10 Best Islands to Visit in Maldives


Let this holiday season begin in the serenity and exquisite beautiful Islands of Maldives. The Maldives is a country with an archipelago of 1,192 coral islands that are grouped into natural coral atolls which are located in the Indian Ocean. These lie south-southwest of India and west of Sri Lanka.

These coral Islands measure not more than 1.8 meters above sea level. Out of these vast numbers of Islands, only 192 are inhabited by around 300,000 inhabitants. All the other Islands apart from them are virgin islands except for more than 100 that have been developed for the top end of the tourist economy.

The sandy beaches and the vast sea life ranging from various species is a major attraction to the Islands of Maldives. Did you know that the Maldives offers On-Arrival Visa for Indian Tourists?

Best Maldives Island to Visit

If you are planning to visit Maldives, here is a list of the best Islands you must visit.  You will enjoy your visit for sure. But before planning this trip, you should know everything about getting Maldives Visa.


1. Male Island

male lsland

The International airport is located in the city of Male, as it is the capital and also the most populous city in the Maldives at the same time. It is the best choice of Island that the Maldives can provide for luxury seekers and honeymoon couples who are looking for a lavish experience of the Island.

The artificial beach is a delight on this Island along with the seaside lunch. Visitors can also indulge in snorkeling and underwater scooter riding and can hop on the scooter for a ride to the nearby islands.

The major attractions at this Island are the Grand Friday Mosque, Male Fish Market, Tsunami Monument and Sultan Mosque. The central part of the Island is highly urbanized with many foreign workers also residing here.

2. Hulhumale Island

hulhumale island

This island is located in the south of North Male Atoll, Maldives. It is a reclaimed artificial island and the Maldivian coffee is a little similar to the free-freeze dried coffee that is served in Hulhumale.


The picturesque amalgamation of artificial and natural here is breathtaking. The coastline which is majestic and the lack of many visitors coming to this place makes it an ideal location for people looking for some serenity.

3. Biyadhoo Island

This scuba diving hub in the Maldives is internationally renowned. The beachside with sparkling waters and a huge range of diverse water sports make it a must-visit Island in Maldives. This island has an abundance of vegetation growth that includes bananas, coconuts, mangoes, cucumbers, cabbage, and tomatoes.

It is a circular resort island which is situated in South Male Atoll. This island is almost circular in shape and spans on land of ten acres. This island is managed by the Taj Group yet remains to be a densely vegetated and forested island.

4. Maafushi Island

Maafusi Island is the proposed capital of Medhu Uthuru Province and is also one of the inhabited islands of Kaafu Atoll. It is a local island which is situated in the South Male Atoll. This island is renowned for the Maafushi prison.

The resorts on this island are an ultimate delight beside the sparkling waters that can be incorporated along with the fun activities the place has to offer. It is considered to be an idyllic destination which provides the perfect blend of convenience and lifestyle. Maafushi is known to have four main beaches in its circumference that are widely known for its reputation that include the bikini beach, public beach, water sports beach, Coral beach.

The beaches vary from soft white sand beaches along with swaying palm trees and turquoise water surrounding to the panoramic view of the azure sea. The coral beach has plenty of dried up corals lined on the beach.

5. Alimatha Island

This island situated on the mid-northern rim of Felidhu Atoll is one of the most popular destinations amongst tourist visiting the Maldives. It is situated at a distance of 40 miles north of the International Hulhule Airport.

This island has a plethora of ayurvedic massage centers, water sports corners that allow you to do windsurfing, canoeing and cat sailing. A good number of sites for diving can be found here such as the Myaru Kandu, and this site has also been included in the list of government-sanctioned protected sites.

The Alimatha aquatic resort on the island promises to offer an exquisite variety of staying option in the form of beach bungalows and overwaters properties. The island offers a secluded experience with a surreal view of the ocean, golden-white sand, and the lush greenery also follows.

6. Como Cocoa Island

como cocoa island

This island is a private island resort with 33 overwater suites with the option to explore the exceptional house reef and witnessing the turquoise lagoon that it encompasses. The island has luxury experiences that include holistic wellness treatments.

The place is also influenced by a lot of South-Indian cuisines and is renowned for the world-class diving it offers. The place offers a Como Shambhala cuisine which is a unique blend of nutrition incorporating organic ingredients such as the richness of living enzymes, vitamins, and sea minerals while delivering the mouth buds with a delicious treat. This island is located on the ‘South Male’ Atoll.

7. Baros Island

This island is heaven with turquoise color water that lap on the white sand shores and paint the shores with its richness and color. The rustling palm trees create a soothing experience for the visitor.

The island is just open for the visitor to explore a myriad of attractions on the island that have fun snorkeling activities including other water sports in the azure waters in the midst of the picturesque island.

8. Mirihi Island

mirihi island

Mirihi is a small island that is located in the Alif Dhaal Atoll. This island is a small paradise that enshrines the Maldivian character. Spanning at a distance of 300m by 50m. It is one of the smallest islands on the Maldives but is no less of a tropical treat and one can also hop to other islands from this place.

The beach is a treat set amidst luxurious resorts. This island has been a host of the tourist island. There are many hotel resorts and it is the only island with overwater bungalows. The island has a dive center which is operated by Ocean Pro Mirihi.

9. Vihamanaafushi Island

vihamanaafushi island

Kurumba Beach is home to the famous Kurumba Maldives Resort on the island of Vihamanaafushi. It is located in the North Male Atoll. It is an excellent destination for honeymooners where one can groove along with the beats at the beach.

The place definitely promises to offer more than just the sandy beaches. It offers a lot of fun and exciting activities and entertainment scenes and is located at a very short distance from the International Airport.

10. Sun Island

sun island

This island is part of the Maldivian Island Group and is located on the southern part of Ari Atoll, 50 kms west of Male. The turquoise blue lagoon and the exotic tropical flowers are sure to make your stay a wonderful memory with picturesque moments. One can indulge in many fun activities while their stay at the island which would include knee boarding, Jet Skiing, diving and much more. The wine at Maaniya Restaurant is an absolute delight with dinner that one must surely try.

Before going to Maldive, do proper research and know everything about the Maldives Visa.

How to reach:

The Male Maldives airport handles domestic and international flights and is the connecting point to most of the Maldivian islands. There are direct flights from Delhi and Mumbai. From Male Maldives airport one can visit all nearby Islands easily.

FAQ Answers by Our Experts:

Is Maldives worth visiting?

Yes, Maldives is a good place to visit. If you are a true beach lover and want to see beautiful blue color water, Maldives is for you. But not everyone can afford to visit Maldives as everything there is costly from hotels to food.

Which is best time to visit Maldives?

The best time to visit the Maldives is from November to April. The Maldives is hot and sunny all year round, with average temperatures of 23ºC-31ºC.  The high season falls between December and March. The monsoon runs from May to October and it is at peak around June.

What is the cheapest time to go to the Maldives?

If you want to visit Maldives in economical price, don’t go at peak season. November to April is the peak time when visitors go there. The cheapest time to go to the Maldives is any time between early May and late September.