Key Points
  • Ideal Duration: 1-2 days
  • Best Time: Throughout the year
  • Nearest Airport: Mumbai


 Matheran- the over-head forest, is located in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra which is popularly known as ‘the little hill-station of India’. This is because Matheran is the smallest of all hill-stations in India. This high-head is more than 2600 feet tall. Don’t belittle it based on its size, I bet you it will fascinate your sight by offering all the intense green bed and peaceful breath. The dense greenery is combined with pleasing air and magnificent beauty. It provides you the cozy hill-station you desire for a perfect weekend trip. People explore Matheran in the form of trekking, rock climbing, and paragliding and go on an exciting adventure. It is near to Mumbai, hence people from the city visit it now and then to mellow their feet. The sights in Matheran have old-age red soiled and vehicle-free roads merged with cool pollution-free air. This makes the visitors visit Matheran again and again.


Matheran has a glorious history and known to be the famous attraction for British. Yes, you heard it right. Matheran was discovered by the British in 1851. Hugh Ponytz Malet, the collector of Thane actually found this small, pleasing hill-station in the Sahyadri. Later, Lord Elphinstone contributed to developing Matheran. Soon it served as a popular spot where British can escape through the unbearable heat of the city. Matheran still has those huge royal mansions, toy trains and the various other lanes of British. Today, this discovery of British is happened to be one of the rarest places in the country where vehicles are not allowed in order to preserve its previous magnificence and glory.


Matheran like any other place in Maharashtra has people belonging to Hindu and Muslim religion in the majority. The language spoken by them is predominantly Marathi. People here are humble and friendly and shall welcome you with great hospitality and generosity. They celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi as the major festival in Matheran. People participate in a great number to celebrate this festival of unity. Typical Maharashtrian dishes and Gujarati cuisines are available in Matheran. Wada Pav with Garlic chutney, Misal, Usal, and Jalebi are quite famous amongst the tourists and local people.


Matheran is a refreshing paradise that provides you forests, lake, waterfalls and much more to explore.

  • Waterfall rappelling at the Dodhani Waterfalls is accounted for as the most thrilling activity of Matheran. If you are in search of an exciting thriller adventure, then this activity is not going to disappoint you as it has the most wonderful experience. Don’t worry the providers use the best quality ropes, seat harnesses, descenders, helmets, and gloves, etc.
  • Another popular activity served by this hill-station is trekking. It gives you a number of options to choose where to carry out this activity. Some of them are Chanderi Caves, Kalavantin Pinnacle Trek, and Irshalgad fort.
  • There is a collection of Points that can make you astonished at the beautiful sights available here. Louisa point, Little Chowk Point, Porcupine point are some of the points that have unique significance as each point gives you a different remarkable view.
  • You can also go for rock-climbing to make your trip more adventurous.

Matheran is an easy and worthy option to be foot-loose and fancy-free.


The following are must-visit attractions if you plan your trip to Matheran:

  • KHANDALA- It is another hill-station located at the Sahyadri range.
  • LONAVALA- Known as sister hill-station to Khandala

Places in Matheran

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