15 Best Road Trips from Kolkata for Exciting Vacation


Kolkata is, popularly the aesthetic, social, and scholarly capital of the nation. Kolkata’s lanes are striking, feverish, clamorous, and simultaneously overflowing with life and innovativeness.

Driven by the unstoppable soul of the independent working class, the city Kolkata has made a wonderful juxtaposition of the old frontier period fascinate with the early up and coming trendy person culture that flourishes among the city’s millennial occupants. And along with all this Kolkata also has some gorgeous one and two-day trip locations to add to the never-ending list of reasons Kolkata is just simply amazing.

Best Road Trips from Kolkata

Here is the list of Best Road Trips from Kolkata where you can go for a long drive.

1. Chinsurah

Chinsurah: Road Trips from Kolkata

Chinsurah is a historical city in the Hooghly district and used to be a part of Dutch colonies. Once upon a time it was considered to be the most beautiful city. Even today the city stands strong with rich design and plenty of compositional wonders such as old military barracks, Hooghly Imambara, Bandel Church, and Aqua Marina waterpark.


Distance: 53 Kms
Travel Time: 1 Hr 30m

2. Deulti

Deulti: Road Trips from Kolkata

Deulti is a very popular getaway among the locals. It is a pretty village standing on the Rupnarayan River. The calm and quiet around the village is a nature lover’s retreat. Scenic views and lush green farmlands make it all the more enjoyable. It is also the perfect spot for bird watching. Apart from these ones can visit the Leisure Park. The Kolaghat is a popular fish town you can pay a visit too.

Distance: 67 Kms
Travel Time: 1 Hr 30m

3. Falta

Falta is a River town not far from the city just a few kilometers from the outskirts. It tops the list of one-day road trips on all the locals for a bunch of reasons. The refreshing and calming waters of River Damodar and Hooghly.


The Bose Bigyan Mandir is a famous scientist Acharya  Jagadish has a beautiful farmhouse too where you can relax or enjoy some picnic activities. The serenity and cool weather makes it a perfect destination for a bike ride. Once in Falta you can take ferry rides from the banks or simply just enjoy a walk by the waters.

Distance: 52 Kms
Travel Time: 2 Hrs

4. Tarkeshwar

Tarkeshwar is the destination for all of you religious people out there. The Taraknath temple here, dedicated to Lord Shiva houses one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. Other than that there is a Buddha Temple which is sanctified by the Dalai Lama himself. It is a popular destination on Mahashivratri.

Distance: 62 Kms
Travel Time: 2Hrs

5. Raichak

Raichak: Road Trips from Kolkata

Raichak is a beautiful picnic destination spot standing on the banks of River Hooghly in the town of Diamond Harbour. Once you are here you can visit the lighthouse at the Diamond Harbour or admire the historical artifacts and ancient beauty of Chingrikhali Fort. This fort also holds a Portuguese history since it used to be a Portuguese stronghold.

Distance: 52Kms
Travel Time: 2Hr 20m

6. Mayapur

Mayapur is another famous location for a one day trip among the religious folks. Dedicated to Lord Krishna the ISKCON temple here provides a nice, peaceful, and spiritual atmosphere to find your inner self peace. The road to Mayapur is also serene with green farmland patches occurring occasionally.

Distance: 146 Kms
Travel Time: 2Hr 38m

7. Piyali Islands

Piyali Islands or The Gateway to Sundarbans as it is famously called is one of the main passages leading to the Sundarban Forests. Away from the chaos of the city life, Piyali Islands are comparatively quiet and peaceful. If you ask a Bengali, we would definitely say that this is one of the best Road Trips from Kolkata to take. Considering it is a gateway to Sundarbans luscious greenery and forestation are not a surprise. But one can engage in bird watching and boating while here. Families love and enjoy spending time here.

Distance: 69 Kms
Travel Time: 3 Hrs

8. Sundarbans

The Sundarban National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site for being the largest littoral mangrove in the world, covering an area of nearly 10,000 sq. kms. It is also a biosphere and tiger reserve. One can see various species of flora and fauna here in their natural habitat. The Royal Bengal Tiger and Saltwater Crocodiles can be easily spotted. Tourists and visitors have described the experience as breathtaking and peaceful.

Distance: 102 Kms
Travel Time: 3 Hrs 30m

9. Shantiniketan

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Shantiniketan is an ancient university founded by Sir Rabindranath Tagore to train great intellectual minds. Shantiniketan can be a great start to exploring the cultural side of Bengal. You can also take a tour around the university and explore other culturally important places like the Visva Bharati University, Tagore Ashram where the legendary master’s memorabilia is located. Lastly visit the Chhatimtala where Rabindranath Tagore taught his disciples. You can also visit the Amar Kutir to buy handcrafted souvenirs.

Distance: 162 Kms
Travel Time: 3Hr 52m

10. Bakkhali

Bakkhali: Road Trips from Kolkata
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Bakkhali is what one would easily describe as the perfect getaway destination. There are so many places to visit here you would keep looking to stay for a longer time. Located kilometers away from the clamor of the city Bakkhali, is an absolute retreat for the eyes.

It is a beautiful picnic hotspot part of the Sundarban Islands located between other islands. Popular tourist spots here are the Bakkhali beach, Henry island, Jambudwip, The Watchtower, and Mangrove resort garden. 

Distance: 126 Kms
Travel Time: 4 Hrs

11. Bishnupur

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Popularly known as the Terracotta Temple city, Bishnupur is exactly what its alias claims to be. A small town with beautiful temples made out of terracotta. With excruciatingly intricate design and detailing, the buildings and temples here are architecture’s delight. The Jorbangla and Shyam Rai temples are beautiful exhibits of amazing carvings in red terracotta stone.

Distance: 140 Kms
Travel Time: 4Hrs 15m

12.  Mandarmani

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Mandarmani is a little up and coming seashore resort town close to Kolkata. Enveloped with picturesque landscapes, thrilling beaches, and dripping every bit of luxury there’s absolutely nothing missing out from Mandarmani. It is definitely the top of the list on road trips near Kolkata.

Distance: 171 Kms
Travel Time: 4Hr 20m

13. Digha

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The most popular beach town around is Digha. Lapped with gorgeous beaches and reflecting off of the sunset gradient spending a weekend here is what could help attain a peaceful mind. Engaging in adventurous water activities like water zorbing and sea diving and gorging on delicious seafood. A perfect getaway at Digha awaits you.

Distance: 183 Kms
Travel Time: 4Hr 45m

14. Mukutmanipur

Mukutmanipur: Road Trips from Kolkata
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Mukutmanipur is a small village in the Bankura district of West Bengal. Full of life and Nature, it is a gorgeous scenic beauty surrounded by water bodies and lush forestry. It is also the location of the second-largest freshwater earth dam of India and Asia from river Kangsabati and River Kumari. One can experience a beautiful sunset enveloping the waters and enjoy boating too.

Distance: 228Kms
Travel Time: 5Hr 30m

15. Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur: Road Trips from Kolkata
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Jamshedpur is the first-ever planned industrial city of India. Located a few kilometers outside of Bengal, Jamshedpur is an absolute beauty in the heart of Jharkhand. Although the city is already well known for the huge steel plant, there’s more to Jamshedpur than steel.

The city is generously blessed with numerous gardens including wildlife sanctuaries. The Jubilee park spread over 200 acres of land is a major attraction of the city. The Dalma Lake, Dalma Range, and Dalma wildlife sanctuary are also popular among tourists.

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Kolkata is a wonderful city in the Paschim Bengal state of India. Life is too busy in the city. Take a break and choose a destination for a Road Trips from Kolkata from the list. Share your view in the comment section.