List of 10 Best Airports in the World | 2019


Those days are a long forgotten past where flying was a dream, and now we live in a world that has actually become flat. Travelling from one part of the world is just a flight away. In this day and age of Technology and Aeroplanes ruling our lives, nothing seems impossible.

Airports are no more a place where planes just departure and arrive but have become a whole new space for trade and merchandise economy in this globalized world.  International Airports are defined by the best architectural designs. Following is a list of top 10 Airports in the world ordered from rank 1 to rank 10 as voted by International air travellers around the world during a recent survey done in the years 2018-19.

10 Best Airports in the World

Here is the list of best airport in the world.

1. Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport


This Airport is one the largest transportation hubs in Southeast Asia and is the major civilian airport for Singapore. The airport is almost a destination in itself, it has an indoor waterfall, butterfly garden, open-air decks, and many fabulous restaurants.

This airport has been rated World’s best airport by Skytrax, for the sixth consecutive year since 2013. It is also one of the busiest airports by international passengers and cargo traffic. Passengers with a lot of waiting time at hand can easily stroll around and take a free tour of the city, lounge by the swimming pool, binge watch movies or their favorite series in a 24-hour cinema.

The airport is situated in Changi which is located at the eastern side of Singapore. The airport is operated by the Changi Airport group.

2. Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport



Incheon International Airport is the largest Airport in South Korea and is also considered to be one of the busiest airports at the same time. This airport is also rated the cleanest airport and the world’s best International transit airport by Skytrax. It was also awarded as the winner of the World’s best airport staff in 2019.

The airport has many adventure activities that one can enjoy such as the golf course, spa, private sleeping rooms, ice skating rink, casino, indoor games and a museum of Korean Culture. This airport is located in the west of Incheon’s city center, on an artificially created piece of land between Yeongjong and Youngyu Island.

The airport authorities claim that the average departure time is 19 minutes and the arrival time is 12 minutes respectively, which also makes it one of the fastest airports in the world for custom processing.

3. Tokyo International Airport Haneda

best international airport


Haneda Airport plays a vital role in featuring Japan’s development as a tourism-oriented Nation.

It is the primary base of Japan’s two major domestic airlines that is the Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airlines This airport is considered to be the third busiest city airports systems in the world with a capacity of handling 90 million passengers per year following its expansion in 2010.

Haneda has also been awarded as the World’s cleanest airport and the world’s best domestic airport in 2019. Haneda is one of the two primary airports that serve the Greater Tokyo Area.

4. Hongkong International Airport

Hongkong International Airport


Hong Kong International Airport is the main airport of Hong Kong that serves over 100 airlines operating flights to about 180 locations worldwide. The airport is built on reclaimed land on the Island of  Chek Lap Kok and is therefore also known as Chek Lap Kok Airport colloquially.

Hong Kong airport has also been awarded as the world’s best dining airport. The airport is operated and managed by the Airport Authority Hong Kong. The airport is an important contributor to Hong Kong’s economy. It is also considered to be one of the world’s busiest airports by cargo traffics. The airport is one of the hubs of Oneworld Alliance.

5. Hamad International Airport Doha

beautiful international airport


Hamad International Airport is situated in the Doha, the capital city of Qatar.  The airport can accommodate up to 30 million passengers annually and it is awarded as the best airport in the Middle East in 2018. It is considered one of the most architecturally significant terminal complex in the world and also the most luxurious.

The most prominent figure inside the airport is a giant bronze statue of a teddy bear with its head in a  lamp and this sculpture is famously known as the ‘Lamp Bear’. This sculpture stands at a height of seven meters and weighs approximately 18-20 tons. The airport has recently added a small sculpture which is called the ‘Small Lie’ which was a donation from the Qatar Museum.

6. Munich Airport

Munich Airport


Munich Airport is situated near Munich, the capital city of Bavaria and is the major International Airport.  It is the second busiest airport in Germany after the Frankfurt Airport in terms of its passenger traffic of about 44.6 million passengers annually. It is the secondary hub for Lufthansa German Airlines.

The airport has over 150 retail stores and about 50 places where one can eat and drink. Munich was also named to be the best airport in Europe in 2018. The airport is known to feature flights to 226 destinations and adding to that it also features two passenger terminals with an additional midfield terminal.

The airport has two parallel runways who are both 4,000 meters long and 60 meters wide. The airport also has a concrete Helipad. The airport currently has five parking garages and six underground parking areas.

7. Chubu Centrair International Airport

Chubu Centrair International Airport


Chubu Centrair International  Airport is situated on an Island in Ise Bay, Tokoname City in Aichi Prefecture which is 35 kms south of Nagoya in Central Japan.  This airport serves as the third largest metropolitan area in Japan. 9.8 million passengers travel through this airport annually.

The airport is known for its shopping center which is located on the fourth floor of the airport with 61 shops and restaurants which are organized in two streets, first, one is called the Renga-Dori and the second is called Chochin-Yokocho. The Chochin-Yokocho are all individually themed to have an authentic Japanese look. The airport has a large domestic traffic percentage with a number of regional routes.

8. London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport is the busiest airport in the United Kingdom and is a major International Airport in London, United Kingdom. It is the second busiest airport in the world according to the International passenger traffic as well as the seventh busiest airport in terms of the overall passenger traffic.

It is also the busiest airport in Europe in accordance with the passenger traffic. The airport has four active terminals out of which the second terminal was awarded the best terminal in the world in 2019.

9. Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport also nicknamed as Kloten Airport is the pivotal hub for Swiss International Air Lines. It is the largest International Airport in Switzerland. The airport is located 13 kms north of central Zurich. The Zurich Airport charters flights to 196 destinations in 62 countries around the globe.

The airport has three airside piers that are linked to a central air-side building called the Airside Centre. This Airport center comprises of many buildings that include the shopping mall, railway station, airline check-in areas, car parks, bus terminal, and a tram terminal.

Several companies like the Swiss International Airlines, Swiss World Cargo, Swiss Aviation Training, Helvetic Airways, Rega, Edelweiss Air, and Swissotel have their headquarters on or about the airport.

10. Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport is located in Frankfurt which is the fifth largest city in Germany. This airport is the major International airport in Frankfurt. It is the busiest airport in Germany according to the passenger traffic. The airport serves as the main hub for Lufthansa including the Lufthansa City line and Lufthansa Cargo. The airport is operated by Fraport.

The airport has a direct connection to the European high-speed network of German Rail. It currently has two main passenger terminals and is in the process of planning a third passenger terminal. The travel time between the terminal is two minutes. Frankfurt has four runways out of which three are arranged in a parallel east-west direction.

The Airport City mall features national and international label stores, retailers, as well as a supermarket and various restaurants. The Airport City mall is located on the landslide of Terminal 1. The Sheraton Hotels and Conference Centre offers 1,008 guest rooms that are located adjacent to Terminal 1. Frankfurt is home to 108 airlines that fly in 11 countries to 275 destinations.

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These are the best and biggest airports in the world. All of these International Airports are best in their own respective ways.