15 Delicious Turkish Foods You Must Try


No doubt that Turkey is one of the most adventurous and beautiful countries in the world. From the richly diverse culture of excellent food across the streets, Turkey is a place to explore, discover and treat yourself with some delicious feasts. 

The dynamic country has a list of options to try when it comes to food. Be it the main cuisine, appetizer or the desert, Turkish foods are loved by the majority of people around the world.

If you are a food lover and want to try all the cuisines of the world, don’t forget about Turkish cuisine. Here’s a list of best Turkish foods that you must try at least once.

Best Food Items from Turkish Cuisine

Here is the list of best Turkish Foods to try if you are a food lover. Whether you are exploring turkey or in any other country and want to try Turkish cuisine, just search for a Turkish restaurant near me on Google and try these delicious Turkish foods.


1. Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight
Image by falco from Pixabay

Winning hearts all over the world, Turkish delights are famous for their nutty flavors and sugar-coated syrup, which makes them extremely delicious to eat. But wait, trying those revised versions of the delights, you should try at least once the authentic true taste of these delights.

The locals call it Lokum in their language. It is filled with chopped dates, almonds, pistachios, walnuts and hazelnuts in it. The treat comes in different colors and tastes good.

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2. Etli Ekmek (Turkish Pizza)

Turkey has a different way of treating pizza lovers in their traditional style. The Etli Ekmek (Turkish pizza) is usually baked in boat shape, style and has filled in cheese, vegetables, olives, etc. the bread is baked long and then cut down into pieces to serve. This Turkish food is best for pizza lovers.


3. Iskender kebab

The heart of Turkish cuisine and our personal favorite one. Iskender kebab is one of the famous meat dishes in turkey in which thin slices of lamb meat are cooked and served with warm tomato sauce and traditional Turkish bread. In many places, the Iskender Kebab is topped with capsicum, roasted tomato and onions to bring that extra rich flavor. Don’t miss this mouth-watering dish at any cost!

4. Turkish Gozleme

Turkish Gozleme
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One of the easiest, quickest and most famous go-to Turkish food items from the menu. Gozleme is a flatbread made with rolled dough and then filled with toppings and fillings such as cheese, veggies, tomatoes, and some potatoes along with salt and pepper. What makes it different is the technique of cooking, it is first sealed on the corners and then cooked over a griddle. You’ll find these Gozleme almost everywhere in Turkey. From street food stalls to restaurants, it’s everywhere. People also call it a Turkish Pancake.

5. Kumpir

Kumpir is the famous Turkish baked potatoes, in a different style with a unique blend of spices.  Potatoes are baked in some mild temperature and then the inside part is mixed with cheese, spices and other toppings. You can customize this baled potato dish in your style with extra toppings of yogurt, sausages, carrots, olives and other Italian dressings. It’s an absolute treat for all those who love potatoes.

6. Manti (Turkish Ravioli )

Ravioli takes a different turn when it comes to Turkey. The dish is made of small little dumplings filled with ground meat, coriander, yogurt sauce and a little blend of spices. Once the dumplings are prepared and steam cooked, they are topped with creamy sauce above. The dish might just seem like any other Ravioli but once you’ve tasted it, you’ll know what makes it the best.

7. Baklava

Image by engin akyurt from Pixabay

The best and best to try without a miss and doubt. For sure many of you might have tried this dessert at least in some different part of the world and trust us, it tastes extremely delicious. It’s rich, moist and full of loaded nuts. It’s a sweet dish that is baked with fine layers of pastry with nuts in between and dressed with sugar syrup. You’ll find this dessert in almost every corner of Turkey.  It’s one of the classics from their menu to try without a miss.

8. Shish Kebab

Shish Kebab
Image by Алексей Чижов from Pixabay

Shish Kebab is a world-famous dish where people have their innovations and blend of spices but in turkey, they make it more scrumptious and tasty. It’s either chicken, beef or lamb marinated in spices and then skewed on the grill. The dish is served with rice, it’s simple but extremely delicious.

9. Karniyarik (Stuffed Eggplant)

Not many people have heard about this dish but it is also one of the best dishes in Turkey. The cuisine consists of warm eggplant stuffed with some ground meat, tomatoes, parsley, black pepper, and some other veggies and spices all together. The eggplant is roasted with some olive oil and then served with rice or pilaf. It’s a heart fulling meal in one platter.

10. Khavalti, the traditional breakfast

Turkish culture has some lavish and healthy breakfast in the books of their tradition. The breakfast is no less than a feast if you are someone who likes to eat light in the morning. The breakfast includes scrambled eggs, omelet with sujuk or vegetables and different types of cheeses and dressing. There’s also some cucumbers, tomatoes, honey, butter and different kinds of jam with some fresh and delicious Turkish bread. 

11. Mezze


Mezze is a combination of Turkish dishes altogether. It’s like a small selection of dishes with yogurt, hummus, rice, eggplant salad, kofte, cheese, and some warm pide. You’ll love these little starter courses for sure.

12. Turkish Künefe

Kaunafa is one of the most famous sweet dishes in the middle east and all over Arab countries but, Turkish kuanfa tastes absolutely to the next level. It is a pastry that is made with phyllo dough and wrapped cheese which is baked until crisp and then coated in sugar syrup. The desert is sweet, sticky and so moist that it melts in your mouth. The sweet is served with some freshly chopped pistachios or even with vanilla ice cream sometimes. This dish has been famous in turkey from 150 years ago and continues to be one of the best.

13. Simit

Simit is another popular street food that is no less than your regular bagle. The circular crispbread is served with different jams, cheese or even chocolate at times. The circular snack is garnished with sesame seeds for some extra taste and health. Do stop by and try out these cheap yet delicious street treats.

14. Dondurma

Dondurma is the famous Turkish ice cream which even tastes like the normal one but Dondurma has a unique texture and creaminess than the usual one. The ingredients of this ice cream are blended with a special technique that adds that extra flavor and richness. The most interesting thing is the show that these Dondurma vendors put up with their customers. It’s fun to watch how they flip cones, swap ice creams and spin it all in a trick. 

15. Turkish Apple Tea

Turkish Apple Tea

Turkish apple tea is a perfect way to end your meal. This tea delight is so perfect that you’ll love to have it again and again. The warm, sweet taste with nectar-like sweetness makes it extremely rich and tasty. You’ll find it probably everywhere in turkey.

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We hope this blog impresses you to try out the Turkish cuisine next time you get a chance to. Trust us, these Turkish foods on this list are one of the best in Turkish Cuisine. Do let us know which one will you pick first from the list?