India suspends visa services for Canadians 

India has suspended its visa service in Canada for a while. This happened because things are not good between India and Canada, and both countries sent each other’s important diplomats away.

A company that helps with visa applications in Canada, BLS International, put a message notice on its website, stating, “Due to operational reasons, Indian visa services have been temporarily suspended, effective September 21, 2023. Please continue to check the BLS website for updates.” But India didn’t officially announce it. This is the first time India stopped giving visas since Covid-19 started.

The tension between India and Canada increased because of a serious issue related to Khalistan. During a big meeting, the Prime Ministers of India and Canada had a heated discussion about it. The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, even said that the Indian government might be involved in a killing that happened in Canada. This made things worse between the two countries.