15 Rare Phenomenal but Beautiful places in the World to Visit


The mother earth always amazes us by her beauty. Some places are rare and unique and some are mesmerizing. The world has some rare phenomenal but beautiful places in the world to visit. Every person must visit these places if they are fond of traveling.

These most unusual but beautiful places are all over the world and amused us in their own respective ways. If you are also one of them who got bored with the man-made objects or crowded places, plan your next trip to one of these rare phenomena but beautiful places. You will surely amuse by these unusual beautiful places.

Rare Natural Phenomena but Most Unusual Places

1. “Door to Hell” Crater of Fire, Darvaza Crater:

door to hell

The Door to Hell or Gates of hell is a natural gas field near Derweze, Turkmenistan. This field was releasing methane gas. Therefore to prevent the earth from the dispersion of poisonous gas, Geologists set it on fire in the year 1971. Since then, it has been burning continuously. It is 60 meters wide and 20 meters deep hole in the desert of Derweze.

2. Death Valley’s Sailing stones:

sailing stone
(img source: monatomic-orme.com)

The Death Valley’s sailing stones are a rare geological miracle where big rocks and stones move and leave trails behind them without any human or animal interference. This is really a rare phenomenon that one must see if they fond of exploring the earth. This is located in a remote area of California’s Death Valley National Park.


3. Largest Land Mirror:

(img source: nor591.blogspot.in )

The largest land mirror is in the Salar de Uyuni, Southwest Bolivia. It is the largest salt flatland in the world which is 4,086 square miles (10,582 kilometers) wide. Every year, this astonishing wonderland covers with a thin layer of water which give this land a look of the mirror.

4. Puzzling Pine Trees:

(img source: wikimedia commons)

These Puzzling Pine Trees are in the Crooked forest in Poland. There are approximately 400 pines which were planted around 1930. Each of these pine trees bends pointedly to the North hardly above soil level, then crooks back upward after a sidelong excursion of 1 to 3 meters.

5. Multi-Hued Cliffs:

(img source: silkroadangeltours)

These Multi-Hued Cliffs are in Danxia landform, southeast, southwest, and northwest China. These cliffs seem like a bed of multicolor rocks or rainbow mountains. The best time to visit Danxia is from June to September as this these months have perfect climate condition for tourists.

6. Snow Donuts:

(img source: quasargroupconsulting)

The snow donuts basically form in North America and some remote regions of Northern Europe. This tyre-shaped snow forms because of perfect the number of weather conditions like wind, temperature, snow, ice, and moisture that need to be just right for them to form.


7. Dead Sea:

salt lakes
(Img source: travelhdwallpapers)

If you ever have a dream to swim in a sea, here is a place to fulfill your dream, The Dead Sea. If you don’t know how to swim but want to float on a sea, here is the place, The Dead Sea. The concentration of salt in the Dead Sea fluctuates around 31.5%. This is surprisingly very high which results in a low density of 1.24 kg/l. Therefore, due to natural buoyancy, anyone can easily float in the Dead Sea because.

8. Northern Lights:

(img source: wallpapercave)

These northern lights are also known as Aurora borealis. You can see them above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres of the Earth. This mesmerizing natural phenomenon has won millions of hearts and dream of every wanderer. The reason for this natural phenomenon is charged particles, mainly electrons, and protons, entering the atmosphere.

9. Frozen Methane Bubbles:

(img source: Darwin Wiggett)

These beautiful frozen methane bubbles are located in Abraham Lake, Alberta, Canada. They are mesmerizing and dangerous at the same time. This methane is released by bacteria after they consume dead organic matter. It is harmless in frozen form but if lit can cause an eruption. So when popped, can cause some serious injuries if you are near to them.

10. Bizarre Beach Rocks:

(img source: thunderbolts)

These bizarre beach rocks are the Moeraki Boulders. They are unusually large and spherical rocks lying along a range of Koekohe Beach, New Zealand between Moeraki and Hampden. These boulders or rocks are grey-colored septarian crystallization, which has been revealed from the mudstone enclosing them and assembled on the beach by coastal depletion.

11. Glowing Beach:

(img source: HuffingtonPost)

There is a beach in Mudhdhoo Island, the Maldives which glows at night. Yes!! you heard right. This glowing beach is formed by a natural phenomenon called ‘Bioluminescence’. The Bioluminescence is a natural phenomenon where light is emitted or created by a living micro-organism named phytoplankton/plankton.

12. Magnetic hills:

(img source: eamusing)

Magnet Hill is also known as a “Cyclops hill” which is located 30 km from Leh in Ladakh, India. A strong magnetic force arises from the hill which pulls vehicles that are within its range. The hill road is actually a downhill road. but objects and cars on the hill road may seem to roll uphill in defiance of gravity when they are rolling downhill.

13. The Sardine Run


During the time period of May to July, billions of sardines swim northward across the Agulhas Bank along the east coast of South Africa. This scene is breathtaking as the massive number of sardines creates an astonishing sight. This is one of the world’s most spectacular marine events.

14. Red Crab Migration

Image by fillmypassport

The Christmas Island red crab is a species of land crab. These crabs live in Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands in the Indian Ocean. According to a report, approx 43.7 million adult red crabs once lived on Christmas Island alone. The Christmas Island red crabs are known around the world for their annual mass immigration to the ocean to lay their eggs in the sea.

15. Lake Natron

The lake Natron is a salt lake in Arusha Region in Tanzania. The lake color is red due to the high alkaline collection. In this lake, the presence of enormous amounts of sodium bicarbonate turns animals into mummies. By the process of Calcification, animals that die in this lake are converted into dead statues.

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The mother earth has a much more mesmerizing natural phenomenon like these. The earth always amazed us in its own unique way. No man-made attraction can steal the thunder of these natural phenomena. These are the rare but most beautiful natural places in the world to visit