Interesting Facts about Narendra Modi Stadium

Cricket is immensely popular in India and is considered the nation’s most popular sport. This sport has been played in India since the colonial era. After India won its first cricket World Cup in 1983, cricket started becoming really popular in India. Now Indian cricketers are idolized and revered, often attaining celebrity status. India also has several cricket grounds, but Narendra Cricket Stadium stands out because of being the largest ticket stadium in the world.

History of Narendra Modi Stadium

The stadium was constructed in 1983 and was named Motera Stadium. It was initially constructed with a seating capacity of around 49,000 spectators. Over the years, the stadium witnessed numerous memorable moments in Indian cricket, hosting a variety of matches, including Test matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and T20 Internationals. Sunil Gavaskar became the first-ever cricketer to score 10000 runs in Test cricket on this ground. Kapil Dev also claimed his 432nd Test wicket on the ground to become the highest wicket-taker in the world of test cricket in 1993.

Gujarat Cricket Association did significantly to modernize and expand the stadium in 2016 with an aim to transform it into a world-class facility. In 2015, the stadium was closed for reconstruction. It was demolished and then completely rebuilt at an estimated cost of ₹800 crore. It was built by the Gujarat Cricket Association’s private funds and donations. So, all the rights and ownership belong to Gujarat Cricket Association. The stadium is also known for its architectural design.

In this article, I will talk about some interesting facts about Narendra Modi Stadium (formerly known as Motera Stadium).

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Narendra Modi Stadium Facts

Here are some notable facts you need to know about Narendra Modi Stadium.

  1. Narendra Modi Stadium is currently the world’s largest cricket stadium. It has a 1,10,000 seating Capacity along with a 22,000 standing capacity. It is also the 2nd largest stadium in the world.
  2. Originally this stadium was named Motera Stadium, but Indian President Ram Nath Kovind changed its name to Narendra Modi Stadium during its inauguration.
  3. The stadium is spread across 63 acres of land. The stadium has 11 different pitches on the main ground
  4. This is also India’s first stadium where the ground has been fitted with LED lights.
  5. The stadium has a food court at every stand which is very rare to see. It also features a clubhouse with A-grade gyming facilities for players of both teams.
  6. This stadium has 76 AC corporate boxes with room for 25 people in each. Many celebrities can be seen in these boxes if there’s a big match being played on the ground.
  7. The stadium has a big parking space. Parking can accommodate 10000 two-wheelers and 3000 cars.
  8. It is the world’s largest cricket stadium, but also has facilities for other sports such as football, hockey, basketball, etc.
  9. Narendra Modi Stadium is owned by Gujarat Cricket Association.

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