It is illegal to take sand from some beaches; Here is why


If you are someone who collects sand from a beach vacation just to have something to remind you about the trip, you should think. again. You may end up in jail along with paying a huge penalty. There are some beaches in the world where collecting and taking away the sand is considered a theft. So, it is a crime and you will be treated accordingly.

For example, a French couple was recently caught with 14 plastic bottles filled with white sand from a beach in Sardinia, Italy. They just took 88 pounds of sand but might end up serving in prison for six years and pay the fine up to €3,000 for stealing beach from the sand. When couple claims that they didn’t know it is crime, authorities told them about the signboards telling people that says “taking sand or shells is against the law”.

Lifting sand from beaches of Hawaii such as Papakolea Beach and Punalu’u Beach is also illegal and doing this will attract the fine of up to $100,000. It is because Hawaiian beaches are known for their black volcanic sands that is quite valuable. It sells high in the black market.

Removing any natural material including sand and pebbles from public beaches in the UK is also illegal and offenders can be fined up to £1,000.


Not just sand, some beaches also don’t allow people to take away pebbles. Residents of some Greek islands have put a signboard urging people to “take pictures, not pebbles.”

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Image by flockine from Pixabay 

Why is it illegal to take sand from some beaches?

Sand is one of the most universally-used natural resources, but the world is now running out of the sand. That is why several countries have made it illegal to take sand with you. You can go and enjoy the beach but don’t try to take the sand away.

Tourists who steal sand from different beaches sell it on online auction sites and earn a huge amount. So, several states across the country have made it illegal.


Next time when you are traveling to a beach, be sure not to collect sand or pebbles.