Best time to visit Matheran



The temperature in winter can reach up to 8? in Matheran. Hence you can expect extreme chilled weather during the season. Trekking, Rock Climbing, and other adventures are best enjoyed during this season.
The pleasing cool breeze across the misty hills makes a noteworthy sight for visitors.
Hotels and Restaurants are cheaper during this season as tourists visit this place in a lesser number.
Water bodies are richly replenished by the Monsoon and hence waterfalls and new streams are more enjoyable.


This is the season that attracts the tourists most as Matheran during the summer is a cool, calm and pleasing treat from the heavy Sun rays. The greenery of the forests adds on the refreshing qualities of Matheran. Temperature ranges from 22? to 33? throughout the season. It is a peace-oriented spot even at the peak tourists zone owing to its vehicles-free environment. All the Points, Ghats, Valleys and sight-seeing parts are incredibly clear and eye-catching at this time. Matheran-Mahotsav is a grand festival that is celebrated by the local people organized by the municipal corporation.


The month of June to September brings showers which are of 150 inches. This rainfall imparts life in the waterfalls and makes the forest lavishly green once again. The overall atmosphere is pleasing and noteworthy but it becomes difficult to view the sights from the viewpoint. The only beauty that can be enjoyed is the hill-top covered by dark clouds. Trekking and other activities are reduced to a great extent due to the wet texture of surroundings. However, the forest can be explored with great ease as it gives you humid-free comfort.