Bir Billing

Paragliding Capital of India

Key Points
  • Ideal Duration: 1-2 days
  • Best Time: Throughout the year
  • Nearest Airport: Chandigarh

Bir Billing is a village located in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Bir Billing is popularly known as Paragliding Capital of India. Billing is the site from which paragliding takes place and Bir is the landing site. Billing is 18 km north of Bir.

If you visit the Bir Billing, do not miss the Paragliding. Even f you are afraid, try to overcome the fear and experience this. Paragliding Cost

Minimum DurationRate
25 minutesRs. 2000
60 MinutesRs. 3000-4000

Note:You will be charged Rs. 500 extra if you want to use their GoPro.

If you are a first timer, choose the 25 minutes ride because the 60 minutes ride will be too long for you. Make sure you eat light before going for paragliding. Also wear a jacket even if it is a warm day. The air will be cold.

Town Bir is also an important centre of spiritual studies and meditation. Most of the people belong to Tibetan community and culture of the place is influenced by Tibetan culture.

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