured it in our eyes forever. Time to say bye-bye to our one night home.

camping in mount abu

So, this was our experience of Trekking in Mount Abu. Please share yours in the comments. We will be happy to hear it from you.

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