List of 12 Best Road Trips From Mumbai

Mumbai, the financial capital of India is also the city of dreams. The city that never sleeps. A city where people never stop hustling and dreams cannot be put on hold, be it the rush hour traffic or traveling in the local. Sounds like these guys need an escape doesn’t it? Looks like Mumbai has got that covered too.

From beautiful hills to pilgrimage sites and stunning farms to dense forests, just grab your bike or car keys and leave it on the road to relieve all the pent-up stress. As for where to head, we’re here to help with this striking list of getaways you can visit to relax.

Road trips from Mumbai

We made this list of the best road trips from Mumbai for you. Select your favorite location and enjoy your weekends as well as long weekends

1. Pelhar Dam

Pelhar Dam

A beautiful lush dam enveloped by the Tungareshwar mountain range, Pelhar is at the top of the list of one-day road trips from Mumbai. Apart from the dam, you can visit the Tungareshwar temple and the Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary where you can spot many forest creatures. Serene Waterfalls and lakes make the experience breathtaking and are a perfect stress reliever.

Distance: 59 kms
Duration: 2 hours

2. Matheran

Matheran Road Trips From Mumbai

India’s only automobile-free hill station is a very popular getaway for its comfy weather. The absence of automobiles has added to the rich green surroundings. Also, since no vehicles are allowed on this hill tourists must travel by hand-pulled rickshaws or horses which adds to the thrill. And at the end of this, all await a gorgeous picturesque view of the Prabhal Fort and the surrounding environs.

Distance: 83 kms
Duration: 2 hrs 20 m

3. Lonavla

Flickr: Adithyakumar C R

The extremely well-known hill station destination is an evergreen vacation spot. And just like the description, it is extremely lush and rich in greenery while the atmosphere and weather are to die for. Tourists can engage in trekking, camping, farm tours, and bird watching. You can also visit the Karla & Bhaja caves and stunning Rajmachi Fort.

Distance: 85 kms
Duration: 2 hrs

4. Alibaug

Flickr: Madhan N View

A beautiful beach and serene seashore are good enough to make this a famous weekend getaway among Mumbaikars. Alibaug can get a little crowded due to its extended popularity but once you take in the magnificent attractions this place has to offer, you won’t be disappointed.

The Kulaba and Karnala Fort are splendid if you are interested in architecture or history. Apart from this, tourists can always visit the Siddheshwar temple or the Karnala Sanctuary which is great for bird watching and only a few kilometers far from Alibaug.

Distance: 92 kms
Duration: 2 hrs 30 m

5. Kamshet

Flickr: Madhan N View

Kamshet is popular as Paraglider’s Paradise and as the name suggests Kamshet and other neighboring cities provide thrilling paragliding experiences over lush green fields of sunflower and the Pawna Lake.

Along with this, visitors can visit the Karla, Bhaja, Bedsa caves, and the Kondeshwar temple. To see Kamshet at its best it is highly recommendable that you visit it during the monsoon months.

Distance: 102 kms
Duration: 2 hrs

6. Igatpuri

Igatpuri Road Trips From Mumbai
Flickr: MOTOR Cycle Diaries

Igatpuri is a small hill station located in Nashik, the wine capital of India. For the adventurers, Igatpuri has a number of hiking trails whereas, for the visitors who are here to destress and relax, Igatpuri offers Dhamma Giri meditation center and Ghatandevi temple. You can also visit Nashik and Bhandardara while you are at it. It is always a great time to visit Igatpuri throughout the year.

Distance: 120 kms
Duration: 2 hrs 30 m

7. Kashid and Murud

Kashid and Murud
Flickr: rohan kadam

Kashid is a beautiful secluded beach town a little ahead of Alibaug. A paradise for beach lovers and ocean enthusiasts, Kashid has spotless white sand beaches. Here you can engage in camping, Parasailing, and sea surfing. Traveling further ahead from Kashid you will reach Murud where you can visit the Janjira fort that stands in the sea.

Distance: 122/156 kms
Duration: 3 hrs 30 m

8. Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat
flickr: xs2kamal

The perfect holiday destination for a cool monsoon day is Malshej Ghat. Surrounded by breathtaking sceneries and hilltops along the route, this journey is everything you call serene. Reaching the destination, you can witness flowing waterfalls and spend some time bird watching. To witness the waterfall and colorful hills in the best of their glory, visit Malshej Ghat between July and October.

Distance: 127 kms
Duration: 3 hrs 30 m

9. Pune

Pune Road Trips From Mumbai
flickr: beep

The IT hub of Maharashtra and The Oxford of the East, Pune. Riding alongside the striking Western ghats and going through long tunnels you reach the peaceful city of Pune. Key attractions in Pune are the Neelkantheshwar temple, Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary, and a bunch of forts for the history aficionados. You can also take a detour and visit Adlabs Imagica for an additional thrill.

Distance: 148 kms
Duration: 3 hrs

10. Sula Vineyards

Sula Vineyards
Flickr: מיכל יחזקאל

Sula Vineyards is possibly the most romantic getaway on our list of road trips. Although this place does not have many activities to offer but lashing through the cool breeze, swamping grapes, and tasting wine can sum up to pretty intense intimate moments with your loved ones, right? The Annual Sula Wine Fest generally takes place in February which would make it a great time to visit.

Distance: 170 kms
Duration: 3 hrs 30 m

11. Mahabaleshwar

Flickr: Maurya Rohit

Ride along the smooth quadrilateral expressway to reach Mahabaleshwar and surround yourself in the alluring arms of Mother Nature. A colorful explosion of valleys and hills, Mahabaleshwar is every nature lover’s dream come true. The Wilson sunrise point, Venna Lake, Three monkey points, and open selling of various berries. It is always a good time to visit Mahabaleshwar anytime throughout the year.

Distance: 248 kms
Duration: 5 hrs 30 m

12. Kaas Plateau

Kaas Plateau Road Trips From Mumbai
Flickr: DraconianRain

Kaas Plateau, A conspicuous UNESCO World Heritage Site, holds this label for its rainbow-colored valleys adorned with flowers, low-lying hills, and lush greenery. Traveling just a little distance further than Mahabaleshwar you can find yourself in the lap of the countryside absolutely contrasting to the complex lifestyle led in Mumbai. And a bonus tip, visit these valleys in monsoon to find them in their complete lustrous glory.

Distance: 278 km
Duration: 5 hrs

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Now that we’ve listed down some magical and stress-relieving Road Trips From Mumbai to help you with your next breakdown, how about you pack up your essentials, grab your keys and just let the wind run through your hair?

Well, maybe wait till we’re off quarantine but hey! What better way to celebrate the end of a lockdown than allowing yourself a little freedom and reliving the carefree days? I know I will!