15 Safest Houses In The World

You might have seen some extremely beautiful houses and most luxurious houses throughout your lives, but what a typical house looks like for multi-billionaire is completely different. One does not look always for beauty, some smart billionaires across the globe have designed and built their homes to be the safest and most comfortable place on earth.

These fortified luxury homes are instilled with high designed technology and smart security system which make them one of the most admired properties of the world. From natural calamities to big robberies, these homes can withstand any circumstance.

Yes, these are the safest houses in the world that no one can break out ever. We curated the list of top safest homes in the world to calm your curiosity.

Most Secure Homes in the World

Here’s a list of top safest houses across the world. Do check them out and observe the beauty as you read along.

1. Buckingham Palace: Home to the British Royal Family

Buckingham Palace: Home to the British Royal Family
Image by balichaca from Pixabay

The royal family has always been in limelight all over the world with their unique set of rules and etiquette values to be followed. Just like most of the world’s national figure living space, the Buckingham Palace is also fully protected and one of the most iconic landmarks with high world-class security.

The rooms of the palace are all fitted with 18-inch steel walls and strict guard watch at every corner of the palace.

2. The White House: Keeping POTUS Safe

Just after England’s Buckingham Palace, the US too has one of the best safest places: The White House. This historic home is one of the safest places on earth where the President of the United Nations lives along with 1300 secret guards and agents in the place.

The place is designed and built to be uniquely safe for the President under all circumstances. There are 147 bulletproof windows and an emergency operations center at the underground to keep the President safe at times of threat and sudden attacks.

3. The Corbi Family Home: The Ultimate in Home Security

The Corbi family home is the most hyped and discussed places when it comes to the safe homes of the world. Featured in Forbes, the Corbis have designed their space with highly unbreakable safety within the Hollywood hills. The fortress of protection has high technology sensors and alarms that the trespasser can easily be spotted at a distance itself.

To make it more specific, there’s also a burglar Blaster Decintegrator that showers pepper spray when tripped. Cool right?  There’s no doubt that the Corbi’s have the safest place to sleep in peace.

4. The Fair Field Estate: A Hamptons Safe Haven

Hampton’s Safe Haven is one of the strongest and expensive homes in America. There is a highly trained staff, metal technology walls, bulletproof windows, and numerous security cameras to keep a bird’s eye on everyone who passes by. It is believed that the house has artwork worth $500 million artworks which makes it more reasonable to add up such strict security precautions.

5. Indian Creek Road, Miami, Florida

Indian creek island is a cluster of homes and mansions that are believed to be the most hyped and famous expensive sale in the history of Miami. The creek island is an exclusive space with its golf spots and a total of 32 houses. The pass is accessible strictly to homeowners only there. Among the rest, Villa 3 has its specialty and high safety build up. The mansion has its 2-acre road with a private beach and high vault security safety.

The billionaire home is made up of expensive materials like limestone, wood, and glass.  From panic rooms to other important parts of the mansion, all have a fingerprint scanner which simply does not allow anybody to enter the space. High-level safety to extremely beautiful exteriors, the mansion has everything.

6. The Kardashian-West Family Home: Kim and Kanye’s Secured Mansion

We all know how much is Kim concerned about her safety. Ever since she was the target of the frightening heist in October 2016 in Paris, the celebrity has been extremely keen to keep her safety first. The security at the entrance makes sure that the person is properly screened and is passed through a special search test. Her mansion is extremely big and with high-level security installed in every hook and corner. 

 7. Bill Gates’ House: The Microsoft Mansion’s High-Security Detail

Is it even possible that the king of Microsoft himself hasn’t designed security for his own house?  Bill gates designed a Xanadu 2.0 for his house with high technology features to keep his space free from trespassers.  Making it more special, there is a special treatment given to the guests as well.

The Xanadu 2.0 is also designed with personalized microchipped pins to make the guests feel home by adjusting to their personal preferences. It can also be understood that gates designed it in a smart way to keep a check on tracks of the guests.  The floors are pressure sensitive floors which can automatically detect how many people are there in the house.

8. The Intel Tiny House: A Smart Home With Top Security

your space does not define the need for your security. This tinny intel house has more security than you’ve ever imagined. Created in collaboration between Intel, Minim Homes, and Kyle Schuneman, this tiny house is a smart house with high vault ultra-safe technology security in it. The entire house is designed to be controlled by an app.

The complex is a total of 4.6 square miles. The best part is its standard features like round-the-clock security guards, electric fence and minefield which can smartly detect break-ins. The connection of the network is amazing in here. That’s why it is one of the Safest Houses in the world.

9. The Tsui House: Often Considered the World’s Safest House

The Tsui House in Berkeley, California is one of the best and safest houses.  The structure of this house is quite impressive and amazing which is built down from recycled styrofoam and cement. The steel-reinforced cement blocks are build in a lattice network and also with walls that are built inward inclined in 4 degrees.  The building perfect and strong to withstand earthquakes and manage to stay strong.

10. Adirondack Park Missile Silo House: Upstate New York’s Underground Luxury Home

The  Adirondack Park Missile Silo House looks isn’t as sober as it looks. The residence is has a silo’s opening and is much deeper than it seems to be.  There’s a total of 3000 sq foot space nestled below the ground. What makes this place the safest place in the world is the blast-proof doors with each weighing 2,000 lbs. 

11. The Rice House: Atlanta, Georgia’s Presidential Compound

The rice house is a center masterpiece just like the white house.  It is situated on 15000 sq feet with proper fortified concrete. The rooms are extremely majestic with ballistic doors that feature three layers of Kevlar.

There is proper security that covers every corner of the house. Just like other safe places, technology enables this place to control it via a tablet. The most impressive feature of this mansion is the steel-reinforced concrete walls which are also termite-proof.

12. The Zombie Bunker: Security style in Poland

People call this place a zombie bunker because it can be a last resort for you to hide on in case of a meteor strike on the earth or the zombie apocalypse or maybe any other disaster. The home is designed and made with thick walls and concrete blocks that are strong and protective enough.

The design of this place is a special edition by the architects of  KWK Promes. The most unique thing that the architects have instilled in here is that the house starts to look a little more solid block at night than what it appears on the day. Interesting right?

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Do let us know what you think on these safe houses in the World and share what would your safe house look like.