Top 12 Travel Bloggers in India who Giving Us Major Travel Goals

Ten years ago, travel bloggers fell into the category of outcasts. But over the years, travel blogging has become a profession for those who find comfort in always being on the move! In India, travel blogging has picked up and a huge number of people have found solace in discovering new places, cultures, and people.

Indian Travel Bloggers were once an underrepresented community, but things have changed, and the community is now in full bloom! This article brings you the top Indian travel bloggers, who have been a motivation for travel to more than a few. The list is, in no way, from the best to worst, and is a collection of all inspiring Indian travelers who happen to blog.

Travel Bloggers In India

1. Shivya Nath

It has been eight years since she has been on the move, and she continues to visit new places to this day. What began as a two-month sabbatical has turned into a journey that still continues for Shivya. Not only does she blog about her experiences, but she also has written a book on her travels, called The Shooting Star. After quitting her job in 2011, she gave up her home in 2013 to become a vegan digital nomad. She has been featured on the National Geographic Traveller among various others.

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2. Parnashree Devi

Parnashree’s travel blog called ‘My Travel Diary’ began a few years back when she wanted to share her travel stories with people. And now her passion for recounting her travels online has also become her profession. Her blog is widely read, by many people in both India and abroad. She made her first trip to Mukteshwar in Uttarakhand a decade ago, and since she has come a long way. In 2013, she worked for a travel show for Andhra Pradesh, and then she was sure about her true calling. In 2014, she also appeared in the MTV show- ‘Nano Drive with MTV’. She has now traveled to 22 Indian states and various foreign countries and has given many interviews to the national media along the way.

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3. Siddhartha Joshi

Based in Mumbai, Siddhartha is the author of the travel blog, ‘The Wanderer’, a travel blog complete with travelogues, travel tips, photography tips, travel product reviews, and a few travel videos. He began the blog in 2010 and has never looked back since. Alongside blogging, he has appeared on various travel shows, which include Discovery’s ‘India’s Best Jobs’, DD National’s ‘Hunarbaaz’, and NDTV Goodtimes. All the while, he has been featured on multiple media platforms for his blogging and photography skills. He has given two TEDx talks, one of which is ‘World without borders’ and the other—‘You don’t need to quit your job to travel the world’.

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4. Thommen Jose

A long-distance traveler and an avid biker, Thommen Jose is a travel blogger based in Delhi. He began his blog— Wanderink about seven years ago when he was amongst the dunes of Jaisalmer. His blogs have since flourished, and some of them have found spaces on various travel sites, including The New Indian Express and Yahoo! Travels. His main aim to begin the blog was to write about places that are lesser-known, but are very beautiful to visit, along with writing about our various heritage sites that need preserving. Not only does he travel, but he is also a corporate filmmaker, a reason he has taken to scripting and directing travel-themed content. His scripted and directed materials are a 13-part series on Nepal, a 10-part series on Tibet, and a seven-episode series on the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland. He has also written two guidebooks for those who love to go on road trips.

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5. Ankita Sinha

A travel and fashion blogger and vlogger, Sinha is easily one of India’s best. Her blog,’Anki on the move’ began in 2011, and now attracts 22,000 people per month. Even though she is an avid traveler, she is based in New York/ New Jersey. She has been awarded the IB Awards 2013, the GCC Puraskar Tourism, and Excellency in Travel Writing by Spain Tourism. She has traveled to 18 different countries and written more than 350 travel stories. Along with giving a TEDx talk, she had been featured in The Hindu, Outlook Traveller, and on the Fox Traveller including many more.

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6. Neelima Vallangi

A travel writer and photographer, Neelima’s journey began after 2008 family trip to Ladakh. She knew she had an obsession with the mountains, and from then on, until 2015, she used each of her paid leave to travel, explore and discover.

Till 2014, she had a corporate job in Bangalore, but after her first travel story was published in 2013 in the National Geographic Traveller, she decided to quit and take up the life of a nomad. She has also learned photography along the way and won a national photography competition. She had written for a wide range of travel sites and magazines. She tries to share stories about the place and the culture rather than her reaction and feelings.

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7. Archana Singh

A brand management expert turned travel blogger, Archana travels the world to explore places and find stories that have remained untold till now. Not only this but her blog called ‘Travel See Write’ also publishes travel tips and ideal itineraries for anyone who wants them. She says that her marketing experience has helped her in reaching more people and her blog becoming more relatable. She has also been the most awarded and recognized travel blogger of 2018. Along with TEDx, she has been invited to speak on various other national and international platforms. Her articles have made it to The Hindu, Firstpost, National Geographic, Outlook Traveler and many more.

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8. Ajay Sood

A travel photographer and blogger, Ajay Sood has traveled to over forty countries and tried to capture stories through his lens. Prior to starting his blog in 2015, he has won a lot of awards for his travel photography. He is now a Canon Photo mentor, and his photos have been published in more than fifteen magazines. Even though he travels a lot, he is based in Gurugram, Haryana. His blogs Travelure aims to lure people to begin traveling.

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9. Abhinav Singh

Singh’s story is very different from that of his blogging mates, he didn’t quit his job, instead, he was fired for traveling too much in 2014. He then took his savings and booked the next trip to the Everest base camp and he hasn’t looked back since. He had already been solo traveling since 2008, and in 2014, he took up travel full-time. His blog ‘A Soul Window’ has since gained a lot of popularity and each of his posts is widely read. Travel has been his cure, for becoming an extrovert and a happy, positive person. He has been featured in many places and has also won awards in travel photography.

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10. Indrani Ghose

An Ex-Airforce employee, Ghose was never satisfied with the amount of travel she did while she was in service. So, after her little girl grew up, she has, along with her family, traveled to 25 countries and more than 250 cities, and she continues to do so. Her Travel Blog ‘I share these’ gives an insight into her travails and makes for a very interesting read. While traveling, she has had an opportunity to work with various tourism boards and also been recognized by various travel blogs as one of the best blogs.

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11. Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha Goyal started IndiTales in 2004. Her passion about travel and writing helps her to grow this blog. She traveled to 18 countries and explore every corners of India.

She spoke at Tourism conferences, Travel, and Tourism Events, Student community events and mentored a few startups in the travel space. She got the Digital Innovation Award 2014 and Best digital content award at Digital Women Award in 2015. 

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12. Sankara

Sankara made traveling his life, career, and his passion. He feels at home when he is on the road. He started ‘BE ON THE ROAD’ in August 2009. It is his travel and photography blog where he loves to share his thoughts, pictures, and videos and talks about Travel Tips, Vegetarian Food, Travel and Fashion, Travel Gear, Finance, Travel and Visas, Experiential Travel Stories, Rich Global Travel Photos, and much more.

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So, if you’re into travel blogs, you know where to read the best travel stories, all authored by Indians! Read and follow these best Indian travel bloggers for amazing travel stories.