10 Luxury and Best All-Inclusive Resorts in The World


No matter which part of the world impreses you, but there are certain things in the arms of nature that never fail to surprise us. One such exclusive to visit in the list is the world’s most exotic, lavish, and luxurious resorts. These are not just places to live and relax but rather, these resorts are more of like a new world where you enjoy, relax, and explore. Be it a honeymoon trip or your next family vacations, these high-end eco impressive resorts are simply perfect for all. 

To know more, these All-Inclusive resorts offer some of the best theme designed interiors in their villas/ rooms where you find all the amenities right at your doorsteps. From spa sessions to other personal services, everything is of exclusive rates and world-class services. If you ever plan to fly on an eco friendly high-end gateway for some quality time, make sure you check out these All-Inclusive Resorts and pick one for your next visit.

Best All-Inclusive Resorts

Here’s a list of the best All-Inclusive Resorts across the world.

1. Nihi Sumba Island, Indonesia

Nihi Sumba Island in Indonesia is an extraordinary beautiful gateway with a beautiful nature’s treat billing as one of the best world’s beach resorts. This deep wild palm-filled crystal bright coastal region is one hour away from Bali


The All-Inclusive Resorts here are surrounded by an approximate reserve of 2.5 km white sand beaches where one can effortlessly enjoy surfing, fishing, snorkeling, and some nature’s panoramic view. The best part is that this island holds no TV cable connectivity to make sure that you enjoy nature’s recreational activities to the maximum. 

There are almost 33 air-conditioned villas that lead you to the gateways of tropical essence with soaring thatched ceilings and bright sweeps of ocean views. The private villas here offer one to five bedrooms along with large living room space and private pool spaces. 

The place is covered with all the proper provisions to ensure that you enjoy your stay with good food, snacks, medical care, communal farms, and of course other activities around. 



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2. Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia

St. Lucia is another extremely beautiful resort where nature speaks for itself. With the sun peeking through the volcanic mountains and bright blue oceans shining crystal blue, the resort is no less than pure bliss. The rooms here are open-sided giving the perfect vibrant views and at the same time complete privacy for couples. The whole theme of the room is designed to be wooden themed with local stones and tropical hardwoods. There are five stars 24 Jacuzzi suits instead of private pools and also other amenities that you’d probably need. Right from snacking to spas and free Wifi. There’s everything. 

Another best thing not to miss here is the Jade Island fresh farm organic product cuisines. The resort is almost 600 acres and gorgeous in space giving you the freedom to feel the nature as well the beauty of your time.  Swimming, sailing, kayaking, and diving are other activities available besides enjoying nature’s beauty. The resort also has some mesmerizing botanical garden where couples can go for bird watching or just a walk. If one is not conscious much about the cost of expense and look more towards having some of the best moments of life, then they should plan a trip here.


3. Lily Beach Resort & Spa, Maldives

Lily Beach Resort & Spa, Maldives

The Maldives never fails to amaze with its vibrant beauty effects. With a shade of lovely blue waters, Lily Beach Resort is one of the exotic All-Inclusive Resorts of the world. This water luxury resort is a happy destination for some private as well as family and friends quality time. The resort is on Huvahendhoo island in the Maldives. The resort is a coral ringed island where you’ll find the best diving destination and colorful corals.

The resort has air-conditioned well designed interior spaces with all the modern conveniences that one looks for. Right form free wifi to private Jacuzzi, there’s everything in here attached with the villa. The best part not to miss here is the glass floor areas where you can enjoy viewing into the crystal clear seas and meanwhile enjoy the beautiful sunset views from your deluxe rooms.

There are several dining venues where one can choose to dine as per their taste and preference of food. The specialties here are Indian, Chinese, Thai, and some teppanyaki flavors. There are water sports across the shore and a lot of space to enjoy some fun water by side sports such as volleyball, tennis, and much more. Soaking in the sun is indeed a great experience to feel in the Maldives, at least once in a lifetime.


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4. The Brando, Tahiti

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The Brando in Tahiti is a tropical gateway paradise with absolutely low impact and environmentally friendly atmosphere. This neutral resort is an absolute high-end luxury spot island where you can set back and enjoy beautiful lagoons and crystal blue waters across the shores. The island also marks a very good example in using the maximum of natural sources of energy to make the best use of technology. 

The place is no less than a dream spot for nature admirers and privacy lovers. Right from deep flourishing corals to a flock of birds and neatly lined palm trees, the place has everything. The visitors can also enjoy the views of sea turtles nesting on the white beaches whereas the bright sun rays shine vibrantly upon them. The island is a color treat by nature with all the bright blues, greens, and crystal whites shining brightly all around.

Talking about the accommodation, they are well furnished and designed effortlessly with new design interiors and all basic to luxury amenities. Plunge pools, wifi, TV, dining areas, etc, there’s everything here. just like other resorts, there are water sports and activities to enjoy in here. there’s also a lagoon school just in case if you are on a family trip and your little one needs some extra care.  Your little ones too can enjoy tennis, deep-sea fishing, dancing, fitness classes, and many other recreational activities here. Brando is a full luxury island to enjoy, explore, and give some quality relaxation time for yourself.


5. Kurumba Maldives

Kurumba in the Maldives is another famous spot with warm rich hospitality and luxurious nature’s treat for its guest and visitors. This is almost like a private resort in the country with all the amenities and activities to dive in and enjoy. The place has private villas to multi-bedroom villas to choose the accommodation based on your requirements.

Kurumba has an extremely beautiful glorifying nature’s essence wherein you can rest by the pool lounge or walk on the wet white sands while enjoying the lovely breeze. There are restaurants, cafés, water spas, and other sport activity corner to enjoy some recreational time. One can dive in the waters of Kurumba and discover the colorful coral reefs here and also the different beautiful vibrant schools of fishes.

The resort also takes care of your children and has a Majaa Kids Club that offers a large list of cultural activities along with dancing, singing, and other fun activities. Also not to forget, they have a special kid’s cinema to make sure they are fully entertained.


6. Jumby Bay Island, Antigua

Jumby Island is a one-stop destination to dip yourself completely into the tropical essence with dazzling beaches. You can feel the pollution free atmosphere here since there are no cars here, either you go on bikes or walk around the place.

The place is famous for its overwhelming friendly staff who take care of you throughout your stay. There are 40 well-furnished villas and guest rooms, all of which are modernly furnished and well equipped. With personalized features and amenities, you can chill down by the pool, play tennis or golf, or enjoy the sensational spa treatments by the professionals here. To entertain you, there are many water sporting activities and other projects to do such as conservation and recycling projects towards the environment. 

The restaurants here are a classy hit were you have chef taking care of your special needs and taste in every dish you order. On an overall note, this island has amazing red roof villas to all other amazing luxuries to enjoy in.


7. Royal Malewane, South Africa

This safari lodge destination in South Africa will steal your heart. Royal Malewane in Thornybush Game Reserve bordering Kruger National Park is a one-stop destination to discover, explore, and enjoy the treasures of nature. The resort is all designed and set with an old colonial vintage ambiance to make you feel the royalty of the historic time.

The suites here are well air-conditioned and designed with oriental rugs, antiques, thatched rooftops, and a mosquito netting as well. The visitors here can enjoy the royal spa experience, evening game drives, and also wildlife tours. The place promises the best luxury experience with everything right from food, recreational activities, and accommodating space for its guests.


8. Twin Farms, USA

Twin Farms is located near the 300 acres land of the bucolic Vermont countryside. With a fusion of modern art and whimsical interiors, the place offers a unique sense of luxury and vintage vibes. The guest service here is mind-blowing. They take care of every individual’s needs and offer an amazing sense of hospitality to all. Their exquisite spa service and culinary creations have extremely high-class standards. Especially the lemon soufflé pancakes are one of the best picks from their menu.

The resort has a total of 20 guest rooms and log cabins, with some ancient style cottages and hideaways.  You can feel the luxury here in every step in and around the resort. 

Every season is different here to explore and enjoy. You can enjoy hiking, biking, or maybe even fishing, swimming, or go for paddling during the summers and in winters, one can enjoy snow wake or skiing on the resort’s private space. Don’t forget to visit historic sites and antique shops nearby.


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9. Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp, Kenya

Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp in Kenya is a luxury stop to enjoy the living nature and explore in comfort. The camp is around the Serengeti National Park and Maasai Mara National Reserve. The word tent is used only to bring out on how privately the resort has set up its accommodation.

The interiors are cozy and perfectly lavish to relax and enjoy your staycations.  There are 10 partial tents with a propping window from where you can enjoy the wildlife views and watch gigantic giraffes and mesmerizing zebras. There are Massai expert guides here who take you along the safari for an in-depth wildlife tour.

The culinary experience here is also amazing at breathtaking locations. If you are going on a family trip here, your kids will for sure love it here.


10. Southern Ocean Lodge, Australia

Kangaroo Island at the edge of South Australia is one of the most sophisticated destinations for a fresh, energetic, and lavish holiday. The lodge is suited near the wave crashing oceans in a contemporary building style. This one of the best All-Inclusive Resorts and the eco-friendly place has 21 rooms all of which are well furnished and have outdoor terraces and heated floors to make you feel more lavish while you stay.

The island has its specialties when it comes to food. Food items like Ligurian honey, local cheeses, and fresh-caught seafood are famous at the restaurants here. While the visitors relax at the spa, the kids can enjoy some time in a special workshop where they are taken care of with different activities and projects.


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A pro tip for all those who are looking forward to planning a visit, carry your cameras, and an additional waterproof camera to capture the views beneath those lovely blue dive ins.

We hope these All-Inclusive Resorts have impressed you as much as they have us. Let us know what you think of these lovely unique holiday destinations.