12 Things to do in San Francisco, California

Located in northern California, San Francisco is the happy land of the United States where everything from start to end is full of excitement and adventure. Despite having the second-highest population density, the place has maintained its charm and spark over the years. Wrapped into its very own warm culture and other activities, there’s a lot to explore and discover here. In the year 1849, the city rose to fame and became one of the largest cities in the United States.

So here is the list of the top best 12 things in San Francisco. Though there’s a lot to explore and wander across, visiting these places is an absolute must here.

Places to Visit in San Francisco

These are the best things to do in San Francisco, California:

1. Visit the Golden Gate Bridge

Things to do in San Francisco: Golden Gate Bridge

The famous golden bridge lying in between the San Francisco and Marin country is one of the best and modern monumental spot to visit here. It is extremely beautiful with waters beneath the bridge and being one of the longest suspensions since 1937. The bridge is a total of 1.7 miles in length. It is also one of the most photographed places in the world for its beauty and serene sceneries around.

2. California Academy of Sciences

For all those visiting with their families, this is one of the most top recommended places that’s a must to visit when in San Francisco. Right from an aquarium, planet to a natural history museum, the museum is a treasure of science where one can learn in abundance. Since the museum has different sectors to visit and explore, the entrance is quite expensive but to be honest, it’s all worth it. Make sure you don’t miss any segment of this science academy, especially the fossils which is extremely amazing to watch out.

3. Cable cars

When in San Francisco, a ride on cable cars is a must. Though it’s still on a manual operating system, a ride along the city is fun on it. Despite having 23 cable lanes, only three are in function today for the tourist to enjoy something different as this cable car remains almost the last manual one in the world. We are pretty sure, it is one of the experiences to feel and live to ride across the streets in San Francisco. We recommend the tourists to take a ride via cable car to enjoy the sightseeing experience, especially at the famous Powell-Hyde Line at Powell and the twisty Lombard Street which is amazing to visit and also to enjoy some light bread and coffee at the local shops here. The prices start from $7 for a one-way ride and $23 for a one-day pass.

4. Waterfront At Fisherman’s Wharf

This place is one of the most famous waterfront communities in San Francisco where you can enjoy some amazing seafood with a classic dining experience. Tour around the fisher’s wharf to enjoy a great walking experience and fresh fish and other seafood dishes on your table. 

5. Alcatraz Island

Things to do in San Francisco: Alcatraz Island

Some miles away from the shores of San Francisco, there resides a beautiful island named Alcatraz island which was once developed for military and federal prison. The place was mainly a federal prison center in the year 1933 and 1963. The island now is a tourist attraction where people come to explore the history behind the prison and also have some deep insights into this place along with the sceneries around the island. 

6. China Town

San Francisco has mainly 4 china towns with Grant Avenue being one of the biggest and oldest ones in North America. The town gives you that authentic feel of being in China with all the eccentric Chinese vibes in every hook and corner of this place. The town is so big that it has 2 hospitals covered in its area. The place has the most authentic Chinese cuisine and real Chinese vibes around the place. The place attracts a lot of tourists yearly for the golden gate bridge. Plan your trip by having a look at the dates when the Chinese moon festival falls. It’s extremely beautiful and amazing to be a part of the festival. 

7.  Aquarium of the Bay

Located in the heart of the waterfront in San Francisco, The Aquarium of the Bay is a lively location for all the marine life lovers and kids. With a true essence of lively colorful and extinct water creatures, this place also aims at preserving marine life and promoting an increase in their population. The place has 300 feet clear tunnels that are full of 700000 gallons of water which is home to more than 20,000 water animals. Right from the beauty of colorful clownfishes to mesmerizing jellyfishes and bold leopard fishes, you can see them face to face and enjoy their beauty.

8. Ghirardelli Square

Things to do in San Francisco: Ghirardelli Square

For all chocolate lovers, Ghirardelli is no less than chocolate heaven which brings all your chocolate fantasies back to life. It is one of the most interesting places to visit here where you can enjoy a great variety of chocolate delicacies and coffee here. The place sees a lot of people here all the time of the year as it indeed has some of the best desserts to treat your taste buds.

9. View From Twin Peaks

Things to do in San Francisco: View From Twin Peaks

Enjoying natural beauty across the different parts of the world has its charm and serenity. Sunset from one point of the earth isn’t the same on the other. Twin peaks in San Fransisco is a famous tourist spot that lets the people enjoy some marvelous sunset views of the bay. the route is full of lush green forest plants and animals which add up to some more fun. Enjoy the peaks and the huge 64-acre land park which is one of the new developments of San Francisco.

10. The Asian Art Museum

This particular museum in San Francisco has the largest collection of art and creative pieces from different parts of Asia. Many of them are also donated or found by some prominent people here. The museum has more than 6000-year-old art portraits here. Most of the art pieces here are found by the millionaire Avery Brundage who had a great interest in collecting historic creatives. The place is indeed very acknowledging to visit at least once.

11. Oldest Japanese Tea Garden

San Francisco has the oldest tea garden in the US. The place now is like an exhibition center for the visitors to feel and have a look at the insights of this 5-acre tea garden area. With all the natural beauty inside, the place can easily make anybody feel close to nature. With all the stepping stones, pagodas, arched bridges, and classic Japanese plants, the place has a very refreshing vibe overall. The place still serves the tourist with Koi pond and Zen garden where you can enjoy some Japanese refreshments too.

12. The Presidio Of San Francisco

Things to do in San Francisco: Presidio Of San Francisco

A former military base now turned into a Park attracts many people for the scenic beauties that it offers. This landmark spot is one such place where you can enjoy the backdrop of the golden bridge as well the pacific water behind you. The place was previously held by the Spanish and later was handed over to the Mexicans and now, it finally lies under the ownership of the United States.

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Make sure you take a power bank along with you wherever you go. The places here are extremely big and by the time you end up exploring the monumental destinations, your device might get drained taking all the beautiful pictures and videos across. And also, please keep a temperature check as to in which season you are planning to visit here.

Do share with us if you know of more good places in San Francisco that are must-visit and discover.

Stay safe, Stay happy.