Best time to visit Kasol


From the month of October, the place experienced chilled winds and heavy snowfalls that extends till February. The temperature hardly crosses 18°C, making the visitors covering themselves with several layers of clothes throughout the day. Traveling and exploring around the city becomes difficult due to heavy snowfall that blocks the roads. Thus, the visitors are tended to spend most of their time in the hotel rooms to ensure their safety. The well-known trekking activities to Kheerganga, Pin Parvati Pass and Sar Pass are something that you can find during this season. If you are looking forward to enjoying in the midst of nature, this season could be avoided while planning your trip.

Summers in Kasol is brought by the month of March and ended by June with the temperature ranges from 13°C to 35°C. Although the noon serves the hot environment in Kasol, the place is enough to cool and pleasant during May and June. You can explore the place to the fullest with immense scenic beauty and eye-catching sight-seeing. You get an opportunity to mellow your feet into the wide energetic landscape of Kasol during summers. Adventurous activities and sight-seeing are greatly carried out by the tourists during the season. There are numbers of festivals being celebrated throughout the summers. They are included as Indrasan Festival, Summer Hills Festival, Electric Mahadev Festival, etc.

With the temperature ranging from 22°C to 33°C, Kasol experiences the nature showering from July to September. The landscape experiences heavy rainfalls that makes it wet till September ends. Due to sudden landslides, road blockages and cloudbursts. The area becomes prone to risks leading to accidents. This is the major reason that makes the season as inadvisable to visit Kasol. Airways traveling also becomes inconvenient due to frequent cancelation and delays of flights. The exciting and fun-oriented activities are kept to hold till the season ends. Thus, planning a trip to Kasol during monsoon must be avoided.