List of 10 Best Natural History Museums in the World


Traveling is fun but exploring and learning simultaneously is awesome. There are some amazing historic museums across the world, which hold a massive number of oddities, artistic sculptures, 3D figures, and specimens that’ll leave you completely amazed. These museums work hard to preserve these natural historic antiques and let the viewers know more about it.

There’s so much to know here that it is almost impossible to come back on time. Right from outer space or oceanic elements to fossils and wildlife traces, these historic museums are interesting to visit and explore. You should plan one of your visits to these exuberant spots to know the depth of nature’s history.

Here’s a list of top best Natural History Museums in the world which lead in collecting and preserving this evolutionary science of human life, dinosaurs, and also artifacts related to anthropology, geology, biology, botany, paleontology, and astronomy too. Don’t forget to check out these places at least once in your next visit.

Best Natural History Museums

These are the best Natural History Museums in the world that you can visit


1. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC

Natural History Museums
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The Smithsonian National Museum was established in the year 1846 and all together today, it has more than 138 items and people from all over the country come to see the lovely historic antiques. The museum sees more than 30 million visits annually.

The museum has the last 6 million years of human evolution along with some extensive and exclusive traces of archaeology and paleoecology research exhibits portraying human origins. The museum also has preserved fossil hominins and other historic masterpieces to observe and study.

2. American Museum of Natural History, New York City

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This natural history museum is located across the central park in New York city which is extremely beautiful and naturally smooth to visit here. The museum has 45 permanent exhibits and altogether 27 intercontinental buildings which represents a phenomenal historic display of wildlife and their traces. From different era wild elephant pictures to fossil traces and skeletons of Tyrannosaurus rex and giant Stegosaurus, there’s everything in here to discover and enjoy.

The museum also has a planetarium to enjoy the amazing experience of historic art and golden treasures stored from the past. 


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3. Origins Centre, Johannesburg

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Origins center is located in Johannesburg which was established in the year 2006. They have some carefully collected and recorded natural history, archaeology, anthropology, and art portraits which were then assembled to portrait in this museum. Over the past few years, this place has become one of the most popular tourist attraction spots in Johannesburg.

The place showcases the unique cultural evolution and heritage development of the southern African region. They also have an extensive range of ancient tools and artifacts of spiritual importance and of course, the marvelous rock art paintings by the Wits Rock Art Research Institute. The place is no less than a treat for all the prehistoric rock art lovers.

4. Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Philadelphia

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Also known as the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, is one of the oldest Museums in America. The museum has carefully preserved the most beautiful dinosaur towers, lively butterfly gardens, and other important biological specimens in their library.

The archive is full of impressive research and illustrated volumes from experts across the world. Over 200 years, this place has been at the forefront of investigation on more about the natural world and all the other changes related to it. 

5. Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh

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Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh is another best natural history museum to visit which interprets an extraordinary collection of artistic exhibits and specimens of natural evolution, conservation, and biodiversity. The place has more than 20 galleries and 22 million specimens which people love to watch and observe from different parts of the world.

The museum has the best-mounted dinosaurs display and best specimens from the history. This museum ranks as one of the best and among the top 5 museums of the United States.

6. Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois

World’s Best Natural History Museums
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The field museum of Chicago is another best museum for natural history. The places have a marvelous collection of more than 24 million specimens and still, each one of them has a unique nature and attraction to the viewer. The best part is that this museum has a classic collection that peeks into every prominent history of the world. Right from Egypt’s theories to Qing Dynasty prehistoric evidence, the place has everything.

Moreover, you are more likely to enjoy the largest dinosaur walk in this place. And yes, the second-floor Evolving Planet gallery is another spot which is not to miss out here. from the adventures creepy creature exhibits to play lab for little explorers, there’s everything here to learn, teach, and enjoy.

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7. Natural History Museum, London

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A lovely treat to all the natural historic lovers, this museum in London located at the South Kensington is a combo for four collaborative corners offering different sectors. blue (biology); green (evolution); red (geology); and orange (outdoors/hands-on). Each color zone has its display to offer and we are sure you’ll love it. 

Green zone: large dinosaur exhibits

Red zone: a lovely collection of rarest minerals from the world.

Orange zone: you can stop here to know more about the wildlife garden and more on plants and dead creatures stored in preservative jars.

Blue zone: an area dedicated to carefully stored specimens.

The place is extraordinarily beautiful and we are sure you’d love it as well.

8. Beijing Museum of Natural History, Beijing

World’s Best Natural History Museums
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Beijing has the world’s first and best natural history museum which is still free to enter and explore. Moreover, this place is super gigantic which is around like  86,000 square feet for the display area. The place has an amazing collection of mummies, fossilized dinosaurs, and other artistic displays along with some specimens in their gallery.

9. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, Singapore

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Throwing some light on the southeast Asian wonders, The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is Singapore holds some important and magnificent nature’s history and some of the best Southeast Asia’s biodiversity. The museum holds important documentaries, artistic pieces, and also specimens of organic materials of nature.

The place represents more than a million zoological species and 10,000 animals along with some displays of fish parasites. This place in Singapore has an exclusively beautiful highlight of flora and fauna which will for sure leave you enlightened with some deep knowledge and discoveries.

10. Melbourne Museum, Australia

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The Melbourne Museum in Australia is no less than a treasure of different elements of plants, animals, and other artifacts that portrait the historic indigenous Australian culture. The most attractive part about the place is the experiential Mind and Body Gallery where you can explore dinosaurs along with specimens of more than 600 birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

Apart from the art gallery and exhibits, there’s also an IMAX Theatre screen from where you can enjoy movies and documentary films in the large-screen 3-D format.

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Interesting right?

No doubt why the history of nature and natural science never fails to surprise us. These museums are no less than a doorway to exploring more and know about nature. We absolutely love these historic museums. Do visit at least one of these Natural History Museums if you get time. There’s so much in here to learn, explore, and have some fun with family and friends.