12 Best Natural Bridges Around the World

The world is full of natural attractions and one can never agree on enough of witnessing the beauty of nature around us. There are a lot of things that when looked in deep, have a unique sense of majestic beauty and importance in them.

The natural arches across the world are one of such fascinating things which attracts a lot of visitors with its beauty. Some may be delicate, small, or maybe even large and gigantic. These incredible arches are wither some rocky surfaces or limestones, sandstones of old eras which now have turned into beautiful arches with erosion and other factors. 

We curated a list of most beautiful and natural bridges around the world. If you are a true admirer of nature, you must visit these natural bridges in the world.

Natural Bridges Around the World

Here’s a list of the top 12 most beautiful arches across the world which are worth watching and witnessing at least once.

1. Green Bridge of Wales, United Kingdom

The green bridge of Whales is one of the most interesting and beautiful spots long with the pembrokeshire coastline in the National park. People believe that the ocean will wash away the green bridge and the middle will collapse.

It’s a limestone arch that stands as a solid rock bridge which was once a rocky cave. It probably has eroded on most of its part and now has a hole in the middle yet is still one of the most beautiful landmarks. You can take a kayak tour if you want to see this beauty with a closer view.

2. Pravčická Brána, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has the queen of rocks. It is one of the largest rock arches in Europe. This fairytale landscape is located in  Bohemian Switzerland National Park. The bridge is as tall as seven stories and is made of sandstone. You can view this from several vintage points. The bridge is almost 27 meters wide with a height of 21 meters.

3. Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah

The Natural Bridges National Monument is almost 5000 years old where once upon a time Native Americans used to live. The bridge is formed due to the millions of years of erosion from running water on sedimentary rock. The bridge was extremely thick but later eroded and became more delicate for what it is now. The bridge is huge massive and is no less than a national monumental icon.

4. Natural Bridge, Virginia

This bridge is also known as the seven wonders of the modern world with its exotic beauty and lovely sight.  The bridge is worshipped by Monacan Indians as ” the bridge of the god” and also there are many initials and carvings on the bridge walls.

This natural Historic Landmark was formed by collapsing of a cavern which later became a rock span tower-like structure. This bridge has its own historic, religious, and tourism importance in Virginia. 

5. Natural Bridge, Kentucky

In the depth of eastern Kentucky stands a tall sandstone arch bridge which is almost 6 ½ stories high and is almost a million years old. The bridge is believed to be formed when the large block of sandstone fell from a narrow ridge.

This place is also visited by many visitors and tourists for hiking or even for activities like fishing, paddling or canoeing across this  40-acre Mill Creek Lake. The best part that attracts most of the people here is the beautiful archway which is extremely spectacular to view and enjoy.

6. Pont d’Arc, France

This bridge is a stone in the old village of Vallon-Pont d’Arc. The bridge-like stone crosses over the Ardeche River at the entrance to Gorges de l’Ardeche. The visitors can view the beautiful river from here and enjoy the spectacular scenery from this point.

This enormous arch has some of the best views and also, you can enjoy some fresh air, water, sun and sand across the shores of this bridge.

7. Azure Window, Island of Gozo, Malta

This marvelous bridge is located on the small island of Gozo in Malta.  The lovely blue sapphire seas and deep water backdrops will make you skip your heartbeat. This landmark is also counted as one of the most photographed bridges. This arch-like bridge structure is a result of collapsing of two limestones thousands of years ago.

This location is also featured in many famous movies such as “The Clash of the Titans” and “The Count of Monte Cristo”. The place also has two popular scuba diving areas for the visitors and tourists to experience more adventures of the place. The Blue Hole and The Chimney are the famous spots here offering some spectacular views and insights.

8. Lexington Arch, Nevada

Nevada has a six-story tall long bridge-like arch which is a limestone carved structure by the forces such as wind, ice, and another chemical breakdown. Archaeologists believe that this bridge is one of the largest limestone arches in the western U.S.

Today this monumental bridge is extremely close to the wildfire damage yet is still open. One can enjoy hiking, road trips, or even trails through the rugged terrains. 

9. Fairy Bridge, China

The Fairy Bridge in southwestern China is a long bridge that shares its border with Vietnam at a 400-foot span. The bridge is also known as the largest arch in the world with a big margin. The Chinese name for this bridge is Xian Ren Qiao.

The rock has a very different dramatic and unearthly look carved of limestone karst. The only drawback when this bridge was discovered was that it is located in a remote location hence wandering alone isn’t a safe idea so far. 

10. Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wadi Rum, Jordan
flickr: -JvL-

This place is a tribe region in southern Jordan. The place is almost a deserty area of wilderness and is covered almost with sandstone and granite mountains all around. Those who are interested to have a look at this calm beauty can go on private cars or hike on foot to discover the depths.

If desert safari excites you, you can also enjoy a camel rife here with local Bedouins tribes who take you on a mini-tour and also help in discovering the place. 

11. Tassili n’Ajjer, Algeria

Tassili n’Ajjer is also known as a World Heritage Site in 1982. This natural bridge is tucked between the border of Libya on the edge of the Sahara desert. The rock formation has more than 15000 drawings and engravings dating back to 6,000 BC.

The rock is no less than a story in itself which narrates on the undergone geological changes and transformations along with time. The place was also marked as a UNESCO World Heritage site due to the amazing collection of natural bridges and dense rock formations. 

12. Hazarchishma Natural Bridge, Afghanistan

In 2010 this natural bridge came into the sight of wildlife conservatives.  While studying the wildlife nature and its inhabitants, they discovered this hidden natural bridge, and ever since then it is counted as one of the best natural bridges of the world. It is more than 60 feet in height and has a base of nearly 200 feet across. The bridge was found in  Hindu Kush mountains and approximately 100km north of Band-e Amir. 

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Among all the natural wonders of the world, these are few of the top arches that will for sure leave you mesmerized. Do share with us if you know more about these arches and other historic spots.