Key Points


Malana is a small village located in the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is known for its unique culture, history, and the production of high-quality cannabis. Here's a tourist guide to Malana:

  1. Getting to Malana:

    • By Road: Malana is approximately 21 kilometers from Kasol, which is well-connected by road to cities like Bhuntar and Manali. You can hire a taxi or take a local bus from Kasol to reach Malana.
    • Trekking: There is also a trekking route from Kasol to Malana that takes around 4-5 hours, providing a scenic experience through the beautiful Parvati Valley.
  2. Unique Culture and History:

    • Malana is known for its distinct culture and social structure. The village follows its own set of customs, traditions, and a unique form of governance.
    • The locals consider themselves descendants of Alexander the Great and believe in their superiority. They have their own language, known as Kanashi, and are known to be reclusive and protective of their traditions.
    • Visitors are expected to respect the local customs and maintain a certain distance from the villagers' personal spaces and belongings.
  3. Exploring Malana:

    • Village Walk: Take a walk through the narrow lanes of Malana to experience its traditional architecture, unique houses, and local lifestyle. Respect the local customs and avoid touching or entering houses without permission.
    • Jamlu Devta Temple: Visit the Jamlu Devta Temple, dedicated to the village deity. Photography and touching temple structures are generally not allowed.
    • Witness Traditional Practices: You might get the opportunity to witness traditional practices and rituals if you happen to visit during local festivals or special occasions. Seek permission before taking photographs or participating in any rituals.
  4. Trekking and Nature:

    • Chanderkhani Pass Trek: For adventure enthusiasts, the Chanderkhani Pass trek is a popular option near Malana. It offers stunning views of the Himalayas and takes you through lush meadows and forests.
    • Natural Beauty: Surrounding Malana, there are beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, and scenic viewpoints that you can explore. Take some time to appreciate the natural beauty of the Parvati Valley.
  5. Important Considerations:

    • Respect Local Customs: It is crucial to respect the local customs and traditions of Malana. Avoid touching or disrespecting religious structures, maintaining distance from personal belongings, and seeking permission before photographing people or their property.
    • Cannabis and Legal Issues: Malana is known for the production of high-quality cannabis, but it is illegal to consume or purchase cannabis in India. It's essential to respect the laws and regulations of the country.
    • Waste Management: Keep the village clean and dispose of waste responsibly. Avoid littering and use designated garbage bins.

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