Key Points
  • Ideal Duration: 1-2 days
  • Best Time: Throughout the year
  • Nearest Airport: Srinagar

Pahalgam is a small town in Anantnag district in Jammu and Kashmir province of India. This is a famous tourist place as well as an important stop for the Amarnath Yatra. It is situated at an altitude of 6,200 feet above the sea on the banks of the River Lidder. It holds the status of Tehsil in the district.  The beauty of the state of Jammu and Kashmir is located in it's every corner. Every corner everywhere has been built with great leisure. It is said that after visiting Pahalgam located in this state, both your mind and thinking will change. There will be firmness in energy and thoughts in the body. Pahalgam is located at an altitude of 2923 meters above sea level. Pahalgam is the first stop to visit the major pilgrimage centers of Hinduism. The official language of Pahalgam is Urdu and the local language is Kashmiri. Many people come here to enjoy the beautiful view here.


The history of Pahalgam is one of religion, mythology, legend and pilgrims and pilgrimages. The locals referred to it as the "Valley of the Shepherds". For many centuries their rich pastures were used by nomadic shepherds to graze their flocks. However, in recent times, in the early twentieth century, it has become a tourist destination of curiosity. This place comes in the way of the Amarnath Cave and thus is the resting point for the passage of millions of Hindu pilgrims across India and the world at large. The permanently resident population of Pahalgam will not exceed 10,000 but its temporary population of tourists and pilgrims makes this place in Anantnag district the most important center.

Thus Pahalgam has continued to acquire an important place for pilgrims and tourists traveling to Amarnath. It is around July-August when the Shiva linga, an ice formation of the winged emblem of Lord Shiva in the Amarnath cave attains its maximum height on a day of full moon. It celebrates the day on which Shiva appeared.


The culture is not special here, the tradition, dress, customs, food, and colloquy adopted throughout the state are in Pahalgam. But here is relaxed and beyond the human environment, there is a spiritual world. Due to the natural beauty, film celebrities like to spend their holidays here. There is a famous hill station in Jammu and Kashmir where many films have been shot. Standing at the confluence of the Lidar River and Sheshnag Lake, Pahalgam is surrounded by lush jungles, fading expressions of grass and the Himalayan mountains with the Himachal Mountains.

Tourists visiting Pahalgam can take local handicrafts, carpets, shawls, and clothes in traditional patterns from here at your return. Employed as a base camp during the Amarnath Yatra, the Pahalgam-Chandanavati-Amarnath route has been favored by tourists trying to reach the hill cave of Lord Shiva. The city also has an amazing two-day snow festival which can include winter sports, skiing, snow-sledding, and many other tourists. Other activities that may involve tourists are golf, trekking, and calling.

Main Attractions

1. Betaab valley

After the blockbuster Bollywood film, 'Betab' was shot in 1983, formerly known as Hanal Valley or Lagoon. A combination of this beautiful environment, the valley comes on the way to visit the Amarnath temple and one of the three is the divine valley of Pahalgam; The other two were Aru and Chandanwari Surrounded by mountains characterized by pine and pine forests, the Betab Valley is an ideal gateway to enjoy the heavenly bliss of Mother Nature. The spaces of flower-colored beds between the succulent walnut and the willow vista brilliantly casting a panorama of magic on this land of eternal beauty. This experience has grown more like the music whispers of many birds, being a precious jewel of Jammu and Kashmir tourism, Betab Valley is one of the Mughal Pahalgam tourist destinations, whose journey is not to be missed.

2. Chandanwari

Chandanwari is located on a motorable road, about 16 km from the main Pahalgam. Blessed by the goddess nature in its full bloom, the valley is primarily said to be the starting point of the sacred Amarnath temple campaign, an annual event held during the months of July-August. Of particular importance, this primary valley is also known for its ice bridge and serves as an excellent mountaineering spot in the Truvs of Jammu and Kashmir tourism. Whether you can go to Pahalgam for a honeymoon or you can also visit Pahalgam to see the beauty of Pahalgam. Chandanwari is the perfect place to unwind in the lap of nature. Sheshnag Lake and Panchacharani are two beautiful places on the route to the Amarnath Temple, only 12 km and 23 km from Chandanwari.

3. Baisaran

Often referred to as 'Mini Switzerland' due to the long dense grasslands in Switzerland, Basaran is an eye-catching meadow, located just 5 km from Pahalgam. The dense cedar forest that looks like a green carpet for the meadow provides a contrasting color to the snow-clad peaks of the surrounding mountains. A major tourist destination to visit in Pahalgam, traveling on the meadow is truly a treat for the senses. Additionally, Basaran is also an ideal camp for trekkers who wish to proceed further to Lake Tullion. Inaccessible to mints from Pahalgam, this off-beaten track of Jammu and Kashmir tourism offers panoramic views of the city and the Leader Valley.

4. Panchtarini

Panchatarini derives its name from the confluence of five rivers. Here five rivers come from different routes and find a place. 13 km from Sheshnag lake. Situated far away, this point is an ideal place for picnics.

5. Tulian Lake

This lake is also known as Tarasir Lake. 15 km from Pahalgam Tourists like to ride ponies to get to this lake located far away. This lake remains frozen as snow throughout the year.

Places in Pahalgam

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