12 Best Places to Visit with Friends in India


I watched “ Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani” so many times as it inspired me to travel with my friends. There are so many places in India that you should travel alone, but some are incomplete if you go without friends. Friends make travel easier. You always get the power to step into the unknown adventure with your buddy and that joy is precious.

Bollywood has inspired us with so many so friendship stories and somehow they all include travel. Travel surely strengthens the bond between your buddies. The memories you make during the travel are something you will always cherish.  

Due to the Covid-19 situation, many people are avoiding traveling which is good. But you can travel by keeping yourself and others safe by maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, sanitizing your hands, and regularly doing RT PCR tests. Never go on any trip, if you are facing symptoms of Corona.

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Traveling with friends to amazing places makes everyone happy and it also makes the friendship bond stronger. So, we decided to curate a list of the best places to visit with friends in India. You can explore these places with friends and make beautiful memories.

Best Places in India to Visit with Friends

Here is a curated list of places in India to see with your best friends:

1.  Manali

Well taking a page from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, Manali is the best place to visit with your friends. It is the best place where you and your friends can go during the summer break. See the Hirimba Temple or eat trout at Johson café or trek up to the Jogini falls, the choice is endless.

At Manali, you can see the beautiful Manu temple and experience the culture of Old Manali. Take your friends to Dylan’s café for some delicious cakes and pies or even shop for some junk jewelry or shawls at the marketplace. If your gang is tired then take them to the hot water spring in Vashisth, it is really relaxing for the mind.


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2. Ladakh


Like the  3 idiots, you can also head from Manali to Ladakh via road through the Baralacha pass.  A bike trip with your friends to Ladakh must be on your bucket list. It is best to see the other Buddhist Caves at Saspol with your friends or visit the Aryan village at Dahanu to know more about ethnicity. Eat Ladakhi food, visit the monasteries and take pictures at the Buddhist festival, but nothing beats sitting with your friends and camping at Pangong Lake amidst the clear blue water.

Ladakh gives you and your friends the chance to appreciate the topmost region of the Himalayas and experience the beauty that nature withholds. Ladakh also has different cultures as delve further. End the trip with your friends by visiting the petroglyphs at Domkar and be mesmerized by the view of the Indus.

3. Goa

goa in winters

Well, Dil Chahta hai gave us Goa with friends as the ultimate bucket list. The Goa trip is not complete without friends. Drinking beer and crab in the shack or doing paragliding or snorkeling and even shopping at Anjuna market with your girlfriends, Goa surely is one place you and your friends will remember forever that despite all the odds the Goa trip happened. Taking a walk at the Latin quarters is surely Instagram-worthy when your friends are. Enjoy some jazz music at Panjim bars. If you and your gang want some seclusion then take them to the spice villages near Goa. Ultimately goa does have some hidden treasures to enjoy.

4. Pondicherry


This beautiful union territory is ideal to visit with your friends as it will remind you of southern France. Pondicherry is ideal for an all-girls trip. Stroll or cycle with your girlfriends in the French town and eat waffles at Café Desarts. Explore different cultures in Pondicherry by visiting the Tamil quarters and Muslim quarters, Pondicherry has a hue of colors varying from locality to locality. Take your friends to meditate at the Aurobindo Ashram, it surely will give all of you some zen. Pondicherry gives you and your friends a sedentary lifestyle with the benefit of tax-free liquor.

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5. Andaman


This trip with your friends to the tropical island in the Bay of Bengal is surely an adventurous one. Do scuba diving together or visit the tribal areas or even have a bonfire at the secluded beaches with the gang, Andaman is the best place to have some adventure with your buddies. It will be a detox for you and your buddies from civilization.

6. Lonavla

Well, for every person living in Mumbai, a road trip to Lonavla is a must during the monsoons. A day trip to  Lonavla with your buddies in the monsoon includes trekking at the Lohargad fort or visiting the Karla Buddhist caves.  Enjoy the scenic beauty from Tiger Point and if you can extend your trip then trek to the Rajmachi fort. Do get some chikis with your friends as a reminder. Lonavla is the ultimate budgeted getaway for the weekend you can have with your friends if you are from Mumbai

7. Bhangarh

Bhangarh Fort, Alwar

If you and your friends belong to the Gryffindor squad ( get the pun), then Bhangarh is the place for you and your brave gang. Located in Alwar, the fort is one of the haunted places in India. If you and your friends have the guts then stay after sundown in this spooky fort

8. Kasol


It is often called the mini version of Amsterdam in India. This beautiful hamlet in Himachal is known for its scenic beauty. Sit with your friends at the banks of the Parvati River and sip some tea. Head to the amazing cafes in town to grab some delicious Israeli food. And visit the village of Malana to enjoy that herbal substance with your friends. Kasol is the best place to camp with your friends. That’s why we include it in this list of Best Places to Visit with Friends in India.

9. Rann of Kutch

Rann of Kutch utsav

This is a must-visit place with your friends during the winter. The salt desert is a beautiful place to visit in Kutch. Take a camel ride across the desert or even camp at night during the full moon, the scene is really mesmerizing. Take your friends to Mandvi Beach nearby and hog on some delicious Gujarati thalis. To see the real flavor of Kutch, take a tour of the tribal villages.

10. Meghalaya

laces in indiathat are not allowed to visit

Meghalaya is also the paradise on earth to visit with your friends. This place has mesmerizing beauty in rainy seasons. You can explore Shillong, Cherapunji, Dawki, and Nongkhnum Island with friends and create lots of beautiful memories. If you are planning to go somewhere in July or August, Choose Meghalaya. This is one of the Best Places to visit with friends in India.

Here is the complete guide on Dawki Camping in Meghalaya. You can do Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Snorkeling and lot more other water sports in Meghalaya.

11. Rishikesh

Rishikesh is famous for camping, hiking, and river rafting, and doing these activities with your friend circle gives immense pleasure. So, if you are planning for a trip with friends then choose Rishikesh. This place will never make you feel bore.

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12. Ooty

A trip to Ooty with friends has its own charm. You can enjoy nature, hiking and enjoy parties with friends in Ooty. You can plan a trip in Summer: March to June. Another best time for planning an Ooty trip with friends is from March to June. 

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This curated list will surely be helpful for you and your friends to plan your next big holiday together. Make memories and fill that photo wall of yours with some incredible journeys. Do share your experiences with us after visiting these places.