Explore These 10 Best Waterfalls Near Mumbai During Monsoon


Every once in a while, we get so caught up in the busy lives we lead in the concrete jungles that we end up feel vacant and lost. The only way to snap out of it is to reconnect with nature. It is only amidst nature that one can find themselves again and be reminded of how lucky they to be alive in this beautiful world. Among many of nature’s magical offerings, one of the best is waterfalls.

I mean, if you’ve ever been fortunate enough to witness a waterfall, you wouldn’t be able to deny their beauty. It’s incredibly relaxing to the senses to watch the tirade of water cascade in the most enchanting manner possible. Sit down and watch it happen for a while and rest assured, there’ll be a sense of tranquility pervade your soul.

And we’ll be there to navigate you. Here is the list of best waterfalls near Mumbai for an escape to the hectic life of the metropolitan city.

Famous Waterfalls Near Mumbai

These are the famous waterfalls which are located near Mumbai. You can visit these waterfalls as many times as you can. They calm your soul and give peace.


1. Randha Falls, Ahmednagar

165 kilometers away from Mumbai, the Randha Waterfall is located on the Rajur-Bhandardara road. Cascading from a height of 170 feet, it happens to be the chief source of hydro-energy in the district. There’s a little temple on the banks of the river, as well as colonies of bees on the rocky sides of the gorge. Come here in the monsoon and feel blessed.

2. Kune Waterfalls, Pune

Kune Waterfalls near mumbai

83 kilometers from Mumbai, the Kune Falls offer an interesting blue-and-green contrast, always pleasing to the eyes.

It’s not that hard to find: it’s right between Lonavala and Khandala. It’s located on the old Mumbai-Pune highway. It’s pretty majestic at nearly 700 feet.

There’s even a sweet little pool formed at the base of the waterfall. Come here in the mid-monsoon and have yourself a little picnic.

3. Lingmala Waterfall, Panchgani

252 kilometers from Mumbai, the Lingmala Waterfall is a sight for sore eyes. This stunning waterfall is on the Mahabaleshwar-Pune Road.

Falling from a height of around 500 feet, it is a perfect spot to get away your hectic work schedules. It’s best to come here between July and October.
Please remember it is extremely risky swimming here during the rainy season. Nonetheless, if you’re going to Mahabaleshwar, you definitely have to come here.

4. Chinaman Waterfall, Panchgani

263 kilometres away from Mumbai, the captivating Chinaman Waterfalls are considered one of the best in Maharashtra. It is really is a breathtaking sight.

Not too far from the Mahabaleshwar Bus Stand, the best time to come here is during the monsoon.


5. Vihigaon Falls, Igatpuri

116 kilometers away from Mumbai, the exotic Vihigaon Falls offer about 120 feet to rappel, if you’re the adventurous junkie sort of individual. Cascading from about 120 feet, it’s situated in the quaint village of Vihigaon.

Look familiar? Because it’s also the place where the Shahrukh Khan-starer “Asoka” was shot.

Since Vihigaon is an ‘adivasi’ village, there isn’t an accommodation or food facility. Come here in monsoon and prepare to be stunned.

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6. Umbrella Falls, Ahmednagar

waterfal near mumbai

190 kilometers away from Mumbai, it’s located close to the iconic Arthur Lake. At the Old Wilson Dam, it’s a great contrast to the luscious and green Sahyadri Hills at a cascading height of 500 feet.

Go during the monsoon or winter and watch the exotic Umbrella Falls generate electricity. And if you’re careful enough, you can stand under the Umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh.

7. Tamhini Ghat Falls, Kolad

143 kilometers away from Mumbai, it is located on the crest of Sahyadri range. There’s a breathtaking view of the valley. There are dense, green forest and a diverse variety of species of birds. Come here in the monsoon, don’t miss out!

8. Bhivpuri Waterfall, Karjat

79 kilometers away from Mumbai, the Bhivpuri Waterfall is considered one of the best. Close to the Bhivpuri Railway Station, it’s perfect for destressing away from the hectic schedules that work offers.

Come here during the monsoon and it’s worth the trip away from Mumbai

9. Pandavkada Falls, Kharghar

Located only 29 kilometers away, these beautiful waterfalls are perfect if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle but only have a day to spare. Despite being so close to Mumbai, you will definitely feel like you are very far from the city. The scenery here is stunning during the rainy season.

Although gorgeous, these falls can be quite dangerous. Remember to very cautious around here. As with most waterfalls, the monsoon is the time to be here.

10. Malshej Falls, Maharashtra

Located 140 km from Mumbai this Malshej Falls in Maharashtra is one of the best destination for Mumbaikar to explore during monsoon. This waterfall has countless small waterfalls that can give you goosebumps and invoke your inner soul to applaud the nature’s beauty.

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These are the best waterfalls near Mumbai to visit during the rainy days. During Monsoon, the beauty of waterfalls is at their peak as there is plenty of water in the falls.

Waterfalls are sort of like waterparks, but better. With clean water and greenery that is soothing to the eyes, one is bound to feel relaxed. Trekking up to them is quite an experience in itself. We urge all of you to pack your friends and families up and have a fun day at a nearby waterfall. Don’t forget to pack spare clothes and a towel to dry off.

You can also pack some snacks along and have a nice little picnic. Eat samosas and chai as you watch the water gently cascade. Have fun while keeping in mind to not litter and be careful as accidents at waterfalls aren’t uncommon. Stay safe!