Palaeolithic Cave art dating back 24,000 years discovered in Spain

A long, long time ago, people lived in caves. They drew pictures on the cave walls to tell stories or show things they saw. In Spain, a team of experts found a very old cave with special drawings. These drawings are more than 24,000 years old!

The cave is called Cova Dones, and it’s in a place called Millares, in eastern Spain. Most of the old cave art in Spain is in the north, so this place is a new discovery.

The experts found lots of drawings in the cave. The first one they saw was of a big, extinct bull called an auroch. But as they looked more, they found over a hundred different drawings. The drawings show different animals like deer, horses, and aurochs. What’s interesting is that the artists used clay to make these drawings. It’s unusual because most drawings from this time are made with other things.

Dr. Aitor Ruiz-Redondo, who is a Senior Lecturer of Prehistory at the University of Zaragoza and has connections with the University of Southampton, pointed out that although Spain has many ancient cave art sites, they are mainly found in the northern areas.

The cave is damp inside, which helped keep the drawings safe for thousands of years. Some parts of the drawings are covered by a kind of rock, which also protects them.

Even though this discovery is already important, the experts are still studying and learning more about the cave and its drawings. There’s a lot more to discover inside!