Best Places to Work From Mountains in Himachal Pradesh

It’s been almost two years since the pandemic hit across the globe and almost all of us have been affected in some adverse ways when it comes to working. But without any doubt, we all deserve a big round of applause to everyone for fighting it bravely and trying to fix everything around them. Going a little inside to the COVID-19 pandemic effects, the entire situation has changed the work culture around us.

With covid taking the cities by storm, most of the people have decided to move by the mountains to work in peace and safety. Work cannot be stopped but ensuring that we work in a safe and peaceful environment is for sure in our hands. To help you get along with the pandemic situation safely, here a list of the best places to work from home in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh.

Work From Mountains: Himachal Pradesh

Why you should move to work from mountain

1. Get a detox

The entire pandemic crisis has left us disturbed and tensed. There’s no better way than getting yourself a mental detox by residing in the mountains.

2. Increases Work productivity

Away from the hustles of the city and people, you get more chances to concentrate and work with focus.

3. A balance of break and work 

Working from the mountain adds up to that extra mile of balance between work ethics and relaxation with mother nature. You don’t get pulled with your devices when you don’t have to work. Explore and discover the beautiful mountains!

4. Custom work environment

What’s better than designing yourself a perfect work environment just the way you like it?  Design your workstation on your own and work in your comfort.

Work From Mountains in Himachal Pradesh

Here’s a quick checklist of the top suggested locations in Himachal Pradesh to move on for work from the mountains.

1. Kullu

Work From Mountains: Kullu Himachal Pradesh

One of the best destinations in Himachal Pradesh is Kullu. Right from its weather to the population around, everything settles in peace and tranquility synchronizing perfectly with nature’s fresh breeze. Away from all the city hustles and bustles, Kullu is one of the best ideal spots to move on in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh to work in peace and safety. You can carry on with all your work here without any external disturbances or worries.

Best stays for work from home in Kullu:

2. Manali

Work From Mountains: Manali Himachal Pradesh

Manali is the absolute next destination that wins our hearts the most when it comes to mountain regions of India. Visiting Manali is one of the best ideas especially during winters as it beautifully snows and the weather is extremely pleasant to enjoy around. The recommendations for Kullu Manali go hand in hand same. So you may consider the same locations to stay.

Accommodation recommendation in Kullu Manali

3. Kasol

Work From Mountains:  Kasol Himachal Pradesh

Kasol is an open gateway for people with fresh minds and energetic zeal to keep their work going on. The place is situated near the banks of the Parvati river from where you can view the beautiful backdrop of mesmerizing mountains.  Kasol can be another ideal stopover destination to stay away from the pandemic environment and work in peace and safety. Also, Kasol can be a relaxing destination in these times when the country is seeing a lot of hustles due to the COVID crisis. 

Accommodation recommendation in Kasol

4. Naddi

Naddi is another isolated village mountain destination that is quite safe and close to Delhi to travel. The place is a budget-friendly spot to move to for some time and work in pleasant weather. The best part about this place is that it has everything to offer and all at a budget ride. Right from accommodation to food and also some trekking experience for all of us.  Just make sure you carry all your essentials right from your device chargers to a strong connection internet dongle to ensure there’s no hurdle in your work.

Accommodation recommendation in Naddi


Work From Mountains: Tirthan Himachal Pradesh

Known for its exotic trekking and hiking spots, Tirtha is a 1600 meters high-level space with a calm cozy ambiance. Several small cottages offer budget-friendly rooms for long-time stays. Be it a month or two, one can easily manage in Tirthan’s homely atmosphere.

Accommodation recommendation in Tirthan

6. Chamba

Work From Mountains:  Chamba Himachal Pradesh

The best for the last, Chamba is one of the most gorgeous valleys of Himachal Pradesh where you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful calm atmosphere of nature and work in peace. The place is quite well developed as compared to others and it won’t be difficult for anybody to last here for a long stay. Apart from the workspace, there’s a lot to explore and discover in the lands of Chamba.

Accommodation recommendation in Chamba

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Keeping in mind the budget track as well. the suggestions of these accommodations are all budget-friendly. Do share with us if you know more about the mountain regions of Himachal Pradesh.