20 Essential Toiletries for Your Travel Toiletry Bag

Traveling is fun for most of us and yes, we all love traveling to different places. Be it your first solo trip or a usual business trip, packing can get stressful and confusing every single time if, you haven’t organized your thoughts well enough.

So, here we are, to help you out with the list of basic travel essentials which are a must for all of us. And remember, besides if you ever need anything else then make it a habit to note it down and keep your list of toiletries organized. In this way, you will not miss out on anything and carry all that which you need throughout your journey.

Let’s take a quick tour and discover some of the basic toiletry essentials which we all need to carry along with us. Always check this list of essential toiletries for travel before going your trip.

Travel Toiletries Kit

Here is the list of travel toiletries kit that everyone should have in their bags. These are essential toiletries for travel.

1. Folding Toothbrush and Toothpaste Combo

Saving spaces is as important as carrying all the necessities with you when you are traveling. You don’t want to breathe bad while traveling. Always make sure that you carry a folding toothbrush along with some toothpaste in your travel bag. A long separate brush could cover more space and might also ruin in with the bristles while traveling. You can easily find a good foldable brush that can be handy as well as easy to use while traveling.

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2. Hand Sanitizer

It’s always important to keep your hands clean and especially if you are traveling with children.  Make sure you carry an alcohol-based sanitizer as they dry quickly and do not leave your hand sticky. A sanitizer is really important to use when you are using public services such as bus stops, railways, and other public spots. Don’t forget to carry this essential even if you are out for an hour from your home.

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3. Toilet Seat Sanitizer

The toilet seat sanitizer is the must-have toiletries during travel. Public toilets are not safe to use as many people use them and chances of infections are very high. So, always carry a toilet seat sanitizer with you.

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4. Intimate Wash

Everyone should use intimate wash daily in order to maintain hygiene and ph balance. This is the must-have toiletries in your travel toiletry bag

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5. Razor or Trimmer

travel toiletries kit

Grooming yourself and removing that unwanted hair from your face and body is important.  For women, you surely don’t want your hands and legs to look shabby with ingrown tiny hairs. Keep a small set of razors to quickly shave off your arms and legs while traveling because waxing might not be the option while on travel. 

For men who shave their faces, you always need to be well-groomed no matter where you are. If the beard is not just your thing then don’t forget to carry a good quality razor with you. Avoid picking disposable razors as you need to change them now and then and need to carry more than one set. You can also carry trimmer with you if you wanna set your beard or hair. 

Price: Rs 220

Razor of Girls | Trimmer for boys

6. Facial wipes

Be it winter or summer, your face and hands usually get sweaty while traveling. Keep a small pack of travel-friendly facial wipes which are easy to carry and use and also smell good in fragrance.  Keeping some wipes is always preferable as it has other uses as well. You never know when you might need them in emergency cases.

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7. Dry Shampoo for Women and Men

travel toiletries kit

You can always carry some shampoo with you in small silicone bottles while traveling but sometimes, shampooing can get difficult when you are on long journey flights and your hair gets oily and sticky. Grab a small travel size dry shampoo bottle that’ll quickly freshen up your hair and make it look fresh. Dry shampoos are also a quick fix while on holiday. 

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8. Face wash

The next big thing that you need to carry is your face wash. Travelling usually makes one tired and dull, especially when you are on a long journey. Always carry a travel size face wash with you to keep your face fresh and clean. Always take care that you carry a travel size liquid wash with you. A bar of bar soap can be quite messy to carry along after one use.

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9. Hair Brush

One of the staples must-haves to carry in your travel bag is your hairbrush. Either get a small hairbrush or it’s always better to carry Tangle teezer if you are having long hairs. But something to groom your hair is important in your travel bag. Keep it small and light in weight as it won’t make your bag pack bulky.

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10. Sunscreen

Your skin always needs protection from the sun’s heat. Invest in a small size sunscreen of good quality. You can always protect your skin by grabbing a long sleeve shirt but might still need a sunscreen. Keep an SPF in your bag without fail.

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11. Lip balm

essential toiletries for travel

Chapped lips are annoying and irritating for everyone. It makes your face look weird as well as makes you look sick. Always carry a good lip balm to keep your lips moisturized and healthy while traveling. If you are going to place with an extreme climatic condition, then do carry one to two chapsticks in your travel bag.

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12. Nail clippers

Something that we all need to have with us while traveling. Carry a good set of nail clippers with you. You don’t want your nails to look shabby and dirty. Keep a nail filer and nail cutter always with you on long journeys. They hardly take any space in your kits.

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13. Tide to Go Pen 

We never know that when we might end up staining our favorite pair of clothes by spilling food items or maybe some tough stain while traveling around. Nobody likes to travel and meet people with stains on their clothes. Always keep a tide to-go pen with you to immediately clean out the tough stains from your clothes or accessories in hand.  Plus when you don’t have quick access to laundry, this pen becomes super helpful for you to stop in the tough stain from setting down on your favorite clothes.

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14. First Aid  

A small pouch with all the first aid essential is a must while traveling. You don’t need a lot of stuff but yes, carrying some basic first aid stuff with emergency needed medicines is very important. You can some paracetamol tablets, bandages, healing balm, antiseptic solution, cleaning cloths, gauze pads, and earbuds.  Always keep yourself on a safer side. 

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15. Light Weight Towel

From shower to wiping off your face, towels are extremely important to carry. If not a big one then at least a set of bath towels. try to pick a towel that you can easily roll up and pack it in your travel bag.

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16. Lotion


Body lotions help your skin stay hydrated and moisturized. Lotions are your skin food and you need to apply them a lot while traveling. Pich a travel size lotion depending upon your skin type. Especially if you are someone with dry skin, then definitely we recommend you to choose a lotion that has natural extracts. lotions help your skin from getting damaged from the changes of weather in your atmosphere.

Price: Rs 325

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17. Organic Rosewater Spray 

travel toiletries

Rosewater keeps you fresh. A small spray of rose water can simply help you out to refreshen yourself when you don’t have water around you. This is a must-have in your travel toiletries or makeup bag.

Price: Rs 399

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18. Pocket Deodorant or Perfumes

Now, this is something very very important for all of us. Travelling causes many bacteria to develop in your underarm area which eventually makes you stink a lot. Nobody wants to smell bad.  Keep a small size deodorant with you wherever you travel. It helps you smell good and also fell fresh in humid temperatures. Chose a fresh fragrance rather than a fruity scent!

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19. Earplugs and eye masks

travel toiletries kit

Earplugs and eye masks are important for long journeys. Eye masks help you down to sleep peaceful and avoid the harsh rush and hush of your journey cause any disturbance. Moreover, a good pair of earplugs help you cancel the unnecessary noise around and rest in peace. During long flight hours, earplugs may also help you with migraine issues and help out with some relief.

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20. Scissors

travel toiletries kit

Well, you don’t need it on a necessary basis but still, you never know when you might need one. Carry a small pair of travel size scissors while traveling.

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We hope our recommendations help you to pack up for your upcoming trip. Make sure you keep a track beforehand on what you are carrying and what else you might need. Do share with us more of travel essentials if you think we missed something.