List of Best Scuba Diving in Fiji: Where to dive and how much it costs

With a fresh breeze of air and warm crystal pure waters, Fiji is every traveler’s favorite spot to visit and explore. But when it comes to the real essence of Fiji, Fiji Islands have a name in being the tropical heaven on earth for scuba diving. From different types of corals to rich marine life, there’s a story in the underwaters of Fiji. To brief it up, Fiji has some of the best coral reefs of the world and a variety of shark dives, including tiger and bull-shark dives. 

April to October is the main season for diving in Fiji. The temperature is quite moderate in these months and the water as well stays clear to enjoy your underwater visuals. Here’s a list of some of the top best sites in Fiji to choose for scuba diving. They are all indeed very beautiful and magical to explore.

Scuba Diving in Fiji

Here is the list of best Scuba Diving in Fiji that you can choose to enjoy marine life.

1. Barefoot Manta Island

Barefoot Manta Island: Scuba Diving in Fiji
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

The southern region of Yasawa Island sees fewer crowds and tourist populations. This place is one of the best and most cozy islands to dive in and go scuba diving to witness the pristine golden coral reefs beneath the waters.

There are different levels here for you to dive and also some suitable courses which you can pick up as per your requirements. One can go snorkeling or even hit the Wreck dives under an SSI instructor. This place is popularly known as Drawaqa Island and is situated on one of the finest Fijian Aisles. The gentle shores and soft waves keep the place calm and peaceful for nature observers.

2. Beqa Lagoon

Beqa Lagoon: Scuba Diving in Fiji
Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay

Beqa Lagoon Island is a secluded island and one of the best places to choose if you are planning to escape from the hustles of life. It is situated in the south of Pacific Harbour on Viti Levu the main island of Fiji and is also a popular beautiful destination for diving in Fiji. It is a place where along with diving, you can also enjoy other water activities and relaxing recreations around.

Beqa Lagoon Resort offers the most beautiful marine life and exotic coral collection in its underwaters. Some proper guides and instructors take care of beginners and also guide about the changing water temperatures. So, its safe and perfect to dive in as and when you feel comfortable. 

3. Bligh Waters (Viti Levu)

Bligh Waters (Viti Levu)
Image by lucatelles from Pixabay

Bligh waters in the north of Viti Levu will leave you awe with its beauty and mesmerizing charm. Along with crystal pure deep waters, the place has many other eye-pleasing sights such as Moun Minty, black Magic Mountain and a lot more.

The marine life is quite impressive here with pastel color corals and beautiful fishes in the water. Diving here will leave you awestruck as the fauna is rich in different varieties and colors. One can easily spot the see pelagic in the shadow of Bligh waters.

4. Mamanuca Islands

Mamanuca Islands
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Mamanuca island is a collection of small islands in the west of Nadi. The place is easily accessible by boat or directly onboard. The geographical beauty in the pinnacles of this island is indeed marvelous. The corals and canyons are so colorful that they effortlessly glow on the ocean bed. People describe this place as a healthy diving spot as the sand and corals here are thick and healthy. Moreover, depending upon the season, the place sees quite less crowd. You’ll for sure enjoy the floral beautiful aesthetic marine life that exists beneath these pure waters.

5. Namena Marine Reserve

Namena Marine Reserve: Scuba Diving in Fiji
Image by nat10100 from Pixabay

Namena Marine reserve is another best spot to go in for diving in Fiji. It is one of those places where you can easily reach out to go scuba diving in Fiji and also is a popular name among the tourists. The reef has been carefully protected to help increase up the marine lives of fishes over the passing period.

The soft corals and hard pinnacles of soft pink and blossom white corals are added up to the beauty of the place. People have observed that diving here in different months have different views. Hammered heard sharks can be seen in the winter months whereas summers are a treat to enjoy turtles and dolphins here. The place is extremely beautiful and a must-visit if you are in Fiji.

6. Rainbow reef

Rainbow reef: Scuba Diving in Fiji
Image by Elias Sch. from Pixabay

Falling in between Vanua Levu group and Taveuni island, Rainbow name is a glimpse of marine paradise which one should for sure visit. Be it for a soft, hard, fan or hard platted corals, this tropical reef has all of it. The explosion of colors from coral to the young little fishes here is extremely beautiful. If at all you had one option to pick for diving in, then rainbow reef is the place to be.

Along with the dense rich colorful corals, marine life is also rich with different types of species and fishes. One can easily spot larger marine fishes such as manta rays, barracuda, tuna, grey, nurse and reef shark in this reef. Truly, this reef is a dream come true if scuba diving has been on your bucket list.

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How much does diving cost in Fiji?

Well, Fiji isn’t an affordable place to be if you have budget tracks. But trust us, every penny spent here is worth and will add up to your perfect holiday memories. Diving here is also taken on different terms so if one wishes to learn, they can join in their internship program at certain places. Or maybe just go diving in with an expert instructor.

On an average note, here are the costs.

Open Water PADI: $430 – 700 USD

Two tanks, day dive: $120 – 170 USD


We hope the above list has helped you to know some of the best scuba diving spots in Fiji. Make sure you visit at least one of them during your next visit to Fiji. Do let us know what you think and share with us if you know more about any new diving spot.