Top 12 Tourist Attractions in Miami


Miami, or the city of Miami, is the central portion of Florida in the USA. It’s basically the financial, cultural and economic pivot of Florida. The city of Miami houses around 467000 people. Miami is known all over the world for its beaches and skiing clubs. It is also one of the best places to travel alone in the United States. If you are planning for a visit to Miami and are confused about where to start and how to take enjoy your stay in the city, keep reading the article as we discuss the 12 best tourist attractions in Miami. 

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Tourist Attractions in Miami

Here are the top-rated tourists’ attractions in Miami. If you are planning a trip to Miami, you shouldn’t miss any of these places to get most of your trip.

1. Miami Beach

Miami Beach: Tourist Attractions in Miami
Image by Linda72 from Pixabay

This area is connected to the mainland by a group of bridges. It’s located in the vicinity of Barrier Island. The area is well known for its quiet neighborhoods and lively atmosphere. It’s also well known for its fine spas, diners, and art deco. The South Beach Art Deco District is a unique collection of over 800 architecturally protected marvels. Other activities done here are riding bicycles, enjoying the nightlife, playing golf and tennis. 


2. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens: Tourist Attractions in Miami
Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

This is a National Historic Landmark that is bound in an area of 28 acres. It was the winter abode if the famous industrialist, James Deering. This is a mansion featuring 32 rooms. The garden area surrounds the villa for about 10 acres in the area. The place is open to visit from Monday to Wednesday excluding Tuesdays and special days like Christmas and Thanksgiving. The place is a showcase of luxury lifestyle.

3. Bayside Marketplace

It is a large mall which is set outdoors featuring more than 150 specialty and shops for tourists. It also includes numerous cafes and eateries. You will be surprised to find some of the unique stores and chain stores. The place is a great tourist attraction for locals and tourists alike. The place is set at the docks, so you can visit the place by boat. As evident from this fact, there is a dedicated water taxi service that can be used to visit this place and nearby areas including some seaside hotels and places.  

4. Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium: Tourist Attractions in Miami
Image by FrodeCJ from Pixabay

It is a 38-acre oceanarium which is set on the island of Virginia Key in Biscayne Bay. Founded in 1955, it is one of the oldest oceanariums in the United States. Apart from marine life, this oceanarium showcases a wide variety of reptiles, turtles, birds, and manatees. The park offers daily presentations of boy scouts and hosts many overnight camps. 

5. Miami Zoo

Miami Zoo: Tourist Attractions in Miami
Image by Edo Emmerig from Pixabay

This amazing zoo houses more than 2500 wild animals including more than 35 endangered species, over 1000 varieties of plants and over 100 special exhibits. The specialty of this zoo is that unlike many zoos, this zoo group animals with other animals with which they could co-exist peacefully. Also, the animals are kept in a surrounding which is set like the animals’ natural habitat. This zoo also has a water-based play area for children.


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6. Jungle Island

This place is way more than just a place to see and interact with animals. It was formerly known as Parrot Jungle. It is an eco-adventure park located on Watson Island. The park features new pop up waterslides and a simulated sky diving wind tunnel. For animal lovers, this is a must-visit place. 

7. Coral castle

Coral castle: Tourist Attractions in Miami
Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

Miami is full of surprising beauties. Another example of it is the Coral Castle which is a man-made park that contains stone tables, chairs, and much more made out of limestone. It was built by Edward Leedskalnin. It took over 30 years for the man to build the place. He keeps his carving methods private. The amazing thing is that the work was done without using modern methods and by using handmade tools. He used over 1100 tons of coral rock for the building process. 

 8. Freedom Tower

It’s one of the oldest skyscrapers in the south-eastern United States. It also formerly served as the headquarters of Miami Daily News. It is currently used as a contemporary art museum and a central office to various authorities of Miami Dade College. The tower displays a wedding cake style. It was awarded a U.S. National Historic Landmark for its role in the immigration process of Cubans. 

9. Venetian Pool

This is Miami’s 820000-gallon pool which was created in 1923 from a coral rock quarry. The pool is filled with spring water. An underground aquifer is used for the process. There are 2 waterfalls that provide scenic background and enhance tourists’ experience. The beauty of the pool is further increased by the palm trees, the loggias, and the porticos. It is truly an unforgettable experience.

10. Wynwood Walls Street Art

Wynwood is a neighborhood in Miami that is famous for its wall graffiti, bars, and many art galleries. You can find anything from a mural painted walls to jazz gardens in here. Many famous artists have contributed greatly to the walls by their artworks. Some of the popular artists are Shepard Fairey, Maya Hayuk and Eduardo Kobra. 

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11. Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple

This is a temple that is home to and was originally built by the monks. It is open to people and one can join the monks in daily prayer too. The place was built in 1982. The place is occupied by Thai monks. Each year the temple organizes many events that spread the religious and cultural heritage of Thailand. It was formerly known as the Thai Temple of Homestead. 

12. Time Out Market Miami

This place showcases the best of Miami under one roof. It’s a great place for food lovers. The place has one of the best chains of restaurants. Also, live music events are also held here. The place has a very welcoming atmosphere. Apart from the restaurants and bars, this place also contains a live entertainment stage and a demo cooking area.  

Miami is a peaceful place filled with beaches and other natural reliefs. Miami is a true place for food and animal lovers. Although the weather of the place is warm throughout the year, the place gets rainfall from June to November. The best time to visit Miami is mid-February to May. We have listed the best tourist attractions in Miami that you must visit in Miami.