Best Places to Work From Mountains in Uttrakhand

Promoting safety and tourism, the state of Uttarakhand has come up with a smart idea of promoting “Workation” wherein employees are encouraged to move along the beautiful mountains and look forward to work with these scenic views while staying at home. The idea was designed to create a perfect balance of nature’s recreation and also reduce the burden of work stress for employees working from home.

Uttarakhand has always been in the spotlight for its breathtaking panoramic Himalayan views and pleasant weather throughout the year. The new concept of Workation sets a prepared platform for people to come, stay and enjoy their work-life without any hassle with all the basic amenities. Most of the cottages and lodges have already set up all the required equipment and set up to make their guest feel at home. 

Before you book a place to work from hill in Uttarakhand, you must check for amenities they are providing:

  • 4g internet connectivity
  • Power backups
  • Luxury and premium rooms at reasonable prices
  • Evening activities such as fireplace, grills, and walks
  • Sanitized rooms
  • First aid facilities
  • Outdoor and indoor work station on hills

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Best Places to Work From Mountains in Uttrakhand

These are the best workcation in Uttarakhand, India where you can work, explore and enjoy the natural beauty. But always remember to respect the local resident and follow the Covid-19 rules. Choose the next place to Work From Mountains in Uttarakhand.

1. Forest view workstation, Almora

Work From Mountains in Almora

Surrounded in peace and serenity, the forest view is surrounded by Shivalik ranges. The place is also a reserved space sufficing people to work with focus and concentration. There are separate tents in here to rent out and each one is equipped with all the facilities. There’s WiFi, power backup, and other necessary equipment that you’ll need while working from. The best part is, they are affordable and perfect if you wish to work in a lavishly equipped place.

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2. Seclude Workation into the Woods, Ranikhet

Work From Mountains in Uttrakhand:  Ranikhet

Another luxury workstation in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand is Seclude Workation. The aesthetics of this place is quite interesting. Situated near the forest, the luxury cottages here are designed like a typical vintage village theme. The cottage is luxuriously furnished with proper power backup, extension cords, and of course, the perfect piece of furniture around. The place also faces towards the Himalayas so for us, this place is a total win-win pick.

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3. Hilltop Villa Workation, Mussoorie

Work From Mountains in Uttrakhand:  Mussoorie

Mussorie is one of the best off-beat destinations to visit for vacations, honeymoon, and now, for work stopovers as well. right from the scenic views, weather balance, peace, and accommodating options, everything seems well sorted and balanced here. The Hilltop Workation in Mussoorie is located exactly on the landscapes of the beautiful mountains. Apart from all the basic facilities and amenities, the place offers a private balcony where you can work outdoors and indoors as well. the place also offers a hike to the second largest point in Mussoorie called a gun hill. You can also visit the famous Kempty falls or go for a walk along with the jabarkhet reserves. This destination is one of the highly impressive spots in Uttarakhand.

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4. Offbeat Workstation Experience, Dehradun

Work From Mountains in Uttrakhand:  Dehradun

The hilltop offbeat villa location is another extravagant location to stop in for few days and work in peace. Surrounded by the Himalayas, the place is a perfect safe set up in the lap of nature. There’s also an organic garden nearby where you get fresh fruits and vegetables. The place is less populated making it ideal for work or a private holiday destination.

Apart from everything, there’s also a cozy corner with Fireplace, BBQ grill space, and much more. So definitely your evenings are sorted better with all these amenities.

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5. Hill View Workstation, Nainital

Work From Mountains in Uttrakhand:  Nainital

Nanital, as it is, has next-level positive vibes and energy. There can be no better idea than working here for few days to get away from the hustles of the city. The place is often sanitized and well equipped with all the basic required amenities. You can work, cook and enjoy some amazing quality time by the mountain views.  The location is somewhere near Pangot, just 15 km away from Nainital.

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6. Heritage Workation, Nainital

workaction in Uttrakhand: Nainital

This heritage space is absolutely for those who love living some historic vibes. It gives you the 1900’s feeling and perfectly matches with the nature around as well. the place is equipped with all the necessary amenities and if you need something else too, people here are extremely helpful. It’s just that guests can either cook their meals or hire someone to cook for them. 

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7. Hill Top Workation, Ranikhet

Work From Mountains in Uttrakhand: Ranikhet

Soaking in the panoramic views of the beautiful mountains, this place is a budget spot to reside for few days and work with safety and peace. Though you won’t find any luxury services available here, the place is still worth it if you are looking for a pocket-friendly residence and you can manage the rest on your own. 

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8. A Workation With Unique Stone And Pine Architecture, Kausani

WFM in Uttrakhand: Kausani

Witnessing the beauty of Trisul, Nanda Devi, and Panchchuli, this place in Kausani is quite interesting and perfect. There’s everything that you’d probably need for your work. Power backup, office setups, first aid kits, and everything that you’ll need during your stay.

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Uttarakhand is one of the most happening and safe states to move during these pandemic days. Here’s a list of some cottages/villa that you can check out if you plan to move to the mountains to work from there for few days. Choose your next destination for Work From Mountains in Uttarakhand from this list.

Wishing everyone safe and happy days. Let us know about more places if you’ve discovered any of the cities of Uttarakhand.