15 most beautiful highways in the world


Traveling is something which soothes our mind, body, and soul. In fact, there is nothing as exciting and soothing as traveling. On a weekend off you can have some quality time with your mates and make your journey even more exciting and awesome. But what if this journey is carried on some of the most breathtaking scenic routes of the world, then it becomes mind-blowing and there is no need of a great travel destination as these routes mesmerize everybody’s heart with the charming beauty and offer cherishing experiences.

So, to satisfy your soul we made the list of most beautiful highway routes in the world. We research on popular highways and scenic beauty around these highways and prepare this list.

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Most Beautiful Highways in the world

Below is the list of most popular and beautiful highways around the world.


1. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

Rohtang Pass

Located in the Midwest part of the Norwegian coastline, the Atlantic road is one of the most scenic drives in the world. This is a small stretch of County Road in the majestic city of Norway offers a scenic piece of architecture that is modern and most charming. The road is surrounded by amazing landscapes for travel enthusiasts. Also, this road has also widely been used for shooting commercials and movies. Here, you can also have a glimpse of the ocean life that includes marine species like whales and seals.

2. Rohtang Pass, India

Rohtang Pass is a high mountain pass located on the eastern Pir Panjal range of the Himalaya. It connects the Kullu Valley with the Lahaul and Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is one of the most spectacular destinations in the entire state. Also, this picturesque pass is so beautiful that people from every corner of the country visit this place. You can also take part in various adventurous Sports like skiing, ice skating, paragliding, etc. at the Rohtang Pass. It is open for tourist from April to October and the permission to travel on this Highway is given by the Indian Army, once they clear the snow.

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3. Hana Highway, Maui

Hana Highway

The Hana Highway in Maui is yet another breathtaking highway that offers a spectacular experience to all the drivers and travels across the world. It is one of the world’s most amazing highways that offer the most memorable experience of traveling. This long stretch includes more than 600 curves, 59 bridges, some of which are single Lane and also ancient bridges that are over a hundred years old. Apart from this, this long stretch of road also takes you through a lush green tropical forest, the beauty of which can mesmerize your heart.

4. Col de I’Iseran- France

This stretch of road is the highest paved road in the Alps that offers a scenic spectacular experience to its visitors. Surrounded by scenic waterfalls, galleries, tunnels, it is surely a road that every traveler must experience in his life. Here you enjoy the amazing scenery and spend a great soothing time with your partner to have an overwhelming experience. However, the road is accessible only during the summers and is one of that connects two valleys.

5. National Route 40 or Ruta 40- Argentina

Ruta 40, also called National route 40 or is a scenic route in western Argentina. It is one of the longest in the world and also the longest route in Argentina. Also, it is among the largest highways in the world and a dream come true for a travel lover. It offers a fantastic experience to its travelers as it passes through numerous rivers, mountains and also crosses 20 national parks. This road is a love destination for traveling enthusiasts from across the world as it offers majestic experience with its incredible scenic beauty. Stretched so long, the road really looks never ending and can make you fall in love with your journey.

6. The US 1 highway, Key Largo to Key West Florida

The US Highway 1 also called as the “Highway that goes to sea” is a modern wonder and one of the most scenic and highways in the world that offers the all-time best experience to its travelers. This amazingly beautiful stretch of road can give you the most beautiful sight of Blue Water as the road passes through warm waters, islands and coral reefs. In fact, the stunning beauty of the blue waters also makes the journey really a mesmerizing one.

7. Trollstigen Road, Norway

Trollstigen Road

Trollstigen is Norway’s most visited tourist road, and this Masterpiece in engineering is a mix of the majestic natural landscape that will make your drive truly a memorable one. It is a serpentine mountain road that offers numerous highlights of the fantastic scenery. Also, there is a restored hiking path to climb for those who wish to experience trollstigen by foot. This beautiful road is also a popular tourist attraction because of its flawless beauty and amazing landscapes. However, it is worth mentioning that the road normally opens at the end of May and closes in October to November.

8. The Cabot trail Nova Scotia, Canada

The Cabot trail in Canada is one of the most world’s most scenic destination, with stunning ocean vistas, old grown forest, prehistoric Rocks scarred by glaciers and the mysterious Cape Britain Highlands. It offers a fantastic experience where travelers can enjoy countless outdoor activities, participate in festivals, special musical events and much more. Also to replenish yourself, you can enjoy fabulous local seafood at the great restaurants. Furthermore, it passes through amazing places of Cape Breton Highlands National Park and also through that rugged coastline that makes your journey unforgettable. Here, in winter you can enjoy snowmobiling, hiking, kayaking, whale watching, horseback riding, swimming and much more.

9. The Milford Road, New Zealand

The Milford Road is a 120 kilometers awesome scenic drive in Southwest New Zealand that offers dramatic, beautiful, journey from Te Anau to Milford. It is regarded as one of the most scenic roads in New Zealand that offer an unforgettable journey. It is a really a wonderful drive to be carried on with your mate as you can not only admire the scenery through windows of a car or bus but you can also enjoy by stopping to discover other interesting sites along the way. However, the road is usually open all year but the weather condition between June and November can be hazardous.

10. The Blue Ridge Parkway, Appalachia

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a 469 miles scenic Road passing through 29 counties in the beautiful southern Appalachian mountains of Virginia and North Carolina. As the name suggests “a way through a park”, this scenic route offers the most beautiful journey accompanied with spectacular scenery at the roadsides, rivers, creeks and amazing limestone caves. It also offers stunning and colorful views of the natural beauty and it is visited by tourist from across the country on a large scale under the national park system in the United States.

11. Karakoram Highway, Pakistan/China

The Karakoram Highway is the most scenic and adventurous road trip you can’t go anywhere in the world. It offers some of the toughest, but most breathtaking terrains on the planet. This highway passes through the glacial landscape of the Karakoram mountains.

12. Tianmen Mountain Road, China

Located in central China’s Hunan province, it has been called one of the most beautiful mountains in the world by many travelers. The Tianmen Mountain Road passes through the thrilling clips, hanging walkways, and glass Skywalks and the world’s longest cable car corridor that makes it really unquestionable. Also, it is one of the best mountains to visit in China. But, also one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

13. Iceland’s Route 1

Iceland’s route 1 is a ring road running around the edges of Iceland’s nation and taking travelers through some of the world’s most dramatic scenery. It is one of the most scenic routes in the world. In fact, this route is so fantastic that it takes the visitors on a magical tour passing throw stunning fjords, mountain, and offers much more to the travelers who are nature enthusiasts.

14. Great Ocean Road, Australia

The Great Ocean drive is one of the best road trips on the planet. Stretching over 250 kilometers, this majestic destination attracts thousands of visitors every year. It is really a stunning coastal drive that offers fantastic sites such as the Great Otway National Park, magnificent waterfalls and the towering limestone stacks known as the 12 Apostles.

15. Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road, United Arab Emirates

Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road

Extending to just over 7 miles long and snaking at the top of UAE, Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road is located on the second highest peak of UAE, the Jebel feet. It offers travelers panoramic views of the town Al Ain, below. Here, visitors can also access the hotel as well as a restaurant. The road offers some of the best experience to the visitors as the majestic journey passes through the sweeping curves that much perfectly from one to another forming this amazing drive road in the middle of the desert.

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So these are some of the most scenic roads in the world that you should visit. Sometimes, it’s not about the journey but about the fantastic experience which can even we have from cruising along the world’s most beautiful highways.