Best time to visit Pahalgam

Best Time To Visit Pahalgam


The summer season is the most pleasant in Pahalgam as it increases the influx of tourists the most. With temperatures between 11 ° C and 25 ° C, the weather is delightfully crisp and pleasant. The nights may get a little chilly, so remember to pack warm clothes as well. The evenings are calm and serene and ideal for a walk. The sky is clear, visibility is very good, and it does not get too sunny.


The monsoon starts in July which lasts till September. Pahalgam receives less rainfall than the rest of the hill stations. However, as a precaution, you should keep an umbrella and also waterproof boots so that you can avoid troubles.


A grand winter snow festival is organized by the state government of Jammu and Kashmir Every year in the month of January and February. Adventurous activities like skiing, horse riding, and sledging are part of this event. Many tourists come here in thousands to enjoy these interesting winter sports.