12 Best Road Trips From Chennai to Relax Your Mind

Metropolitan cities like Chennai can often be stress-inducing and disconnect you from a long week at work. People are oftentimes looking for a breakthrough to escape from the firm grasp of the corporate lifestyle.

To refresh life and relax mind, one has to enjoy a little bit. What better way to unwind and reconnect with your true self than taking a little me time out for yourself and going on a refreshing road trip. 

Here we curated the list of Best Road Trips From Chennai that you can take in weekend to refresh your mind.

Best Road Trips From Chennai

Check this list of Road Trips From Chennai. These are the Tourist Places Near Chennai where you can go via road. Ethier takes a car or a bike, you will love these road trips.

1. Mahabalipuram

flickr: ARVIND S

If you are someone residing in Chennai and have still not had a chance to visit Mahabalipuram your next vacation spot must be this! Dating back to the 1st Century, this beach town is the best holiday destination if you’re looking for a short weekend trip.

Mahabalipuram is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in India. The shore temple with majestic rock carvings and stunning idols is extremely popular among tourists. The Tiger Cave, Arjun’s penance rock carving, the five Rathas are some of the other historical sites you can visit while in Mahabalipuram. The best time to visit is from October to March. 

Distance : 52 Kms
Time Taken : 1 Hr

2. Kanchipuram

flickr: Jayadeep NR

We all are aware of Kanchipuram for its beautiful sarees but what is not common knowledge is that Kanchipuram is more than just sarees and is a site with extreme religious and historical importance. It used to be the capital of the Pallava Dynasty.

When in Kanchipuram check out the ancient temples and the artisans at work. Take a little time off your saree shopping and visit the artisan colonies which have multiple ancient houses too. It is best if you visit during the monsoon season from June to September.

Distance : 72 Kms
Time Taken : 1 Hr 50 m

3. Tirupati

flickr: Saurabh Chatterjee

Tirupati houses one of the most visited temples in India. The Venkateshwar temple is located on a mountain top and has a beautiful golden hue because it’s top is made of actual Gold! Its profound aura is said to be extremely healing and free you of all worries.

There are many famous legends for this temple of Lord Vishnu. Also, believe it or not, the popular laddu prasadam of Tirupati is absolutely untouched by human hands although crowded throughout the year, it is recommended that you visit it between September and February.

Distance : 135 Kms
Time Taken : 3 Hr 30m

4. Auroville

flickr: Pandiyan V

Auroville is a unique, experimental township sharing land between Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, the UT. It was established with the purpose of being a town where all the residents can live in peace and harmony irrespective of creeds or nationalities.

Its primary goal is based on a vision of what an ideal human community should be like. You can experience Auroville at its best from November to March.

Distance : 165 Kms
Time Taken : 3 Hr

5. Pondicherry

flickr: suderman

With its serene atmosphere and perfect weather, Pondicherry is on the top of the list of getaways for Chennai residents. Pondicherry is a Union Territory and a French colonial city. There are numerous activities you can engage in while in Pondicherry. Take a walk along the East Coast Road and you might end up with a scrumptious french brunch. Visit Paradise beach to get yourself a well-earned self-loving time.

You can explore around the beach for some heritage french colonies. And even after all this if you have time on your hands you can always check out the stunning churches and cafes. You can enjoy Pondicherry at it’s best from October to March.

Distance : 143 Kms
Time Taken : 3 Hr 30 m

6. Vellore

Road Trips From Chennai
flickr: Guru Murthy

The historical city of Vellore is religiously and historically very important. This fort city is reminiscent of Dravidian civilization and popular among Hindus due to the common belief that Lord Murugan made an appearance on this land. As its alias makes it pretty obvious, there are multiple forts here which makes it a historian’s delight.

The Vellore Fort is the major attraction among the tourists. If you are someone who loves investing their time in learning about culture and history then Vellore is the place for you! It would be best if you visit it between October and March.

Distance : 158 Kms
Time Taken : 3 Hr 50 m

7. Nellore

flickr: sdeb

Another one of the historical towns dating back to the Mauryan empire is Nellore. And as much as it may sound like just another historically significant place, Nellore has much more to offer. From waterfalls to temples, Sanctuaries to beaches, and even a space center! The Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary and the Satish Dhawan Space Centre are some places that you may find interesting. Apart from which you can explore the Udayagiri Fort. 

Distance : 175 Kms
Time Taken : 3 Hr 30 m

8. Yelagiri

flickr: thetoxicmind

This place is for all the people out there seeking adventure. A perfect paradise, Yelagiri is a hill station in the Vellore district. The pleasant weather and natural beauty of these hills can take major stress off your shoulders. You can participate in paragliding and boating here in the artificial lake. Hiking and camping are also popular among visitors.  The best time to visit would be between November and February.

Distance : 230 Kms
Time Taken : 4 Hr 20 m 

9. Tranquebar

flickr: Tom Bradnock

Tranquebar is a famous Danish colony along the coastline of Tamil Nadu. You can visit beautiful churches here and the calm and serene waters will relieve your tension. You can take a refreshing dip or swim in these ocean waters too. The Danish Museum, Dansborg Fort, and Jerusalem Church are some of the major attractions here. The best time to visit is from August to February.

Distance : 270 kms
Time Taken : 5 Hr 20 m

10. Kumbakonam

Road Trips From Chennai
flickr: parityytirap

Kumbakonam is another one of the pilgrimage sites of Southern India. There are so many temples here one can witness them dominating the skyline. Although there isn’t much to do here other than visiting temples, the journey to this place is magical. You can take a detour and explore the villages nearby or just enjoy the scenic beauty and soothing breeze. The best time to visit is from November to February. 

Distance : 296 Kms
Time Taken : 6 Hr

11. Bangalore

Road Trips From Chennai
flickr: Harsha K R

Being portrayed as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore may not appear as your ideal getaway for the weekend but Bangalore is not just computers and traffic jams. Before being the Technological capital of India, Bangalore was well known as the garden city which doesn’t come as a big surprise considering the pleasant weather in Bangalore all year round.

There are many beautiful parks and lakes all around the city which makes you rethink its perception as a metropolitan city. You can also take some extra time and travel further towards Nandi hills to experience surreal natural greenery and beauty. And if you are planning to visit the hills you might as well start early in the morning since the sunrise from Nandi Hills isn’t something you would want to miss. There isn’t really a bad time to visit Bangalore so whenever you make up your mind is really the best time!

Distance : 350 Kms
Time Taken : 6 Hr 30 m

12. Yercaud

flickr: Mathew S Thomas

Yercaud is another popular hill station just a few kilometers from Chennai. Carpeted with lush greenery and serene hilltops Yercaud is easily the most mind freeing location from the list. Away from all the hustle and bustle of city life, Yercaud is a nature lover’s dream come true.

Surrounded by coffee plantations and spice cultivations you can inspire your inner chef too! The Yercaud lake offers boating and other water activities you can indulge in. You can visit the Kiliyur waterfalls and Shivaroy hills for more scenic beauty. The weather here is cool and cozy with a gentle breeze flowing year along with so it is good to visit any time of the year.

Distance : 365 Kms
Time Taken : 6 Hr 30 m

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These are the Road Trips From Chennai. These are just a few of the beautiful places around Chennai. If you actually explore further there are many more amazing places. Chennai itself has the perfect weather and numerous places worth visiting. And if you’re all done with exploring Chennai this list of Road Trips From Chennai will always come in handy.