12 Best Food Festivals in India That You must Visit

Food is the first and foremost thing that strikes your mind when it comes to Feasting in India. With a country like India where people with different and diverse cultures live with each other, food and the secret of those spice blend has traveled across borders and today India has amazingly delectable cuisines to enjoy. From sweet to savory, there’s a wide variety of things to taste and treat yourself.

Keeping in mind the love for food, every year, a different part of India sees a food truck festival bringing all the popular dishes under one roof. Here’s a list of the top 12 food festival in India with Delhi being the hub of all of them.

Food Truck Festivals in India

Here is the list of best Food Festivals in India that you must visit if you are a food lover.

1. Asian Hawkers Market

Asian Hawkers Market

Combining the perfect fusion of Asian foods in Indian style, the Asian Hawkers Market is a three day extended food festival in Delhi. This festival sees different south Asian and Korean dishes like dim sums, sushi rolls, stir-fries, tempuras, and much more. One can satisfy their Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese cuisines in one place.

2. The Grub Fest

The Grub Fest
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In March to April, Grub Fest takes place in Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune with different other attractive recreational entertainments along with food taking place under one roof. It is one of the largest food fests in India which gathers restaurants, organic food market, culinary workshops, food stalls, music, dance, and other live shows with full enthusiasm and authenticity.

There’s also a screen that plays the famous movie/ animated show for the public to enjoy their favorite food along with big-screen entertainment. This festival is for all types of foodies to taste and experience amazing dishes.

3. Foodistan, 10 Head Festival

Foodistan, 10 Head Festival

Foodistan is not a big grand food festival, but it is a 10 headstrong. It is more suitable for family outings and food check with siblings. Created by 10 strong head pickers, the festival focuses on 10 main things food being one of them. Foodistan yearly displays food trucks from famous food joints and restaurants which most people look forward to. From sweet delectables to spicy chats, there’s everything that you might wish to try.

4. Mei Ramew

Mei Ramew

Throwing a fest in December, Meghalaya celebrates Mein Ramew and this food festival is believed to be one of the best and rand celebrations of the state. Mei Ramew is a traditional food festival where you can find the authentic dishes of Meghalaya. Different communities of Meghalaya take part in the fest and set up stalls. It’s all set and takes place in December. 

5. Bengaluru Food Fete

Bengaluru Food Fete

Bengaluru is the hub of non-veg treats with different and delicious cuisines from their traditional spices blend. This favorite south Indian city sees a popular food fete which eventually brings the most amazing delicacies and food stalls under one roof. Not just a platform for foodies but also a platform for the passionate bakers, chefs, and other restauranteurs to learn more about the deep insights of the culinary world. From food to dance, music, and live cooking, there’s everything to stop here and pause for a while to enjoy a lot.

6. Share Bangla

Share Bangla

Bengal being famous for their unique taste and traditional food, the government of Bengal has started Share Bangla – a festival to appreciate and encourage the true taste and traditional dishes of Bengal among the people. From the depths of historic secret recipes to modern twists, this one festival is all set to give you the real taste of Bengali food in one platform. It is an all-rounder one-week festival that takes place along with other recreational activities. 

7. National Street Food Festival

National Street Food Festival

Delhi enjoys a lot of food festivals yearly and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is one of the best hubs for foodies in India. The specialty of this food festival is that it focuses all on Indian street food items and dishes. From delicious momos to spicy chats and tangy golgappas, there’s everything for all. If you ever decide to see the street style treats of the Indian community, this is the place to be with your family and friends. The fest takes place from December to January in the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi.

 8. Bhukkad Flea

Bhukkad Flea

A unique concept and meeting ground for all the foodies in Mumbai where all the home chefs come to display their passion and small eatery business with people. This platform has successfully become a place to encourage women empowerment of women who run a home business out of passion and need as well. Every year, the Bhukkad Flea sees more than 100 types of food in the fest.

9. Itsy Bitsy Food Festival

Itsy Bitsy Food Festival

Matching to the motto “save the earth”, Itsy bitsy food festival. In the high street phoenix of Mumbai, a food festival with the unique concept of zero wastage is held every year promoting how good food requires less wastage. There are more than 30 food stalls which use recycled disposables to serve food. Moreover, everything from the food that cannot be recycled is donated to the Roti Bank team and Robin Hood Army who give away this food to the underprivileged people of the city.

Great right. Make sure you join in with their donations if you ever happen to visit them.

10. Goa Food Cultural Festival

Goa Food Cultural Festival

Goa is Portugal of India and this fest in India is one of the most happening food festivals of India. Apart from the locals, tourists too enjoy coming here and enjoying the traditional Goa cuisine. GFCF celebrates this festival to mark the cultural importance and traditional cuisines of Goa. Other highlights not to miss at this festival are art, dance, and amazing music around. The festival takes place in April in DB Bandodkar Grounds, Campal, Panaji.

11. International Mango Festival

International Mango Festival

Mangoes enlighten your whole summer mood and let’s be honest, we wait eagerly for the summers to enjoy them. Here’s a special mango festival by the administered by Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation. The festival displays more than 500 varieties of mangoes and its interesting to see how they all taste different and amazing. You can dip in different types of mango juices, desserts, and much more. 

12. Horn OK Please

Horn OK Please

Horn OK Please is a place for all those foodies who love to hunt for new cuisines and new dishes. The food stalls here have different yet delicious food around with lots of fun activities. One can also enjoy activities like skateboarding, karting, bull riding, and much more. The gathering can enjoy a lot of other entertainment along with food such as music, dance, and other games for kids. There’s also a dedicated corner for children to not get bored. The feast takes place in November every year. Make sure you visit here at least once when in Delhi.

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And every time you visit these food festivals, make sure you try your favorites first. Share with us if you know more about food festivals in India.

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