Top 10 Most Haunted Places In Mumbai


Mumbai is one of the oldest and the most populous city in India and is a business hub for several decades. From old abandoned mills to lone roads, Mumbai locals claim to have experienced foul forces even in the most populous regions in the city. Most of these places are open for a visit or are still in use, so you can visit them easily.

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Most Haunted Places In Mumbai

1. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a biosphere rich with fauna and flora and attracts several tourists to its 2,400-year-old Kanheri caves. Despite being one of the most visited parks in the world, many consider this place to be creeping with haunting figures such as a hazy hitchhiker who vanishes into thin air. The forest guards have had similar experiences too. While you’d expect such activities in more remote areas, this park attracts 2 million people each year.

2. Mukesh Mill

Established in the 1870s, Mukesh Mill got destroyed in a fire accident of 1982 and has been abandoned since then. Spirits are said to populate the mill grounds and have revealed themselves on several occasions especially during film shoots. Being a spooky-looking region, many horror movies are shot there, and the paranormal activities witnessed by the crew include unexplained sounds, possessed crew members including a child, and similar experiences of the night guards. Even the film directors refrain from shooting there now.


3. Aarey Milk Colony

Surrounded by dense trees, this remote road has been a location for petty crimes, animal sightings but most famously strange paranormal experiences. There is no original tale for it but several drivers have accounted for a strange woman dressed in white hitchhiking on that road at night before either disappearing suddenly or turning violent. Even the residents of this posh area have accounted for this. Other paranormal activities include crying babies, vanishing old man and eerie sounds, all at night.

4. Tower of Silence

Even without a horror tale, this site is sickening to visit. Located at Malabar Hill, Tower of Silence is a graveyard for the Parsis. As per their rituals, they leave the dead bodies in the open here for the vultures to consume, religiously to avoid contamination of land or water from the corpse. With dead bodies lined up in a queue on the floor, encircling the tower, the eerily quiet ambiance adds to the terror of visiting this place.

5. The D’Souza Chawl

The D’Souza Chawl: Haunted Places In Mumbai
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Another populous haunted region of Mumbai, the Chawl is located in Mahim and is crowded in the day. Paranormal activities begin during the night when the rumoured spirit of an old resident who died by falling in a well wanders around the chawl. The locals claim to have witnessed strange shadows and hazy figures at night, moving around the lanes of the chawl.

6. Marve And Madh Island Road

One of the most scenic roads in Mumbai, this road is surrounded by lush green nature and mangroves and a bridal spirit. Travelers on this road have reported sightings of a girl dressed in bridal wear asking for help or a ride. It said that a bride was killed in the nearby mangroves on her wedding night and since then she has been causing havoc on that road. Accidents, deaths, eerie shadows hanging around are usual sightings on this road.


7. Bombay High Court

Hard to believe that there are foul ghosts in a place of law, but this old building has been infested by some for nearly 30 years. The ghost of a lawyer is said to coerce the convicts who are on trial for murder into confessing their crimes. From accounts of such prisoners across three decades, the court has become infamous for this justice hungry ghost.

8. Nasserwanj Wadi

Nasserwanj Wadi: Haunted Places In Mumbai
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Another haunted spot in the Mahim area, this compound once belonged to a Parsi named Nasser. Some 20 years ago Nasser was brutally murdered and buried near a well nearby. Since then the area itself brings out the spooky vibes in anyone who hasn’t even heard of this brutal crime. The residents of the area claim to have seen Nasser’s spirit walking around the premises. Unnatural sounds in the night and other unexplained activities too bring out the fear of the locals.

9. Poonam Chambers

Poonam Chambers: Haunted Places In Mumbai
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Although a modern complex, this building is infamous for its many tales of hauntings and unnatural deaths. Located in Worli, Poonam Chambers saw a bomb blast in 1993 and the collapse of B-Wing in 1997 causing many untimely casualties. Nightguards and late-night office workers often complain of rattling door noises and knocks in the B-Wing, while some claim to see ghostly figures roaming the corridors. Many other tales too keep workers form working late in the offices here.

10. 8th Floor, Grand Paradi Towers

While the number 13 might be unlucky for other buildings of the world, the 8th floor of the Grand Paradi Tower residential complex has seen some harrowing bad luck. Since 2004, the floor has seen a big portion of the 20 suicides in the building, even some from the same family. A married couple, followed by their children fell to their deaths, and later an old man too jumped from the 8th floor. The complex is in the posh Malabar hills area but many flats remain empty in the building, especially the 8th floor.

Other than these, the Vrindavan Society in a posh Mumbai area is also infested with sights of the ghost of a man who committed suicide on the grounds. The security guards, like many in all of the above locations, complain of unnatural sounds and encountering malignant forces late at night. The ancient St. John’s Baptist church in Andheri was a spot for an exorcism in the 70s and it followed some terrifying incidents that make it worthy to be mentioned on an extended list of haunted places. Several other flats, corridors, floors, buildings and even Rajesh Khanna’s bungalow are said to be haunted by locals in Mumbai.